Siggy Flicker Two: The Legend of Curly’s Cake


The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Season 8, Episode 4, The Public Shaming of Melissa

It’s a rainy morning, and Siggy goes to Dolores’s house.  The first thing she mentions when they sit down, is that Margaret apologized to her at their lunch.  Delores tells her not to trust Margaret, and Siggy tells her that Margaret called Dolores a, “yes person”.  They aren’t so pleased with Teresa and Melissa right now, either.
Siggy says she is throwing an party, and that will be the perfect time to talk to the two of them.  When has this ever been true, ever? Who does this if  they aren’t on a reality show?

Melissa and Joe have Margaret and her husband Joe over. They go to play pool in the billiards room.  Margaret tells Melissa about her lunch with Siggy.  Margaret says she feels bad because Siggy was crying, but that things are good between them.  Melissa says in confessional that feels like she should get an apology.  Margaret thinks once Siggy gets some hormone therapy, she might be feeling better.  This will involve “pellets in her ass”, which seems to mystify Joe Gorga.  I don’t know what that is all about either, though.

Teresa, Melissa, and Danielle and have lunch.  In confessional, Danielle wants to bring something up to Teresa, and mentions if Dolores doesn’t tell her, she will. Teresa mentions her lunch with Siggy in which she got an apology.  Once again, Melissa feels slighted.  Where is her apology?  Teresa mentions to the others that he was having problems with Milania the day before, and Melissa tells her she needs to put her foot down more with her kids.  Teresa is furious that Melissa told her how to parent, but says nothing at the table.

Teresa comes over to Joe’s new restaurant. Melissa is late.  Teresa is still angry from the comments at lunch, and is really nasty to her about being late.  Joe is wondering what roles people should do in the restaurant, and suggests Melissa will be the hostess.  Teresa calls Melissa a bitch, and thinks that she should be a waitress instead. Melissa states that no, she will not be a waitress at the restaurant, because she already owns and runs a business.  Joe feels like he wants to be anywhere but his own restaurant because of the way the two of them are arguing.  I am surprised Teresa doesn’t just tell Melissa about why she is really upset, considering that is usually how she rolls.

It’s the night of Siggy’s party, and she is showing off some dance moves in the kitchen!  Dolores is the first to arrive, and asks who is coming.  Siggy mentions she hasn’t seen Melissa since Boca, and says in confessional that everyone has apologized about what happened except for Melissa.  You two ladies need to talk.
Danielle gives Teresa a ride to the event.  Danielle asks Teresa again if Dolores has talked to her.  Teresa says no.  Danielle decides to tells Teresa that Dolores said to her, “Teresa is many things but she’s not concerned about anything or anyone, except money, so be careful”. Teresa is shocked, and says she will be talking to Dolores about this at the party.

Back at Siggy’s Party, Melissa arrives to a seemingly warm welcome from Siggy.  She takes her over to look at the handbags for sale at the event, and Dolores goes in for a fake warm hug.  Melissa asks why Siggy hasn’t called, and says she feels bad that Siggy called her and Teresa animals and trash. For the fiftieth time, Siggy says she can’t believe Melissa destroyed this beautiful cake. Melissa cannot believe she is still so upset about this.

Then, we witness a next-level Housewife moment.  Siggy shushes everyone at her party.  She asks all who are present if she made a beautiful three-tiered cake for a someone’s birthday and that person threw the cake across a restaurant, did that person do a rude thing?  People raise their hands, to say yes.  She yells,” WHO throws a cake in a restaurant?”.  Melissa is humiliated, but goes to look at some jewelry.  Teresa comes over, and Melissa tells her what just went down.  Teresa is laughing, but doesn’t think it’s cool.  Nether does Danielle. Teresa mentions that she may not be feeling the best about Melissa at the moment, but she’s still family, and she isn’t gong to let anyone do that to her sister-in-law.
Siggy and Dolores walk over to them, and Trersa tells Siggy she wants to talk in another room. Once again, Siggy gives off that fake warm vibe.  Just be real, woman!

In a private room, Teresa asks Siggy why she was putting on a show for everyone at her party.  Siggy brings the cake up again.  Teresa mentions that they ate the cake, and that Siggy said some nasty things to her and Melissa.  She and Dolores then yell at each other about why Dolores didn’t say anything.
Dolores insists she would never let anyone talk about Teresa.  Danielle steps in, and brings up what Dolores said.  Dolores gets up, gets up in Danielle’s face, calling her a “fucking liar, and saying “welcome back scumbag”.  Danielle mentions she has no reason to lie about this . Dolores keeps yelling at Danielle, calls her a “starving hungry bitch” and  says Teresa should sleep with one eye open because Danielle is no good. Dolores says in confessional that because she has a history of not stabbing Teresa in the back, that she should believe her.  Teresa says to Dolores that she doesn’t know what to believe, she doesn’t think Danielle would lie.  Dolores goes after Danielle again, and Danielle walks out of the room and starts crying.  Teresa says she is going to check o her because Danielle is her ride. Dolores keeps warning Teresa as she leave the room.  Dolores thinks that Danielle came back into everyone’s lives for revenge, and Teresa needs to watch out.

What did we learn this week-  A party is the best time to have a dramatic confrontation with someone, don’t be a bad hostess, talk to people about things before you get to the point where you blow up at them.

-Aoife, TV Guru



4 thoughts on “Siggy Flicker Two: The Legend of Curly’s Cake

  1. Siggy, Siggy, Siggy. Last year she was a women with a big heart and not really meant to be on a reality show like this. I’m gonna give her a small, small, very small break due to menopause. Siggy this season is like being behind the magicians curtain. We see everything and it isn’t attractive. Luving pig tails. and happy to see Danielle. Keep up da good work

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Did you see last night’s RHONJ? Siggy doesn’t stop. I don’t know what is going on in her life, but it must be bad. I agree, I liked her last season!


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