Getting Loud at the Soft Opening

rhoj siggyThe Real Housewives of New Jersey – Season 8, Episode 4, Not Over It

Margaret and her work crew are at her office. Margaret’s friend and saleswoman, Jodi, tells her about Siggy’s party, and how Siggy made herself look completely ridiculous, and publicly humiliated Melissa at the same time.  Margaret mentions the wine tasting at the Gorgas new restaurant is coming up, so she will see what happened at Siggy’s at that event. Margaret also says it’s like high school.  I would say junior high but yes, it really is.  Again, I like Margaret.

Dolores comes home from a date with her boyfriend David, and mentions in confessional that David always tries to give her something to bring home for Frankie and Frank.  She says it seems like an odd arrangement, but that is how things are.  I think Frank and Dolores’s relationship is amazing, and they are able to both be in Frankie’s life because of it.  Dolores tells them what happened to her at Siggy’s party, when Danielle said Dolores was saying nasty things about Teresa, and how she and Danielle got into a fight.  She mentions Danielle Staub has a “bad history of being a pathological liar”.  She is hurt that Teresa would even entertain the thought that anything Danielle says about her might be true. Frank says Teresa is going through a lot, and maybe she wasn’t thinking clearly.

Melissa, Teresa, and Joe are at the restaurant with Teresa and Joe’s father. Giacinto sees the photo of his wife on the wall and has a really emotional grieving moment.
Teresa is upset that Joe picked a photo of him and Melissa to put on the wall. She mentions that Melissa isn’t a real Gorga, even though she has been married to Joe for how long?  Joe reminds Teresa that is his wife she is talking about Teresa mimics him in that obnoxious Teresa way.  Melissa is out.  Joe is really not pleased, Teresa claims she does love Melissa.  Joe tells her to straighten things out with Melissa asap.  I do not like it when Teresa acts like Season One Teresa.

The next day, Teresa is at home with the girls.  Melissa, Joe and their kids come over.  The adults toast over a glass of wine.  Teresa apologizes to Melissa, and says she was knocking her parenting the other day.  Joe chimes in, and says yes, Teresa needs to set more rules for the kids. In confessional, Teresa says she doesn’t want to hear what Joe and Melissa have to say about her parenting.  Teresa and Melissa tell Joe about what happened at Siggy’s party.  Joe is upset, but Melissa says she still wants to invite Siggy and Dolores to the wine tasting, and to not make any drama.  Joe tells the ladies to please work things out before the wine tasting.  Joe, you know this group, do you really think that could actually happen?

Joe is at the restaurant making sure everything is perfect for the soft opening.  Teresa arrives, and says how proud her mother would be to see this night.  Giacinto is cooking in the kitchen, so I know whoever will be coming to this event will be eating well.
Siggy and Michael get ready for the tasting. Michael says it is kind of weird that they are going to this party, with the way Teresa and Melissa disrespected her.  Siggy mentions that in addition to that, and what happened with Dolores, there is a lot going on with the group.
Melissa tells Teresa that she thinks Danielle has a good heart and the right intentions.  As Dolores and Frank get ready, she says she hopes Teresa will recognize who her real friend is in the situation with Danielle.

Margaret and Joe arrive at the tasting event first. Giacinto is called from the kitchen to meet Margaret, and likes what he sees.  Joe tells Margaret’s Joe to keep an eye on his wife.  Siggy and Michael arrive.  Margaret is hopeful that Siggy’s warm behavior on arrival means she has turned over a new leaf.  Teresa asks Siggy where her sidekick is.  Really? Siggy plays it off as a joke. Then, Teresa starts talking about how weird Dolores and Frank’s relationship is, and Margaret says it’s no one’s business.
Danielle asks Teresa how she feels about what happened with her and Dolores.  Siggy goes on the defensive about Dolores.  Melissa brings up that earlier, she and Teresa had a conversation about this, and she feels like Danielle is misunderstood. This sets Siggy off, saying she is much more misunderstood than Danielle in this group.
Joe stops the yelling, by making a lovely toast. He mentions to the group that since this is a tasting, to please tell him anything that needs adjusting.  Everyone starts eating, and no one seems to have any problems at all with the food.  I assume it was delicious, and nothing needed more salt.

Out of nowhere, Siggy has an odd moment.  I know, very unlike her, right?  She tells Melissa,”I just want to make sure your husband has sharp knives here, so when I leave tonight, Margaret will be able to continue stab me in the back”. Melissa is shocked, and doesn’t have a response. What do you even say to that?
Dolores and Frank arrive, and Dolores notes how Margaret is giving her the cold shoulder.  Margaret mentions in confessional that things would be different at the moment, if she and Dolores had a chance to talk.

Joe goes to the table where Siggy, Melissa, and Dolores are sitting to try and straighten things out between Dolores and Teresa.  Dolores and Siggy get loud about how Margaret and Danielle are horrible people.  The other women can hear them talking about them from afar.  Melissa says they should cut Margaret some slack for what happened with the memorial.  Siggy yells about how she isn’t going to forgive Margaret, even though she had recently done just that.
The other ladies to go to over the table, and Margaret tells Siggy she cannot believe they are still going on about this misunderstanding.  Siggy yells, “I’m not over it”!  We know Siggy, we know.  Take your own life coach advice, please.
Margaret is confused, because she thought things were good with Siggy. Siggy tells Margaret no one is going to buy her brand because her things are made in China.  Dolores chimes in , and says she wouldn’t buy any of Margaret’s products either. Ok?   Siggy tells Margaret that she is one of the ugliest human beings in the world for making fun of her, gets up and screams her way out of the restaurant.  Dolores gets up to leave.

Dolores is halfway out the door, when Danielle asks Dolores where her honey is, and when she gets to meet him.  Danielle, do not do this right now. Dolores gets in Danielle’s face and tells her not to talk about her and it’s none of her business.  Danielle asks if anyone has met her bf and id they all live in the same house together. Teresa walks Dolores away and out of the restaurant to end this interaction.

What did we learn this week? If you are going to scream, yell, and get nasty with someone, don’t do it at an event to which you have been invited, unless the producers on a show you are on tell you otherwise.  Try not to act like Season one Teresa, especially if you are Teresa.


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