Belly Dancing, Compressed Lobster Salad, and Baba Ghanoush are for Lovers

RHOC vicki

The Real Housewives of Orange County- Season 12, Episode 14

It’s time for Vicki and Tamra’s big drama talk at a cafe.  It starts with some painfully awkward silence.  Vicki opens with how badly Tamra hurt her, and Tamra asks when that ever happened.  It only gets worse from there.  Vicki gets on the defensive, and almost starts up that patented Vicki brand of shrieking. She brings up the rumor that Eddie is gay, and says maybe Eddie was using Tamra to get the gym.  Then she says she likes Eddie, and she just doesn’t want everyone being mean to her.  Tamra is done, as we have been done with Vicki for the last few seasons, and walks out of the cafe.  Vicki calls Steve on her drive home, tells him things didn’t go well, and that she is very sad.  Steve tells her everything will be alright, and that Tamra is acting like this because “she’s trying to win something”.  Ok, Steve.  Tamra calls Eddie, tells him that things didn’t go well.  He just tells her everything will be ok, and doesn’t add any ridiculous comments.

Peggy and Diko are have a romantical twenty-second anniversary lunch.  They talk about what things were like when they were first married.  In a confessional voice-over, Peggy says, when it comes to marriage, “you don’t throw the towel in”.  You need to always be working on your marriage.  They have the compressed lobster salad, and this gets mentioned thrice.
Diko brings up how he was grilled by David about Peggy having cancer.  Peggy, thinks David needs to mind his own business about other people’s health, and once again, I agree.

Lydia, and Judy are going shopping!  Lydia asks her mom how it feels to be sixty nine, and Judy gives her the sauciest of answers. Oh my!  Lydia, you set yourself up for that one. Judy says the best wisdom she’s learned over her life is to think happy thoughts.  Lydia reminds her that this is a line from Peter Pan.  I love Judy.

Everyone is driving to Peggy and Diko’s  twenty-second anniversary party.  Meaghan is wearing another cool ear cuff!
Peggy has hookah set up, Armenian food, and a mention of belly dancing.The ladies are talking together, when Vicki arrives.  Tamra leaves the room, and Kelly and Shannon join her to hookah. They try to figure out how to light it.  Shannon wonders if it’s like lighting a bong.  Tamra mentions adding “mari-ja-uana”, and Kelly mentions it was 4/20  the day before, so they absolutely should.  Shannon has never heard of  the term four-twenty at all.  Diko comes outside, and shows the ladies how to light the hookah.
Peggy tries to get everyone at the party to sit down for dinner, because she’s hungry!   Everyone sits at one table, and  The ladies try  baba ghanoush  for the first time, and it makes me wonder how this is the first time they have had it.
It’s time for belly dancing!  Diko gives the belly dancer money, by putting it in her belt.  Lydia finds it kind of odd, and wonders if that is a custom. The belly dancer gets Shannon to dance, and then Peggy dances!  Tamra says Peggy left the resting bitch face at home.
Diko and Peggy make speeches, and it’s honestly sweet.  Diko mentions that every year he buys gifts for himself and Peggy.  Last year they got matching Ferraris, this year they have matching watches, and Diko brings out a twenty-two carat diamond necklace for Peggy.
It’s time to dance, but Diko pulls Shannon outside to talk.  He tells Shannon that when he was talking to Doug about Peggy’s cancer, and David tarted questioning him about it.  He said it felt like an interrogation.  Tamra comes outside to hookah, and sees she has walked in on a deep conversation.  Diko tells Shannon that he told Peggy what happened, and Peggy felt like David was being rude. All the women come outside.  Tamra mentions there has been a lot of confusion among themelves when it comes to Peggy’s cancer.  Peggy is done.  She says in confessional, “what part of I have breast cancer do you not understand”.  Shannon apologizes to Peggy for what David did, and mentions he never even said anything to her.  Peggy mentions how hurt she was about it, and Shannon apologizes again.
In the car ride home, Shannon cries to Tamra that she was getting singled out over something her husband did.  Tamra feels like she’s overreacting, and it’s not a big deal.

What did we learn this week-  Once again we got a good example of why Vicki should have just left the show after the whole Brooks thing, some of the OC crew need to indulge in some legal smoking of “mari-ja-uana”, compressed lobster salad is an appetizer that must always be mentioned thrice.

-Aoife, TV Guru





4 thoughts on “Belly Dancing, Compressed Lobster Salad, and Baba Ghanoush are for Lovers

  1. Can only watch pieces of this season. The producers went in a terrible direction letting Vicki back. They also knowingly brought in another cancer storyline with Peggy. Seems they are treating this very serious disease like a circus to be filmed via Bravo.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wish Bravo would stop using illness as a storyline. You can feature someone who is going through health problems and still show what their life is like without making it a storyline.


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