Reunion Mystery Part One: Where is Reza’s Mustache

reunionshahsShahs of Sunset – Reunion Part One

Why Reza, why?  Why do you shave your mustache for reunion shows? I know facial hair is a personal choice. Yet, when I turn into a reunion show, I want to see your mustache looking as glamorous and over the top as everyone else. Reza, hear my cry!

Andy opens by trying to speak to everyone in Farsi.  It is quite painful to the ears, but I kind of wish Andy would just talk only in Farsi for the rest of the reunion specials.
Andy asks everyone what kind of plastic surgery everyone has had.  You know, something you would ask any group of people, because it’s totally not a rude question. It’s meant to stir the pot, and get the friends shaming each other for this. It works, as it does on every Bravo reunion show. When Andy talks to MJ about what she has had done, MJ says she is offended by the question. Asa steps in asking for transparency, and claims that everyone who went to high school with them knows she didn’t have those full lips back then.  I feel like this would not have happened if MJ and Asa were good right now.

Andy gets the conversation going about Asa’s baby and pregnancy.  Asa explains she won’t show the baby on the show, and won’t put a photo on instagram unless Jermaine says it’s ok.  I don’t know why they are all surprised, given that the Jacksons try very hard to keep their lives private, and their young children out of the press.
Asa and Mike start arguing about when Mike brought up at a dinner, that their culture doesn’t approve of interracial dating, especially dating black people.  Asa wonders why he even brought that up, and why it was even a question in the first place. He tells her he was just trying to ask questions because she just wasn’t being open about anything.  He tells her she is being extra sensitive about things.  Asa tells him she doesn’t like his casual racism.  Mike apologizes to Asa, but says he just asked that question because she wasn’t being honest. Asa doesn’t like this non-apology, and neither do I.

It’s time to talk about the Israel trip.  Andy mentions that this was the first time a group from a Bravo show went to Israel for a group vacation.
Andy  gets everyone talking about Iran. Yes, that’s right, it is time for geopolitics. GG says how she felt about Israel.  Reza brings up that Iran persecutes gay people, and he says, “fuck Iran”.    Shervin gets upset because he feels Reza is making it sound like he hates Iranian people and not the government. Reza clarifies this, and says if the US was run by the KKK, he would say he hated this country too.
Mike and Reza talk about what an amazing experience it was to visit the kotel . I have been there, and there really is some kind of vibe there.  GG tries to talk about how out of place and unwanted she felt there.  But the first thing she mentioned is that  she thought the kotel was a wall built to just hide the mosque, but realizes now that’s not what it is.  I can see why GG didn’t want to go to the kotel, and this was before someone said jihad to her.

It’s time for Vida and Tommy!  It’s all about MJ.  Andy asks the bet question of the night, what was she smoking when she decided to move into Vida’s condo complex?
MJ talks about how she needed stability because of her father’s failing health.
They show a clip of when Tommy and MJ were fighting at the painting party, when MJ felt like Tommy was trying to just make excuses about not having a baby.  Tommy mentions how much he loves MJ, and how thankful he is that she was so understanding about holding off on having a baby until he was ready.  Andy asks Vida if she is ready to be a grandmother. As she did last season, she says no, but there is more hesitation.  Vida mentions that she did not plan on having MJ.  This strikes the group as harsh, since she didn’t follow it up with something nice, how they feel parents would.  Good news though, Vida likes Tommy! Vida mentions he gets her “exotic” food like ribs and hot dogs, and they walk their dogs together.  Tommy says Vida is hilarious.
Andy asks when he and MJ will get married, and Tommy says whenever MJ is ready, and just keeps gushing about her.  I love Tommy and his love for MJ so much.  I hate wedding spin off Bravo shows, but I would watch this wedding spin off.  You also can’t go wrong because Vida.
Andy asks Vida who has changed for the better and the worst.  Mike has changed for the better, and has become more mature, and relaxed.  Vida says Asa has changed for the worst, she is ungrateful, she doesn’t care about her supposed friends, she doesn’t even watch the show, but that’s why she has money now.  Damn, Vida.  Before the break, Asa asks Andy why they bring Vida out every year to “shit on” her.  I feel you Asa, but we need Vida.

Andy talks to Destiney, who used to be on the People’s Couch , and show a great clip of her watching, and dissing Mike cheating on Jessica from the comfort of her couch.  Destiney is then asked a viewer’s question about the sexual tension between her and Mike.  She mentions they are just friends, but they do flirt.  She ends this all by saying that no penis at the reunion is for her.  I like Destiney, and she has been a fun addition to the show.

Shervin get grilled about everything that happens with Annalise.  He says they were in an open relationship, but everyone mentions that he said he was in an exclusive relationship, and he never told anyone they were in an open relationship.
Annalise is facetimed to reveal the truth. High drama!   Andy asks Annalise if they are in an open relationship, and she says yes.  He asks her if she wants a monogamous relationship, and she says not when Shervin is on the other side of the world.  The group feels like Annalise isn’t being honest, and just saying what Shervin wants her to say on the reunion.

Welp.  It’s time to bring up the bastard thing.  MJ claims there is no venom behind calling Asa’s child a bastard. Asa dismisses MJ, but she is more upset with Reza.  Asa tells Reza she expected him to stand up for her, especially the time they said it in front of her.  Reza tells her he was still so shocked that she shared her secret about having frozen embryos, that he was still too floored to stand up for Asa when the group  was together the next day.  Asa says this is a sad excuse.
Andy asks Asa if she sees how it looks that she told the group she got pregnant naturally, and not from the embryos. Asa says again, that she got pregnant without IVF.  Andy asks the group if they believe Asa.  Mike says yes, MJ, GG, Shervin say no.
We have to wait until next week to see what Reza says!

What did we learn this week-  Tommy and Vida need their own spin-off show, someone really should have told GG what the kotel was before she was brought there, do not come for Asa.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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