Twin Ghosts and Slimy Koosh Balls

alaska grou scared famousScared Famous – Season One, Episode Two, Death Is Coming!

Happy Halloween, recap lovas!  Everyone is still at the creepy circle and cauldron fire in the woods, wondering what is going on.  A Redman appears!  He tells them they will be doing a challenge called the “Scare Witch Project”.  They have to go into the circle, and take in as many details as possible of what is around the circle. Afterward, Redman will ask them questions about the items in the circle.
Drita is freaked out in general, New York is freaked out by the witchcraft, and then spies what looks like a dead body.  Everyone is looking at details in the circle, and the dead man gets up and scares them all out of the circle.  Some random costumed figure appears, then quickly disappears, distracting them further.  Time is up!
Sky is chosen as the spokesperson, answers three out of five questions correctly, and ends up winning the group ten thousand dollars!  Redman tells them not to get cocky, because there will be an elimination tomorrow.

The group won a challenge, now it’s time to drink!   Everyone is not relaxed, and is thinking about elimination.  They hear knocking in the attic, and Sky hides behind a curtain, while others check out the fireplaces.
Later on, Erica and Alaska can’t sleep, it’s too hot, there are ghosts, and flies.  Safaree and Sky are in the kitchen, and see two twin ghosts in the window, who disappear.  Everyone over-dramatically freaks out.  Why are these silly moments necessary? Producers, if you want to throw everyone off their game like that, make it genuinely scary.
Eva has been scoping out Erica, and thinks she is some of her fiercest competition.  Erica thinks that she is a target for Eva, because she is a threat.  Alaska comments in confessional that each of them is a threat to the other one.
Erica goes to Nikki, and asks who she wants to eliminate first, and tries to form an alliance.

The next morning, everyone wakes up to a champagne brunch all set up for them. The chef comes out, and tells them he would not stay in the house at night.
The group talks about the charities they are competing for.  Drita is trying to win the money for a breast cancer charity, because her mom had breast cancer.  Safaree’s charity is for kids with AIDS in Jamaica. Don is playing for a domestic violence charity, and he talks about his mom’s experience, and seeing what she went through as a child.  Eva runs off, and Don comes in to comfort her.  Eva is a domestic violence survivor,and his story got to her.  Everyone just has a moment where they have a common understanding of why they are really on this show.

Later, they all find a note with directions on how to vote for elimination, but they have to wait to do the elimination.  Everyone splits up into groups to discuss who to vote off.  Safaree mentions Alaska as a threat, Erica brings up New York as a weak link because she gave the wrong answer to a challenge question.  Eva asks Erica if she and Nikki have an alliance, and Erica gives a weak answer.

Everyone gathers in one of the living rooms, and one by one they  go outside.  There, they snuff out the candles by the photo of the person they choose to eliminate.  Alaska is dressed as Joan Crawford in Strait Jacket , complete with axe! She sees Erica and Nikki’s alliance as a threat, and votes for Nikki.  Everyone else votes but no one looks as fierce as Alaska.  Erica votes for Eva.  New York votes for Sky.  Eva votes for Nikki.
Redman shows up in the living room!  Today’s dead weight, with four votes is Nikki.  Nikki feels like it was a mistake to vote her off, and expresses her displeasure.  Redman tells her not to pack yet, but to pick someone to join her in an elimination challenge, and she has one hour to choose who it will be.  Nikki gets up and leaves the room, saying she doesn’t know who she can trust.  Eva tries to tell her it’s just a game.  Don says he voted for Nikki because she didn’t do well on the challenge, and Alaska tells Nikki the same thing.

Nikki makes her decision, and picks Don.  Safaree says in confession that Don shouldn’t have said anything.
Nikki and Don  head off to an abandoned-looking barn, wearing hospital gowns.  There is a DIY hospital set up.  Redman tells them they will be strapped into a table, and will be unable to see their stomachs. Five objects will be placed on their stomachs, and they will have to guess if the objects are dead or alive A screen pops up in the house and everyone gathers around to watch the elimination challenge.
The have several objects places on their stomachs, including a snake, a very large roach, a slimy koosh ball, and a feather duster.  Why slimy koosh ball, why?
They are tied, and go into sudden death.  The next item is a scorpion.   Everyone at the house is freaking out when the screen goes blank.  No one knows who won, and then Don walks in the room!  He gets lots of hugs from different people, but says in confessional that people should not underestimate him as a challenger.

What did we learn this week-  Alaska will always play this game looking fierce as hell.  Drita is always freaked out, Erica is good at playing this game so far, a feather duster is not alive.

Alaska’s Look of the Week: alaska 2

-Aoife, TV Guru


2 thoughts on “Twin Ghosts and Slimy Koosh Balls

  1. I love Alaska’s looks, but I kind of feel bad for him because he is always in drag. Can you imagine being tucked and cinched for that long while digging around in a grave? Is VH1 afraid we will forget who he is if we see him in normal clothes?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love that Alaksa does these competitions in full drag, with heels! Safaree has already mentioned what a big threat Alaska is in this competition, and the men on the show know Alaska is more physically fit then they are. I’m loving it!


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