Sex Tips, Latoya Jackson, and a Gay Man with a Great Mustache

GG sextips

Shahs of Sunset- Season 6, Episode 12

The Shahs are still in NYC, and everyone is in a cab en route to ice skating at Wollman Rink.  Reza calls Asa to tell her about his Snowflake Ball for friends and family.  She turns him down, and we wonder why Reza made this call in front of everyone.  Oh right, scripted reality shows! Asa turns him down, saying it’s because she has been having Braxton Hicks .  Reza understands that Asa doesn’t want to go to the ball, because everyone will be bothering her with questions she won’t want to answer.
At the rink, everyone is on the ice!  I love watching Reza try to skate, it’s just not working, but he is giving it his all.  I have to give him credit for not holding on to the sides of the rink like Tommy is doing, or like I would do.
MJ skates over to GG and Adam.  She tells them that Mike is still in love with Jessica.  MJ thinks the two of them should give their relationship another try.  Adam does not agree, but says he’ll be polite the next time Mike brings up “that bitch”.  Adam is a loyal friend, and you know it’s one reason why you love him.

Asa, and her always adorable mom Zinat go to Asa’s pre-natal checkup.  She’s been sick, and on antibiotics.  Her doctor tells her to take it easy in general, and to not hang out with her friends until she delivers,if they are stressing her out that much.  It’s sonogram time.  Zinat cries, she is so happy to see her grandchild in the womb.  The doctor also pointed out his dool for them!

It’s the next morning in NYC, and Mike is running around the house in a towel, with a huge smile on his face. He was out all night on a mysterious mission. MJ says she wants to turn up, but Reza points out that she hasn’t “turnt down yet”.
Mike claims he went to go visit his cousin, but no one believes him.  They grill him, and GG smells his underwear for clues. It must have worked, because GG asks if he’s been with Jessica, and he just says nothing with that big smile on his face.  Everyone is pretty happy about whatever Mike was doing last night, and they all think he was with Jessica.

MJ, Reza, Adam, and Mike to go to Queens with Tommy, to see his family.  I am so excited to see Tommy’s people. They arrive at a bar in Howard Beach.  Reza is still trying to talk in a “Queens” accent.  It’s just not happening.
We meet the McGuire family, who raised Tommy after his mother passed.  Needless to say, they are wonderful people.  MJ is so happy to be with her in-laws, and gets up on the bar to make a toast. It ends with Timmy nibbling the top of her breast, and then Tommy gives a toast to all of his loved ones.  Everyone starts changing “Family!”.  Reza feels relieved that MJ has a family who loves her.   It’s nice to see MJ be accepted by her future  family, and not constantly criticized by her own family, or rather Vida.

Asa is going baby clothes shopping, and who walks in the store, but Auntie LaToya Jackson!  For those who don’t know, Jermaine is Jermaine Jackson Jr.  They look at Versace onsies, and talk about how hard it is to keep things in their lives private. Asa tells us the mystical story of how she and Jermaine finally got together, after knowing each other since school.  It involves blueberries, and seeing a fox on the beach at three in the morning.

Shervin drives home after going to Destiney’s juice bar event.  Destiney had some questions for him, and he got all defensive. Sherv pulls over on the side of the road, and FaceTimes Annalise.  You know, like how we all pull off to the side of the road to have a serious conversation.  Nothing scripted here.  He tells her he’s not ready for this relationship.  Annalise is very upset, but she very calmly and graciously tells him she is very upset, she would have ended things a long time ago if she knew how she felt. She ends by telling Shervin he really needs to get to know what he wants better.  Annalise, we will never understand why you saw Sherv again after your first date, but we will miss you.

GG shows up at the theater for her opening night of  Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man  Reza calls to tell her they will be there soon, and GG tells him that Shalom isn’t coming.  GG is doing her hair backstage, and who walks into the theater but Shalom!  He goes backstage and gives GG some good luck smooches.
Reza, Mike and Adam read the program, which says GG was on the 1996 US Olympics gymnastics team.  Reza feels that if someone in your crew was on an Olympics team, everyone should know about it.
The play starts!  At some point Mike passes out. GG is doing a great job, and Reza is very proud that she started something and finished it. It’s fun to watch her in this play. The kissing scene happens, and Shalom looks pleased!  He’s even smiling.
After the show, everyone goes backstage to get a celebratory drink with GG.  It’s a great moment for GG, he just did a play, she is happy with her fiance, and feels lke things are going well for her.

What did we learn this week-  Adam is a true friend, Jameson is the official drink of Howard Beach, and Latoya Jackson is a great person to go with for baby shopping.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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