Casserole is the Warmest Dinner

kelly rhoc

The Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 12, Episode 17, A Case of the Vickis

The paramedics arrive at Iceland hotel, and so does Dr. Olafsson, MD. MD!  Peggy grills the good doctor, and tells him to make her friend feel better.  Everyone keeps bursting into the room, like it’s a Marx Brothers   movie.  Kelly thinks she’s having an anxiety attack, Shannon things she’s having heart palpitations. They both have medical degrees from Hollywood Upstairs Medical College . The medical staff finally kicks everyone out of the room.  Lydia leads a prayer in the hallway.  Peggy opens the door and tells the MD and others that if Vicki asks for her, to let her in.  Peggy feels like Vicki was there for her when she talked to her about her own health issues, but none of the others know this.  Kelly feels like she’s just trying to look like a better best friend than Kelly.  Kelly, what is up with you?

Vicki gets taken to the hospital in a stretcher, with a robe over her head.  Peggy asks if she wants her to come to the hospital, and the answer is no, Vicki says she will be fine.    Kelly keeps snapping at Peggy, who is consumed with worry.  We have never seen Peggy so afraid before.

Everyone is hungry, and prepares to go eat, except Peggy.  She doesn’t understand why they all aren’t at the hospital.  Kelly also says she wishes at least one of them was with her, because being at the hospital by yourself is scary.  For anyone reading who might have have a choice to go with someone to the hospital one day, please go with them.  Being in a hospital alone is not good at any age.
Lydia tells Meghan, and Kelly that she has a ride to the hospital ready to go.  Meghan and Kelly explain they haven’t eaten all day, and will go after. Shannon orders a drink. Everyone wonders where Peggy is.
Peggy calls Diko, telling him about what happened to Vicki, that she is scared, and she doesn’t know what to do,  Diko tells her to jump in a cab, and go to the hospital. Peggy agrees.
The other women dine, and drink.  The topic of conversation is Vicki, though.    Kelly thinks everyone should take shifts at the hospital with Kelly.  Tamra thinks everyone should go, and Kelly has no place dictating what everyone is going to do. Shannon brings up in confessional that Vicki yelled at her and Meghan for not coming to the hospital to see her when she flipped an ATV on another trip, but her best friend Kelly is doing nothing.  Peggy comes to the table, and says she is taking a cab.  Kelly yells at Peggy, telling her that she will finish her dinner in two seconds, and to wait for her.  Peggy says she talked to Diko, and he told her to go, so she’s going to go.  Kelly accuses her of doing everything Diko tells her.  After this, Peggy leaves.  Kelly mentions at the table that she was raised to “get an education, and be independent, so no man tells you what to do”.    The women call Vicki to warn her Peggy is on her way, and to tell her they will be coming.  Meghan wants to bring her pajamas, and orders her a casserole to go, as Vicki expected everyone to send her casseroles after the whole Brooks mess.

Vicki is released from the hospital, and she, Lydia, and Peggy head back to the hotel.   Vicki says that she just had elevated blood pressure, and symptoms from not sleeping for three days.  When she comes into the hotel, she is greeted with champagne, and a casserole.  Vicki is very happy, and sits with the ladies eating her casserole, and drinking.  Everyone takes the party back to Shannon’s Antarctica room.  Shannon wonders in confessional who goes and drinks a lot after being released from the hospital for a heart issue. Shannon, don’t have judgy eyes . Tamra ad Vicki talk about their relationship, but start yelling at each other. Tamra asks Vicki to please tell apologize to her.  Kelly jumps in, and everyone tells her to sit down, because she doesn’t understand what happened.  Sit down, Kelly!  Vicki tells Tamra she didn’t appreciate her spreading “rumors” about Brooks.  Tamra tells Vicki she loved her as a friend, and she chose Brooks over her.  Raise your hand if you have had a friend like this…I see you.
Vicki calmly says in confessional she is sorry Tamra feels like she chose Brooks over her.  Vicki, why are you still on the show? Vicki and Tamra share a tearful hug, while Shannon tells Meghan what a liar Vicki is, and a fake friend.  Meghan totally agrees, but tells Shannon this isn’t the time.  Vicki tells Tamra she would never hurt her.  Shannon can’t keep silent anymore, and tells Vicki Tamra cries over her every single week.  Vicki leaves the room, Tamra cries in Peggy’s arms, and then is comforted by Kelly on the couch.  Shannon brings up the things Vicki has done to Tamra.  Tamra goes to Shannon to hug her, and Shannon starts to cry, saying that seeing Tamra crying to Vicki like that makes her very upset.

The next morning, Tamra goes around to everyone’s rooms to get them up to  go shopping.  Lydia goes to Kelly’s room, and Vicki calls.  Kelly complains about Peggy telling her what to do the night before.  Apparently, Peggy told Kelly she was going to have her husband call Kelly’s husband, which set Kelly off.  Tamra comes into the room wearing geta, with a mud mask on her face.  She says in confessional Vicki  going to the hospital brought out all kinds of emotion, but it doesn’t mean that her and Vicki are best friends now.  Vicki run into Tamra in the hall, and they share a hug,  They knock on the door of Peggy’s room, but she doesn’t answer.

Everyone goes shopping without Peggy.  They feel bad that Peggy isn’t coming with them, but Lydia hopes that she’ll feel better when they come back.  Tamra says they should get her a gift.  Retail therapy is real, because Shannon and Vicki are able to enjoy a fun moment together. Everyone buys fur headbands in different colors, including one for Peggy.
When to the hotel, the women go to Peggy’s room, and try to get her to open the door.  In confessional, Peggy says the previous night was one of the worst nights in her whole life.  She tells the women through the door she needs a few minutes.  Lydia tells Peggy she has been in her room all day, and she should come out.   What a way to end an episode.  Is Bravo trying to make us wonder if Peggy will stay in her hotel room in Iceland forever?

What did we learn this week- If someone you care about is at the ER, or hospital alone, go make sure they are alright.  There is nothing wrong with eating first, as you need every ounce of energy, but eat, don’t dine.  Do bring a casserole for your loved one, and/or the medical staff caring for them.

-Aoife, TV Guru





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