They’re Just Hands


Real Housewives of Dallas- Season 2 Episode 7

Looks like the season is just getting started from previews of what’s to come.  These Dallas ladies are doing a great job at having their storylines play out and creating drama between the girls.  This is why we watch!

The episode begins with bickering between Mark and Cary regarding their business responsibilities.  Cary please just get a contract with your hours written up for Mark to sign.   Tell him you are part time until Zuri is 10.  Make it official and end this bitching!

Then off to the million dollar marsh home with Stephanie and Travis.  I pray Stephanie and the boys don’t get eaten up in the Highland Park high society sink hole.  But hey that sink hole will have a hott zip code. Hopefully only Travis is home when the earth decides to give way.

Brandi picks up LeeAnn for her big gynecological breast surgery.  Maybe they can celebrate afterwards with a nice margarita and dick sucking.  Ok so I guess they had started to giver her medicine but LeeAnn needs to snap out of victim mode ASAP.  Most carnies aren’t getting plastic surgery today.  You are the lucky one who made it out lady.

Full disclosure- I can’t watch surgery scenes or I will pass out.

After all the surgery scenes we see Brandi and Stephanie shopping for swimsuits for Mexico.  Brandi’s impression of LeeAnn freaking out was PRICELESS.  And then we come to find out she was naked during her whole Jekyll psychotic break.

Next a trip to the gun range.  Ugh I am sick of seeing these people shooting guns on every reality show.  The only thing I like about this scene is Cary’s sunglasses.   They are fabulous. But are they $25,000??? Brandi calls Cary and let’s her know that her life is in danger.

The ladies arrive in Mexico and we get another fabulous reenactment of LeeAnn threatening Cary.  AND DON’T FORGET SHE WAS NAKED! Not much else this episode.  Just setting it up for next week which looks like it’s going to be a lot of yelling about rumors and strangulation and possibly throat slitting??? Til then.


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