Twin Ghosts and Slimy Koosh Balls

alaska grou scared famousScared Famous – Season One, Episode Two, Death Is Coming!

Happy Halloween, recap lovas!  Everyone is still at the creepy circle and cauldron fire in the woods, wondering what is going on.  A Redman appears!  He tells them they will be doing a challenge called the “Scare Witch Project”.  They have to go into the circle, and take in as many details as possible of what is around the circle. Afterward, Redman will ask them questions about the items in the circle.
Drita is freaked out in general, New York is freaked out by the witchcraft, and then spies what looks like a dead body.  Everyone is looking at details in the circle, and the dead man gets up and scares them all out of the circle.  Some random costumed figure appears, then quickly disappears, distracting them further.  Time is up!
Sky is chosen as the spokesperson, answers three out of five questions correctly, and ends up winning the group ten thousand dollars!  Redman tells them not to get cocky, because there will be an elimination tomorrow.

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Casserole is the Warmest Dinner

kelly rhoc

The Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 12, Episode 17, A Case of the Vickis

The paramedics arrive at Iceland hotel, and so does Dr. Olafsson, MD. MD!  Peggy grills the good doctor, and tells him to make her friend feel better.  Everyone keeps bursting into the room, like it’s a Marx Brothers   movie.  Kelly thinks she’s having an anxiety attack, Shannon things she’s having heart palpitations. They both have medical degrees from Hollywood Upstairs Medical College . The medical staff finally kicks everyone out of the room.  Lydia leads a prayer in the hallway.  Peggy opens the door and tells the MD and others that if Vicki asks for her, to let her in.  Peggy feels like Vicki was there for her when she talked to her about her own health issues, but none of the others know this.  Kelly feels like she’s just trying to look like a better best friend than Kelly.  Kelly, what is up with you?

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Shahs Reunion Two: No Mustache Boogaloo

asagg reunionShahs of Sunset-  Season six Reunion, Part Two

We’ve been waiting since last week for Reza to answer if he believes Asa had her baby naturally, or with IVF.  He says he has his doubts, which starts a shouting match between MJ and Asa.  Asa feels that MJ was never a real friend, and that any well wishing about her pregnancy was not genuine.  MJ says it was six months before Asa told anyone anything, and that made everyone upset. She says she really has love for Asa.  Reza mentions that MJ was crocheting a blanket for baby Soltan. MJ then relates the story of how she made it while visiting with her father in the hospital, but Asa interrupts her and asks if she was making that blanket for a bastard child.  Asa takes no shit, especially when it comes to her child, and I love it.

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Bye Melissa


Below Deck – Season 5 Episode 8 – Under Cover Boss

This episode begins with the ongoing Kate and Jen struggle.  Kate wants to see more progress; Jen wants less work and more love. Nico and Bri sneak away for early morning quality time together.  Nico’s girlfriend should be worried. Very worried.

The charter ends well and Sandra Bullock the guests are gracious upon exit.  The crew learns they get a day at a resort.  Must be nice to get out of those tiny cabins.

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Siggy Flicker Two: The Legend of Curly’s Cake


The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Season 8, Episode 4, The Public Shaming of Melissa

It’s a rainy morning, and Siggy goes to Dolores’s house.  The first thing she mentions when they sit down, is that Margaret apologized to her at their lunch.  Delores tells her not to trust Margaret, and Siggy tells her that Margaret called Dolores a, “yes person”.  They aren’t so pleased with Teresa and Melissa right now, either.
Siggy says she is throwing an party, and that will be the perfect time to talk to the two of them.  When has this ever been true, ever? Who does this if  they aren’t on a reality show?

Melissa and Joe have Margaret and her husband Joe over. They go to play pool in the billiards room.  Margaret tells Melissa about her lunch with Siggy.  Margaret says she feels bad because Siggy was crying, but that things are good between them.  Melissa says in confessional that feels like she should get an apology.  Margaret thinks once Siggy gets some hormone therapy, she might be feeling better.  This will involve “pellets in her ass”, which seems to mystify Joe Gorga.  I don’t know what that is all about either, though.

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VH1’s Spooky Love & Hip Hop House

Scared FamousScared Famous – Season one, episode one, Savannah Horror Stories

We’re outside of Savannah, at an abandoned-looking estate. Ten VH1 reality stars will soon arrive, to get through weekly challenges and eliminations in order to win one-hundred thousand dollars for their favorite charity.

The first to arrive is Sky from Black Ink Crew.  She quickly gets freaked out by the house.  The next is my girl Drita, from Mob Wives!  Sky is very happy to see Drita too, because she knows she will be safe.  Don’t mess with Drita!  Safaree from Love and Hip Hop shows up next.  He mentions he is afraid of insects and “anything that’s not human”…that’s just bad editing at its finest.  Nikki from Love and Hip Hop appears, and immediately, Safaree insists on being her roommate.  Young Joc from Love and Hip Hop shows up, and claims he’s not afraid of anything. Nikki mentions the cab driver told her the house they are in is haunted, and there was mention of a yellow fever epidemic.  Drita says if she sees anything “spiritual”, she’s out.  I think Drita would beat a ghost if given the chance.

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Pee Will Bring Us Together

The Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 12, Episode 16, An Unexpected Thaw

It’s a fun trip episode where everyone is going to bond, and there will be no problems! Oh people of Iceland, I already am apologizing to you before I see this group get off the plane.

The ladies arrive from the airport to shopping in Reykjavik. Lydia had planned a shopping excursion so the women could get some warm clothing.  There is a moment where Vicki and Tamra have a fun moment together, and in confession reveal they both were surprised. That’s nice.

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Reunion Mystery Part One: Where is Reza’s Mustache

reunionshahsShahs of Sunset – Reunion Part One

Why Reza, why?  Why do you shave your mustache for reunion shows? I know facial hair is a personal choice. Yet, when I turn into a reunion show, I want to see your mustache looking as glamorous and over the top as everyone else. Reza, hear my cry!

Andy opens by trying to speak to everyone in Farsi.  It is quite painful to the ears, but I kind of wish Andy would just talk only in Farsi for the rest of the reunion specials.
Andy asks everyone what kind of plastic surgery everyone has had.  You know, something you would ask any group of people, because it’s totally not a rude question. It’s meant to stir the pot, and get the friends shaming each other for this. It works, as it does on every Bravo reunion show. When Andy talks to MJ about what she has had done, MJ says she is offended by the question. Asa steps in asking for transparency, and claims that everyone who went to high school with them knows she didn’t have those full lips back then.  I feel like this would not have happened if MJ and Asa were good right now.

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