It’s Thanksgiving, Damn It!

asa reza

Shahs of Sunset- Season 6, Episode 9

Reza and Mike walk their dogs, and talk about dating.  Mike feels like he isn’t quite ready, and then reveals that he and Jessica are still legally married. Oyyyy, sign those papers.
Reza tries to talk Mike into dating again, but Mike feels like “the game’s done changed” since he was last single, all those many years, and years ago.

GG takes a class on how to give blow job, accompanied by Adam. This is for a role as a sexy librarian, but GG says she could use a few tips anyway. Adam is super adorable, and funny as always. Work that dool, GG!

The crew goes to the LA Mission to feed the hungry.  Reza confesses that once, when he was a kid, he had a bad case of crab salad. MJ  is sick of hearing Asa talk about her relationship with Jermaine,and she thinks Asa is just telling a nice story for Destiny.  I know MJ is feeling like this because Asa doesn’t trust her, which is an unfortunate thing for a friendship.
GG and Shervin talk about Thanksgiving, and GG mentions she wants to try to mend things with her sister, for the sake of her father.

Mike and Asa are at the supermarket getting pastries! Mike mentions that he prefers to being pastries to a dinner over wine. Remind me to invite Mike to my next soiree. Asa tells Mike that she has been feeling attacked by the group.  Mike brings up that  when MJ was crying about her dad dying at a dinner, Asa was taking food pics instead of listening to her. This all just makes Asa more upset about her friends. Mike tells Asa that Reza has been saying Asa, and MJ were getting treated by the same fertility doctor at the same time, but Asa wasn’t honest about that.  Asa is even more upset, and wishes her friends would respect the fact that she and Jermaine want to keep their relationship, and information about their baby as private as possible.

GG goes to get her hearing aid, accompanied by her parents, and MJ. Everyone gets weepy, and rightfully so.  GG is able to hear little sounds that all who can hear well take for granted, and it’s amazing to watch her experience that.

It’s Thanksgiving at Shervin’s house!  His mom has a cute moment with Annalise, showing her how to prepare a pomegranate the Iranian way.  MJ comes by, and helps Shervin set the table. MJ asks if Annalise knows he cheated on her. Shervin tells her where the door is if she has a problem with any rumors. It’s Thanksgiving, for Pete’s sake!

Thanksgiving at Asa’s!  Asa’s mom is adorable as always, Reza and Adam come by. Asa feels hurt that Reza has been talking behind her back  Asa takes Reza into her garden to chat, and tells him how hurt she was that he talked behind her back.  They have a talk, even though it’s Thanksgiving!  Gosh dang darn it, it’s Thanksgiving!  Doesn’t celebrating native genocide in this country by eating turkey mean anything to anyone on this show? Is nothing sacred anymore?
It’s actually good that Reza talks to Asa about this, they are too good friends to be feeling this way, and not address it. Reza says feels torn between her and MJ, and is honest with Asa about it.  Asa feels betrayed by Reza for talking behind her back.  She forgives him, but mentions she won’t forget this.

Back at Shervin’s, Vida is sitting on the couch by herself, and Tommy comes over to entertain her.  Tommy, you are a good man.
GG and Annalise are out on the terrace talking, and we get to hear Annalise’s lovely Australian accent!  It’s nice to hear her talk for more than a second.
Shervin goes to Mike to complain that GG is going to talk to Annalise about him cheating on her, then everyone comes out on the terrace.  Annalise lays it down for everyone, she’s with Shervin because he wants to be.
GG’s parents arrive alone, saying Leila was unable to make it.  Everyone sits down to dinner, and then Leila walks in! We get the feeling that something is about to happen that damn it kids, shouldn’t happen on a holiday!  Thanksgiving!
GG gives a tearful toast, and thanks Leila for coming to the meal.  Everyone is touched, Leila is not.  Everyone tears in to that meal, but mid-meal, Leila walks out on to the terrace of drama. Leila tells Mike and Shervin that GG’s toast was bullshit, and Mike tells her that GG was being sincere.  MJ and Tommy, then GG come outside.  Everyone goes back in because IT’S THANKSGIVING, and GG is left smoking on drama terrace alone.

Asa makes a toast at her family’s dinner.  Reza feels hurt, and just wants to go home.  I want to give Reza a hug.

Back at Sherv’s, Leila is showing everyone text messages from GG, and GG gets upset.  She is trying to control herself, and we can see it, but Leila  knows how to bring out the anger in her sister.  Leila gets up to leave, GG goes out for another cigarette.
Then, something nice happens.  Shalom and GG’s dad play backgammon. Leila decides to stay, and GG and her are able to have some family fun.  Mike tells us this is just how these sisters have always been, and laments that the two of them may never have family moments in the future.

What did we learn this week?  Don’t bring drama on holidays. However, if you have a terrace, make sure it’s spacious, and always ready for drama.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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