90’s House. Begins.


90’s House – Season 1 Episode 1

Lance Bass and Christina Milian are hosting a house filled with people from 2017 who are going back to the 90’s.  No facebook. No snapchat. And the chance to win $90,000 which really can only support someone for a year after taxes so let’s hope they are here for the experience.  That prize money is stuck in the 90’s.  Adjust for inflation plz!

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Jesus Came


Below Deck- Season 5 Episode 4

Episode 4 brings us back to the celebratory night out in the club.  The crew is getting lit.  It was nice to see Kate help out Jen in the bathroom but yes my dear you need to find your own way home.  There is the whole rest of the crew to hang with.  Run to Jesus Kate! Run!

Back at the yacht Chris Brown slurs and Brianna let’s him down the classy way.  I’m not physically attracted to you. Way to go team!

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They’re Just Hands


Real Housewives of Dallas- Season 2 Episode 7

Looks like the season is just getting started from previews of what’s to come.  These Dallas ladies are doing a great job at having their storylines play out and creating drama between the girls.  This is why we watch!

The episode begins with bickering between Mark and Cary regarding their business responsibilities.  Cary please just get a contract with your hours written up for Mark to sign.   Tell him you are part time until Zuri is 10.  Make it official and end this bitching!

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Eat It, Peanut Gallery!


The Real Housewives of Orange County- Season 12, Episode 12

Kelly heads off to her breast reduction surgery with a very positive attitude, and a supportive Michael.  I’m glad they show her pre-surgery anxiety, because it happens to almost everyone. Fortunately, everything goes well with Kelly’s surgery.
Kelly recovers at home, and Vicki comes over to visit, and tells her she looks beautiful. Vicki mentions her experiences with plastic surgery, so maybe that is what you want to hear after you’ve had something done, and you are on pain medication.

Tamra and Meghan go shopping.  Meghan mentions she is going to visit Kelly after they are done.
Next, Shannon comes by to see Kelly!  This is really cool to see after Kelly’s apology to Shannon.  Kelly asks what happened with Lydia at the Boob Voyage party.  Shannon says it was all just a lot of nonsense, and that it didn’t mean anything.
Meanwhile, in Shopping Land, Tamra is telling Meghan that Shannon is oversensitive lately, and she is done with it.

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Sherv Done Swerv’d, and the Most Painful Painting Party Ever

MJ vida rezaShahs of Sunset- Season 6, Episode 10

A towel-clad MJ is in the middle of renovating her condo, with workmen everywhere!  Reza drops by, as MJ’s designer shows her a vision board.  Reza has issues with the color scheme, “Beige and messy bitches don’t go together”.  When Reza is right, he’s right!
He offers to have the whole group physically help MJ renovate. The thought of this makes me hope that MJ will hire professionals.

Mike meets with Shoe Palace to have his line sold in all of their stores.  He gives a long pitch.  It’s a good thing he is a good schmoozer, and the baby shoe are very cute. They accept!

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Jesus Jesus Jesus!

Screenshot-2017-11-9 below deck season 5 - Google Search

Below Deck – Season 5 Episode 3 – Jesus Saves

Below Deck Episode 3 begins with Chris Brown showing us how poorly he can handle his alcohol.  After letting us know for 2 episodes how he is a professional drinker.  Sleeping during work is not cool…

Next Kate gives stew lessons to Jen and Brianna.  I know the women feel a bit demeaned from it but they should take it in stride and learn.  As long as Valor has Captain Lee and Kate things will be ok. I think.

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It’s Thanksgiving, Damn It!

asa reza

Shahs of Sunset- Season 6, Episode 9

Reza and Mike walk their dogs, and talk about dating.  Mike feels like he isn’t quite ready, and then reveals that he and Jessica are still legally married. Oyyyy, sign those papers.
Reza tries to talk Mike into dating again, but Mike feels like “the game’s done changed” since he was last single, all those many years, and years ago.

GG takes a class on how to give blow job, accompanied by Adam. This is for a role as a sexy librarian, but GG says she could use a few tips anyway. Adam is super adorable, and funny as always. Work that dool, GG!

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Two Book Launches, and a White Supremacist

rhoa book

Real Housewives of Auckland- Season One, Episode Nine

Book launch time! Gilda, Michelle, and Louise discuss Gilda’s book launch, and discuss the concept of realness.

Angie tries to teach her assistant Lea how to drive, and parallel park.  Surprise, Angie is a horrible driving instructor, and we just end up feeling bad for Lea being Angie’s assistant…again.

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