Reza’s Mustache Takes Manhattan

mustache rezaShahs of Sunset- Season 6 Episode 11

It’s the morning after the Painting Party disaster. In bed, MJ talks to Tommy about what is really standing in the way of having a baby now.  MJ and Tommy agree to commit to a healthier lifestyle. MJ writes a list of goals for them on the wall, starting with a comment about the Mets , and ending with “I don’t want to have a bastard” scrawled on the bottom of the wall. MJ, if your child was born out of wedlock, you would love them just the same!

Everyone heads to NYC to see GG in her Off-Broadway debut!  GG has rented an incredible townhouse to host everyone.
GG mentions that she is kissing someone in her play, and it seem to bother Shalom…what a surprise.  It makes me wish people would be cooler about this kind of thing. If you’re an actor, you might have to kiss someone. 
Chinese food appears! It’s time to  toast to GG’s achievements, her dealing with her anger, and getting a hearing aid.  It’s great to see everyone being so supportive of GG, and it makes me happy.
Then it all goes boom.  Adam and Tommy talk to Shalom about how he feels that GG is kissing an actor in the play.  Shalom flips out, and starts packing up to leave.  GG  is very upset, and Mike tries to calm her down by telling her Shalom is just jealous, and to let down her ego.  Sit the fuck down right now, Mike!
Shalom blows up, GG can’t find her other boot, it’s not a good scene.  Shalom yells that “it’s all about money”, I guess implying GG will do anything for money?  Shalom, the play is all about sex, and you knew this!
GG talks about how much being in this play mean to her, and Shalom yells about how he gave up his family for GG.  Just leave already!
Reza artfully gets everyone else to leave the room so GG and Shalom can talk.  They try to talk, but it doesn’t go well.  GG isn’t even yelling, which is a big deal, and then Shalom says some more bs.  GG just goes with her anger, gets up in Shalom’s face, and challenges him to a fight.  Shalom is done, and leaves the house. L’hitraot  Shalom, you should have left much earlier!  Adam tries to cheer up GG by asking what she’s going to do about her shalom tattoo!
All the couples feel relieved and smoochy after this drama evening.

It’s the next morning.  Reza wakes people up with his “Persian alarm clock”, which is him  yelling all over the house. GG has someone in her bed, and hey, check it out, Shalom came back!  He told her to meet him in Times Square, put her face up on the screens, and proposed!
What a great turn of events!

Adam and Reza go to meet with an orthodox gay rabbi who is married, and has children. No surprises, he’s one of the best rabbis evah.  Reza and Adam want to raise their children Jewish, and ask what they can do.  The rabbi points out that they already are on the right path, because they believe in teaching their children values, like being environmentally conscious, and being good and kind to others, which are important aspects of Judaism.

Everyone else goes watch shopping to celebrate GG and Shalom’ engagement.  What, how do you celebrate engagement news? MJ buys a watch for Tommy, noting that she doesn’t get anyone gifts.  Awww, Tommy.
Everyone meets for lunch, and MJ presents Tommy with the watch.  He’s really happy,  and really touched.
Reza  is inspired by everything, and suggests throwing a party to celebrate all of the good things in their lives, with their family and friends.  Mike talks about how he misses Jessica. Reza tells him to go after her one last time.

What did we learn this week?  Go watch shopping to celebrate engagements, don’t date actors if you aren’t cool about them acting.

Aoife, TV Guru


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