Jesus Jesus Jesus!

Screenshot-2017-11-9 below deck season 5 - Google Search

Below Deck – Season 5 Episode 3 – Jesus Saves

Below Deck Episode 3 begins with Chris Brown showing us how poorly he can handle his alcohol.  After letting us know for 2 episodes how he is a professional drinker.  Sleeping during work is not cool…

Next Kate gives stew lessons to Jen and Brianna.  I know the women feel a bit demeaned from it but they should take it in stride and learn.  As long as Valor has Captain Lee and Kate things will be ok. I think.

The charter guests seem fun and sassy upon first impression.  This proves to be true.  Kate leaves the boat to see Hot Jesus and Jen takes on night shift.  I think she does a pretty great job with the tipsy and galley intrusive guests.  I love how one of the guys starts wearing the service glove as a fashion statement.  They take a liking to her and it has to be exhausting keeping all those guys lit!

It’s amazing how Chef Matt can take criticism and change his plans accordingly.  Primary guest says, “Don’t be a bitch” to his friend when he tell the chef to change the menu.  Seems it all worked out for the best anyways. He even goes to Chris Brown for tequila advice.  Not many yacht chefs have this ability to be open minded.

I had no problem with Kate visiting the Hot Jesus.  But don’t tell someone they are bad at their job in front of the guests.  That was rude and shouldn’t have happened.  Alas, Kate is the HBIC and she calls the shots on this charter.

Best quote from the Charter guests, “You’re the San Francisco treat.” “Nah, bro. 10 years ago.”

The crew goes out to celebrate and oh my poor Jen.  If I were that tiny I could only handle 1.5 drinks max.  But I am a midwesterner and will never be that tiny and can always handle at least 4…. And Kate- I suggest you help Jen and forget about the hottie Lord Almighty.  HE MADE YOU PAY FOR HIS DRINK!

Next week. Captain Lee has to deal with middle age drunk ladies hooting like Vicki Gunvalson and Brianna becomes the new Malia of the season.  Men- can you plz control your dicks?


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