Season Finale: The Mustache Eez Right

finaleshahsShahs of Sunset- Season 6, Episode 13 The Thread That Broke the Shah’s Backs

GG meets with Kevin Lee, event planner to the Bravo stars to plan Reza and her Persian Winter Ball for friends and family.  Reza joins her.  They talk decorations, Kevin mentions there will be lots of delicious Perian food, oh so much excitement.  Reza and, GG sent Jessica an email.  Jessica told her that she sent Mike’s mom Sue that she still loves Mike, and never got a response.  Reza tries to talk GG into brining this up with Sue at the ball, and says, “Girl this is a mitzvah“!

It’s Christmas night, and MJ, Tommy, Vida, and the dogs are driving to visit MJ’s dad in the nursing home. MJ and Tommy are adorable in matching PJs. Vida says she is suffering because the air conditioning is on, and that it’s not right to go travel on Christmas night to visit someone, and everything else she could possible complain about in that Vida style. This makes MJ upset. Tommy tells everyone to stop,  he wants to have a good Christmas.  Vida actually agrees.  It’s Christmas, gosh darn it!
MJ tells us about Vida and her father’s history,  as everyone takes photos together at the nursing home. MJ’s dad is also not on a ventilator anymore, which is great to see.

Reza and Adam set up a theater space for an intimate performance for the play Reza  wrote, ‘Eez Not Right’.  MJ arrives for rehearsal, and is ready to go!  She and Reza do a run through, and have some fun moments where they crack themselves up.  Honestly, if they were messing up like this during the play, I would still enjoy it.
It’s performance time, and Reza is outside, dressed like a Jewish Vida if she had a mustache, and thinks about nasty things aloud to cut down his nervousness. It’s truly wonderful in oh so many ways, and will probably be the best thing I see on tv all week.
The play begins with MJ making a hilarious entrance, walking down the aisles to the stage.  In all, it’s a really fun performance, with a few snags that make the crew in the audience laugh just as much as the script.  Every time the camera is on Reza, I laugh so hard.  This material is serious, and addresses issues about intermarriage which is an issue in my own life. He really becomes this Jewish Persian grandmother character.  However, he looks like almost exactly like Vida, if she had a full, bushy mustache. I want to know where he found that perfect wig. He’s also wearing the perfect shade of fire engine red lipstick.

Reza and Adam are at home, and talk about buying a house and having children.  Reza talks in confessional about selling his vacation home to pay for a house, and a surrogate.  Adam asks Reza if they can have a chicken coop, which I love.  Reza calls Adam a chicken, and Adam gets really upset, which I do not love.  Adam says he feels like Reza constantly shuts him down, and puts him down.  Reza says he feels like Adam constantly dismisses him.  They fight over Miss Moo the cat messing up the Hermes blanket on the couch.  This ends up with a mean comment from Reza, that sends Adam off into another room.

Reza and Adam to go Asa’s  house. Until the baby is born, she has to stay in bed.  Even so, she has been feeling fatigued.  She knows resting is priority, but she feels like she is neglecting her business.  Reza mentions the ball and Asa once again says she doesn’t want to go.  She mentions that she felt hurt, and ganged up on by her friends.  In confessional mentions how she’s in a different place in her life right now, because she’s not partying like the rest of her friends.  Asa mentions again that she’ll deal with everyone after the pregnancy.  Reza feels like now that Asa has everything she wants in life, she is dropping her friends.  This episode is ripe with miscommunication.

It’s the night of the Snowflake Ball, and the party looks beautiful.  There is a reason why Bravolebrities hire Kevin as a party planner .
Reza and Adam pick up MJ, and we get to see her renovated apartment, and it looks great. It looks nothing like before, and truly looks like MJ’s home.  Reza talks to Adam about what he said about the cat messing up the blanket on the sofa earlier.  If you have a Hermes blanket on your sofa, and have a cat and two little dogs, don’t complain when the blanket gets messed with!
Reza makes a comment about divorce.  Adam mentions he would never say that and gets upset.  Reza feels dismissed again.  MJ sits down, and they continue to argue.  MJ asks them to finish their conversation before going anywhere, but Adam says no.

Everyone arrives at the Persian Winter Ball looking fabulous, and they hit that buffet!  Don’t front, you would too.  Everyone is having a good time, GG shows off her engagement ring.  What could possiby go wrong?
There is a great moment when GG’s mom, Sue, and Vida are all taking together.  MJ suggests they all go out to lunch together, to complain about their adult children. I want to see that lunch, please.  Bravo are you listening?
GG pulls Mike’s mom off to he side to talk about Jessica’s email.  Mike sees what’s happening and jumps in, but then stomps off.  GG asks Sue if she could give Jessica another chance.  Sue says that she loved Jessica like a daughter, and nothing will undo, or make up for the fact that she left Mike.
Right afterward, Mike confronts GG about what she was talking about with his mom.  He mentions in confessional he is really upset that GG is bothering his mom, and doing this during the party, where she is supposed to be having  good time.  Reza gets called over, and Mike tells them both to not get in his business.  Mike walks off, Reza chases after him.  Reza tells him that he doesn’t want to regret not trying again with Jessica.  Mike grabs his mom and pretty much moves her away.
MJ asks Adam what is going on with him and Reza.  Adam vents, he tells her that Reza has really been dismissive, hurting his feelings a lot, and it makes him reevaluate being married.  MJ calls Reza over, and asks why he threatened to divorce Adam.  Adam explains comments like that remind him that Reza backed out of marrying him the first time, and that makes him wonder about their marriage.  Reza apologizes, and reflects on the fact that adult relationships are not easy.
The party ends with GG officially announcing her engagement.  At the end, we are shown that GG and Shalom got married a month later, and then got their marriage annulled after that.  It’s the Bravo way of sharing sad marriage-related news.

What did we learn this season-

Reza’s mustache is still the best thing around, and Reza is great at writing, producing, and acting in legitimate theatre!

GG has come a long way, working on her anger issues, getting the treatment she needs for her health so she can have a better quality of life, taking a chance and acting in NY, she keeps growing.

Asa is in a great place in her life.  It’s sad that she felt like her friends were against her, and I hope she works things out with everyone else.

Mike is still adjusting to single life, but clearly, he still wants to be with Jessica.  I hope they can work things out, or he can move on.

MJ is in a good place in her life. Things seem to be going great with Tommy, her condo looks great, and she’s got acting skills!

I hope Asa will be on next season.  Destiney was a genuinely good addition to the show, and I hope the same for her.

-Aoife TV Guru


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