Shut Your Cake Hole Already!

cake trashThe Real Housewives of New Jersey- Season 8, Episode 2 – Let Them Eat Cake

It’s the morning after the cake incident, and there is still cake and icing on the ground of Siggy’s heart.
Almost all the ladies go to do yoga on the beach, except for Siggy and Delores.  Margaret  feels uneasy being without Siggy, as she only just met the other ladies, and wants to spend time with her friend.  In the van on the way to yoga, Teresa and Melissa talk about   Siggy’s behavior the night before, but Danielle and Margaret don’t think the cake-throwing was appropriate.
Delores and Siggy ditch yoga to go to a juice bar .  Siggy is fuming, and mentions she is so upset about what happened that she couldn’t sleep.  Delores tells her that’s just  the girls are, but she needs to tell them how she feels.

Back on the beach, there is a touching moment.  Margaret presents Teresa with a wreath of white roses for her mother, and white roses on which everyone can write notes to their loved ones who have passed.  They will then set the wreath and roses out to sea.  Teresa is so touched by this gesture, and very grateful to Margaret.  The other women write notes to their loved ones who passed, and read them aloud. Everyone breaks down when Teresa reads her note.  Teresa paddleboards out, and sends the wreath into the ocean.

The ladies get ready for tennis at Siggy’s friend’s house, and get in the van to drive there. There is so much tension in this van right now. I’m starting to feel bad for the van, which will need to be exorcised after this Boca trip.  Siggy is waiting for one of the ladies to apologize, but it doesn’t happen.  The other ladies mention they were at yoga, but make no mention of the memorial ceremony.
When the ladies arrive, Siggy briefly, and loudly tells the ladies she is upset about last night, and not to misbehave at her friend’s house.  Teresa asks her if that’s how she feels, why did she invite everyone to her friend Laurie’s house to play tennis? Siggy mentions in confessional  that Laurie doesn’t throw cake on the ground.
The ladies lunch, and Laurie mentions she hired a lifeguard for the day to teach Teresa how to swim.  Danielle share how beautiful the memorial for Teresa’s mother was, that they had on the beach.  Siggy and Delores are both upset that Margaret didn’t tell them about this. You two were supposed to be there, and no one else knew about the memorial.  It was a special surprise.  That’s how surprises work!
The ladies somehow all play tennis without incident, and then get ready to swim. Teresa gets her swimming lesson.  She does well, and Melissa and Danielle watch the life guard, with maybe a little interest in Teresa’s swimming progress.
Siggy goes to Laurie, and tells her about THE CAKE.  Laurie completely understands where Siggy is coming from.  Siggy mentions that she will be talking to the other women that night.
Back on the tennis court, Delores and Margaret briefly argue about what happened the night before, and about Siggy and Delores not being invited to the ceremony.

It’s time for dinner which, is probably going to be a lot of fun!  Oh, joy!  Siggy and Delores get things ready at the house, complain about the  damned dirty cake  again, and once again mention that Margaret left them out of the memorial.
In the van of high drama, on the way to Siggy’s, Margaret mentions that Delores yelled at her about not being invited the memorial, and no one is pleased.
The ladies arrive at Siggy’s Boca’s house for dinner.  The meal start offs very quietly for this group. Then, Siggy lays it all out.  She mentions that she is upset about the cake, and was disappointed that no one called to apologize her about it.  Teresa and Melissa laugh in her face, and think they have nothing to apologize for.  Siggy mentions she did the whole trip for the two of them.  Teresa and Melissa tell Siggy she should apologize for the things she said about them.  This yelling goes on and on.  Margaret and Siggy argue about the cake, and Siggy is furious that Margaret doesn’t think destroying a beautiful, three-tiered cake is a big deal.  If I hear one more word about this cake!
At some point, Siggy calls the other women trashy. One would think with all the yelling, no one would have cared about this one. Melissa explains in confessional, that you do not call a woman from Jersey trashy. This is apparently true, because everyone yells more, Melissa and Teresa storm out, and all the other women except for Delores leave.
Siggy apologizes to the chef, and asks him to serve dinner because she’s hungry!

What did we learn this week-  Cake is delicious, and should not be wasted, but in life, cake fights happen. Don’t ever call anyone from Jersey trashy.  Most importantly, don’t ever do something nice for someone as a surprise without telling everyone about it, ruining said surprise.  Brb, cake.

-Aoife, TV Guru



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