Sherv Done Swerv’d, and the Most Painful Painting Party Ever

MJ vida rezaShahs of Sunset- Season 6, Episode 10

A towel-clad MJ is in the middle of renovating her condo, with workmen everywhere!  Reza drops by, as MJ’s designer shows her a vision board.  Reza has issues with the color scheme, “Beige and messy bitches don’t go together”.  When Reza is right, he’s right!
He offers to have the whole group physically help MJ renovate. The thought of this makes me hope that MJ will hire professionals.

Mike meets with Shoe Palace to have his line sold in all of their stores.  He gives a long pitch.  It’s a good thing he is a good schmoozer, and the baby shoe are very cute. They accept!

Shervin and Annalise talk about Annalise moving to LA,and brush off the cheating rumors. Unexpected guest MJ shows up to talk. This cannot be good for everyone.
She brings poinsettias, and the desire to discuss the cheating rumors with Annalise.
Poor Annalise says she believes Shervin 100% when he says he didn’t cheat.  He’s sooooo open and honest!
MJ tries to convince Annalise about the ‘truth’, but Annalise doesn’t believe it.  Sherv actually denies the Tara rumor in a confessional.  Really Sherv??

GG is packing up to head to Off-Broadway, NYC!  She mentions to Shalom that her mom really liked that Shalom stepped up on Thanksgiving.  They have an adorable moment talking about getting engaged.  Say what you will about GG, she really is quite charming and adorable, especially when she’s feelin happy!

MJ comes over the Reza’s.   Did you know that Reza and Adam have a sweet, blind, cat named Miss Moo? Reza reveals that wrote a play based on his own experiences with his grandmother,and as a child of intermarriage. He wants MJ to be the star! It’s great that Reza wrote this play. MJ channels Vida, and her accent and performance are on point.  I want to see this production NOW!  I want to be there opening night!

GG is freezing in NYC, feeling like Carrie Bradshaw. It’s time for the first rehearsal for this production.  It’s a lot of fun to see GG acting in this play!  As someone with a chronic illness, I assure you it’s not as effortless as GG makes it seems.  Get your life, girl!

It’s time for MJ’s renovating party!  It’s time to paint, eat, and drink!  Thankfully, no one is doing any renovating, just painting. Everyone is having fun, drawing dools and boobs on the walls.  Reza terrorizes and paints an innocent sectional, because he wants it out of MJ’s life.
While mentioning his displeasure at Asa not being invited, out of nowhere, Sherv says, “I’ve f***ed around before”, meaning he did cheat on Annalise.  Reza asks how many women, and Shervin casually says “Five or six”.  He starts dropping excuses, like the fact that Annalise lives on the other side of the world.  Sherv, you both agreed to be in a monogamous long-distance relationship, and now she wants to move here with you.
Vida comes by, and freaks out about the state of the apartment, but it gets everyone working.  Tommy appears. MJ tries to talk baby with Vida again.  This does not go well.
MJ cries what Tommy calls tequila tears, Vida leaves.
Tommy and MJ talk about having a baby. Tommy says he doesn’t think they’re ready right now, and there are some preparations that need to be made.  MJ is too drunk and can’t deal, thinks Tommy is just trying to back out of commitment, and just wants to get pregnant now.  She mentions she has an addict ready to give her a baby.  Back up arrangements are good, but whaaaa?
Tommy tells MJ they need to stop drinking and smoking, and tells Destiny that when he was 13, his mom passed from lung cancer.  MJ keeps blowing up, even though Reza tries to calm her down.  MJ calls Tommy over and asks if he’s ready to have a baby, and he says neither of them are.  He mentions she just took a bunch of shots, she’s not ready to be a mom.  MJ tells him that she’s going to get pregnant by another man.  Tommy tells his side to Destiny again in the kitchen, and breaks down.  It’s so hard to see him talk about how hard it was for him as a child not to have his mom there after she passed, especially in the middle of this chaotic fighting.
Tommy tries to talk to MJ again, and everyone leaves, except Destiny.  The apartment is a complete disaster.  Destiny stands  in the kitchen, as this is going on.  Tommy and MJ fight MJ is misunderstanding what Tommy is trying to say, they’re both hurting, and it’s painful to watch.
Things just get worse.  MJ tells Tommy to leave, and he leaves the apartment.
In the last confessional moment, MJ says at least she has her dad in her life.

I am going to cry now for a bit.

What did we learn this week? If you are going to have your monogamous partner move in with you from halfway around the world, being honest if you have cheated is a really good idea.
If you are beige furniture, flooring, paint, or decor, and in MJ’s home, beware of Reza.

It’s alright to cry. -Aoife, TV Guru


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