Bye Melissa


Below Deck – Season 5 Episode 8 – Under Cover Boss

This episode begins with the ongoing Kate and Jen struggle.  Kate wants to see more progress; Jen wants less work and more love. Nico and Bri sneak away for early morning quality time together.  Nico’s girlfriend should be worried. Very worried.

The charter ends well and Sandra Bullock the guests are gracious upon exit.  The crew learns they get a day at a resort.  Must be nice to get out of those tiny cabins.

Nico’s girlfriend calls him pissed off.  She knows what’s up. Nico says, “Why are you being this way?!”  Ummm because you have feelings for someone else and now you are just gaslighting me?!  Then Chef Matt calls his ex girlfriend looking for some sort of positive reinforcement after getting denied by Bri.  And she shuts him down!  Oh Canada!

Then Kate decides to reassign rooms and puts Nico with Brianna.  She must get producing credits now.  Yep those two are bound to have sex.

The crew arrives at a beautiful resort with a cabana and hot tubs!  Jen better not bitch once because that place looks magical.  Matt is looking to drink his rejection sorrows away and EJ’s mere existence is like nails on a chalkboard to Nico.  I cannot believe Baker is attracted to EJ but hey- to each their own.  It seems to help that EJ realizes Nico has lingering issues (although he may not realize it has to do with his brothers death) and Baker can morph him into being less of a weirdo all the time.  As for EJ being attracted to Baker- I’m not sure on that one.

After a majorly fun filled day the crew heads back to the boat.  Nico and Bri make out hard!  Sorry ex-girlfriend!  Heather asks EJ to dinner but it seems like he would rather go out with Nico.  Can’t wait to see how weird this dinner gets.

Jen is back to work and back to freaking out.  Kate is trying to find a way to motivate her.  I think coddling will work but that is not Kate’s style…  Jen says hearing the word “Fuck” is a violation of her civil rights (in less words).  Then she proceeds to sexually rub the bedsheets.  Interesting.  En route to a break down.  Ummm Kate I need that shirt btw!!!

Nico and Matt have an awkward camera ready drink; they both pretend to not be in love with Bri and instead talk shit about other women.  Then Jen breaks down because she got an hour cut off of her breaks.  That truly does suck.  She needs time to rest and contact Isabella.  Baker and EJ go on their date.  He isn’t into her.  The end.  He does like the attention.

Bravo sets up the next charter guests to be a wealthy man married to a golddigger.  I have a feeling this primary wants to be a Real Housewives of Dallas cast member.  Then Nico breaks up with his girlfriend.  Good for you!  Not for her!

Charter guests arrive and we have to wait until next week!  Jen gets sexually assaulted and EJ gets aroused by Nico and his brother! Bye!




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