Jesus Came


Below Deck- Season 5 Episode 4

Episode 4 brings us back to the celebratory night out in the club.  The crew is getting lit.  It was nice to see Kate help out Jen in the bathroom but yes my dear you need to find your own way home.  There is the whole rest of the crew to hang with.  Run to Jesus Kate! Run!

Back at the yacht Chris Brown slurs and Brianna let’s him down the classy way.  I’m not physically attracted to you. Way to go team!

Morning comes and Captain Lee is asking where Kate could be.  Church! Preach! Jesus Came! Enough said.  I loved the camera capturing the last bit of Nico’s chase down of Kate.  Kate you are stealthy my dear.  She knows where the camera’s won’t be!

Nico freaks out at Jen being in a bikini and (maybe) Kate having a beer doing their tasks.  Turns out his brother died 3 months ago to the day.  He said he was overcompensating being happy when inside he is still grieving and worried for his family.  It must be so hard to be away from them at this time.  Way to be WOKE tho Nico and realize all of this on your own.

After Nico tries to teach his crew something a 6 year old can do he asks Brianna to talk on the deck.  Brianna is gonna nurture his ass back to a calm state.

The guests arrive the next day full of fake blonde hair and annoying “Woo Hoos” nonstop.  But hey I love a lady with a good attitude and they seem to be enjoying life.

Captain Lee agrees to let the crew assist the lines with take off today.  Seems to be doing Nico a favor because he asked.  However, they are not ready.  And Chris Brown you best watch where you walk on that ship- listen to Nico you dumb fuck.  Captain Lee is pissed beyond belief.  This is what happens when people sign up for a reality show about work.  It’s more about the show than work for them.

“What’s on this asparagus? Meat?” Oh Chris Brown you really are a treat.

The charter guests keep the crew busy.  High energy ladies that can booze like champs.  Fun to party with but hard to work for.  Jen does a good job articulating how annoying it is to see Kate do her Chief Stew duties compared her 3rd place toilet cleaning prize.  It is something for her to strive for if she wants to make yachting her career.  Kate does put her down oh so subtly every moment she can which has to be hard. I am proud of Jen for handing off that wig successfully to the guests!  And hey the small fight Kate and Jen had ended up snapping her out of her funk and she got back to work.  Way to go Kate and Jen.  There is a lot of tension in your relationship but I have a feeling you both will end up respecting each other.

Kate and Bruno get in a small spat over earning the tip.  Neither of them is right or wrong but by being the sushi model last week Kate thinks she can have you on call now Bruno.  Anchor watch to Chris Brown is the “Strangest middle finger I’ve gotten in a long time.” Sit and spin Chris Brown.

Docking the boat scares Captain Lee and he is fearless. Love it.  I also can’t believe the fucking chef knows how to tie a bow.  Deckhands you suck soooooo hard.  Captain Lee says changes are a coming.

Later that night at the club Nico urges Ben to make his move on Malia Brianna.  He asked her on a date like any respecting Canadian would.  Then she starts having mad chemistry with Nico.  Very interesting.

Next week Brianna is not impressed and a new crew member arrives. Bon voyage.



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