Pee Will Bring Us Together

The Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 12, Episode 16, An Unexpected Thaw

It’s a fun trip episode where everyone is going to bond, and there will be no problems! Oh people of Iceland, I already am apologizing to you before I see this group get off the plane.

The ladies arrive from the airport to shopping in Reykjavik. Lydia had planned a shopping excursion so the women could get some warm clothing.  There is a moment where Vicki and Tamra have a fun moment together, and in confession reveal they both were surprised. That’s nice.

Afterward, they get to this beautiful hotel outside of town, featuring global themed suites. Shannon freaks out over the Antarctica room, and so do I.  Tamra gets the “Asian” room, that features a Japanese-style tiny bath. She and Vicki continue to have more fun by pretending the tub is a toilet because white people, and then all the women have drinks in the living room of the suite.  Shannon yells that she has to lie down and go to bed several times.  Was this code for something? Case files?

The women are having drinks, and their host comes out to tell them what drinks they will be having that night.  He then passes out tiny forkfuls of fermented shark, and tells them not to smell it.  Everyone is actually a good sport and eats it, even though almost everyone throws up.  Meghan says she loves it, but turns down another piece.
They are then served puffin . Lydia can’t eat it because puffins! Have you seen them?    Everyone goes to Lydia’s room to plan activities for tomorrow.  Lydia tells the women she never got a text from the group text about Yoga on the last trip.  Vicki just wants to know when they can all whoop it up at Andale’s Iceland.

It’s the next morning, and we get to see in a flashback that Vicki ad Kelly went out the night before, and partied at a high school reunion, class of ’87!  Tamra and Shannon walk into the room wearing Viking hats.  Everyone goes riding on ATVs! Kelly has to pee.  Vicki and Tamra have more bonding moments remembering when they peed in the snow, and when Vicki peed on her bed.  You know there is real love for someone when you miss the times you peed together. Will this trip actually end up improving their relationship?
The women drive by the sea on this incredible black sand beach, and everyone loves it.  When they stop, they see a big whale bone.  Kelly gets emotional, and the women head back to the hotel.  I got emotional the first and only time I saw a whale bone outside of a museum too.
Lydia has arranged a lunch at a spot by the Skogafoss waterfall .  Shannon mentions that Lydia said that the others are saying that Lydia got left out of a group text.  Tamra explains it wasn’t intentional, but Lydia finds that explanation completely dismissive, and mentions her feelings.  She throws maps at Shannon and Tamra, which is the equivalent of Teresa on Jersey Housewives flipping over a table, and runs to the bathroom.  After some comfort from Peggy, Lydia returns to the table, claiming she doesn’t care about what happened.
Smiley, happy, Baby Aspen is brought into the restaurant,  After some cooing time, the ladies head outside to look at the waterfall that is right next to the restaurant.
Vicki tells Lydia to just let the group text thing go, because it’s not worth it.  Tamra and Lydia talk, and Tamra apologizes about the group text. Lydia accepts the apology, but doesn’t really feel it.
The women go hike up a glacier!  Lydia needs to do things for her and Doug’s magazine, and wants to take the women on every kind of tourist activity in Iceland.  The view from the top is amazing, and everyone is thankful to Lydia for the experience.  Everyone has a problem climbing down the glacier, especially Shannon, who keeps yelling.  Vicki  says she feels really worn out, and tired.

Before dinner, Vicki is sick.  She’s throwing up, and her heart is beating really fast.  The women are afraid Vicki is having a heart attack, and an ambulance is called.  We see flashbacks of Vicki not feeling well the entire time, possibly because of the altitude, and then things go to black to the sound of Icelandic ambulance sirens.

What did we learn this week-  Sometimes Bravo trips surprise you. Don’t eat the puffins, just don’t! If you think someone is having a heart attack, call 911. If you are in Iceland, dial 112.

-Aoife, TV Guru





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