Wee-Wees, Cookies, and Kim D.

JerseypitThe Real Housewives of New Jersey – Season 8, Episode8, Walking on Broken Glass

When we last left the ladies, Margaret and Siggy were in a pit, and Margaret was roleplaying a Siggy.  Melissa questions aloud how this will do anything.
Siggy’s turn, she doesn’t really do an impression of Margaret, and a jumble of emotions falls out of her mouth.  Siggy starts crying again, and reminds the women how much it hurts to be made fun of over her name.  Margaret apologizes to Siggy, and Siggy also apologizes.  They hug, so maybe this wasn’t a bad idea.  I am pleasantly surprised that Siggy didn’t flip out over Margaret’s role playing.

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Who Has Love For New York?

scaredfamouserScared Famous – Season 1, Episode 6, Coffin Fever

Erica and Safaree are about to get into their tanks for the elimination challenge. They have to gather plugs from the bottom of the tanks, which will rapidly be filling with water, and they will have to plug up the pipes.  Safaree screams to be let out of his tank, but did he tap out of the challenge?
Safaree walks into the house!  Everyone but New York is ecstatic that Erica is gone, and Safaree is happy he has immunity.

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Reunion Part Two: Be Happy There Is Not a Part Three


The Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 12, Episode 21, Reunion Part Two

Shannon gets the spotlight first.  Andy asks where fun Shannon went, and we find out that Shannon’s maiden name is Storms. We are then shown clips of Shannon going off on people all season.  Almost all the women react to the clip by laughing, including Shannon.  That seems to be a good sign. Andy asks Shannon to whom she owes an apology, and she says Tamra, and Lydia.  Peggy says she is owed an apology too.  She feels Shannon has been so dismissive toward her all season, and once referred to her as “that one”,  Meghan pipes up, and says Peggy also owes other people an apology, including her for clipping her lips on three different occasions.  Peggy asks Meghan if she doesn’t think her lips needed to be clipped.  Peggy, I am going to miss you.  Meghan expresses her displeasure over this question.

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Nene, Who Was That? Aiiyo, The Wig Is Back!

atlanta hair wigThe Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 4, All White Never Forget Showdown

Sheree is at home with the kids, when Jack Daniels comes by for Sheree’s second session. Sheree still has problem talking about the abuse she experienced, but mentions that she was asked to make a speech for the National Coalition For Domestic Violence . Jack tells Sheree she needs to be able to talk about it first before she can make a speech.  Her homework, to do something nice for herself, like go to the beach.

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Alaska’s Possession Is Our Obsession

Akaska sacred faous gropScared Famous – Season One, Episode Five, Insane Drown Posse

New York and Drita are facing off in the elimination challenge. The two have to be tethered to the wall by leather leashes, and need to find four keys.  After that, they need to grab the main key and win.  New York says being tied down is nothing new for her.  There is a baby alligator chained up in the room, and somehow both women are afraid of this poor animal.
I love Drita’s commentary, she doesn’t like wearing bondage wear, and the dirty toilets a la Saw disgust her.  New York finds two keys, but the baby alligator comes her way.  She screams at it that she respects “you and your people”.  I wish neither of these women had to leave this show until the very end.  New York, why couldn’t you have chosen someone else for this challenge?

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The Neverending Season: The Reunion


The Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 12, Episode 20, Reunion Part One

While Andy Cohen shares a montage of “hilarious” clips from this season, and I am put to sleep.  This season proved that new blood is good, Vicki needs to go, Peggy misunderstood what the Housewives franchise was about, and next season needs to be better.

Why does Peggy not know about colloquialisms?  She doesn’t give Andy an answer, but says she doesn’t know what coal has to do with anything when she and Diko have a fireplace.  Ok!  She also explains that she has never heard of a peanut gallery.  Will this please just die?  I’d love to hear what any of the people of this show would do if they lived in another country, with a completely different language.

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Afro Puffs, Jive Turkeys, But No Reefer

atlanta kenya

The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 3, Chateau Get Down

Sheree and Kandi go shopping for Sheree’s mom’s Thelma’s Seventieth birthday party.  Sheree decided to go with a Seventies disco theme, and tells us in confessional that it seemed like “everyone was on reefer in the Seventies”.  I love anyone in 2017 who uses the term reefer in a way that is not ironic.

Cynthia is on a first date with Will, a nice, handsome, flirtastic man.  Cynthia says she is just dating right now, and this is just date number one. Cynthia feels a connection with Will, and then tells us that maybe there is room for something more than dating in her life. Ms. Bailey, we love to see you living!

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Please Retreat From the Cake!

bow arrow siggy

The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Season 8, Episode 7, A Retreat to Remember

Dolores and Teresa go to lunch to talk.  How does anyone enjoy their meals at these meetings? Teresa says she doesn’t feel like Dolores sticks up for her, and she doesn’t know what to believe when it comes to Danielle.  Dolores denies that she ever told Danielle that Teresa doesn’t care about anything but money. Dolores tells Teresa she feels hurt that Teresa didn’t stick up for her at the tasting.  Dolores feels like Teresa has been making fun of her relationship, but she tells her she should look at her own husband.  Teresa says she knows Joe has to “get his shit together” when he comes home. The two actually have their meal after this!  It would have been such a waste of good Italian food.

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Tiffany Pollard: Oneida County Medium

NewYorkscarefamousScared Famous – Season 1, Episode 4, 50 Shades of Horror

At the end of last week’s episode, we saw Erica and Joc entering the woods for the elimination challenge.  A red hologram of Redman tells them they have to track spirits with thermal imaging devices, by collecting skulls that will show up on the cameras.  Joc and Erica are also hooked up to video cameras making them look like they are on the Blair Witch Project.  A man in a Sasquatch costume appears, sending Erica running off and screaming.
Once again, everyone at home is anxious to see who comes through the door. It’s Erica!  Alaska is not thrilled, as is Eva, as is half the house.  The first thing Erica does is remind Don he has no immunity this week, but she has it this week.   Erica says in confession that she is going to break all alliances and get everyone off the show.

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