BLOOP! The Triumphant Return of Nene Leakes

atlanta cynthia party
The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 1, 50 Shades of Cynthia

It is a new day at OLG, Old Lady Gang, Kandi and Todd’s restaurant, and the line is around the block! I’m happy to see that, and the OLG watching the crowd from atop a small balcony. I love these ladies.  Kandi and Todd have a scripted conversation, where they just happen to go over things that have happened since the reunion.  Kandi says she has a lot going on, getting back with her group Xscape , being a mom, and working on the restaurant.

At Lake Bailey, Cynthia is out in the backyard with the leaf blower.  Nene arrives, singing Lake Bailey’s praises.  Cynthia is planning another 50th birthday party, where everyone will dress as different versions of her.  It shall be called the, “50 Shades of Cynthia party”.  This should be such an egotistical move, but I feel like Cynthia hasn’t felt her self-worth for many years she has been on the show. She continues so come so far, and she has had many iconic looks, so I do not find this obnoxious.
Cynthia casually drops that Kenya is now married!  Nene feigns choking, and expresses doubts.  She mentions it’s strange that no one has met him.  Nene asks what his name is, Cynthia says Kenya just calls him Baby.
Kenya arrives to much fanfare.  Nene asks if congratulations are in order.  In confessional, Kenya says she is married now!  The ladies toast to the good news.  Nene comments in confessional how Cynthia is gushing all over Kenya, but Cynthia was not invited to the wedding.  Nene, we missed you!  Kenya says it was an elopement, and that no one was invited except for her father, who couldn’t come.
Kenya then tells the others she wants to sell Moore Manor, and buy a new house with her new husband.  Nene and Cynthia cannot believe she wants to do this after all the effort Kenya put into her house. In confessional, Kenya says despite Nene cutting off half her nose, she is still really nosy.  Nene asks Kenya what is her husband’s name, and Kenya says Bae. Nene doesn’t like that answer, and wants a real name. Kenya explains she wants to keep some things private because there are certain people out there always trying to smear other people.  Nene tells Kenya she is happy for her, but in confessional, she says this is “the weirdest shit”.

Porsha and her friends are doing a podcast in her living room, over some fine champagne . The topic of working with friends comes up, and Porsha voices all kind of opinions because of what happened between her and Phaedra.  The podcast ends, and Porsha mentions to her friends she texted a little with Phaedra.  Her friend says she is surprised Porsha is talking to Phaedra after the way that friendship ended.  Porsha says she has no relationship with Kandi at all after the blowup on the last Reunion show, but hopes they can talk about it.

Nene is at her store, and in comes Sheree!  Sheree thinks Nene’s boutique is cute, but of course, not as nice as was her store.  Nene asks Sheree if she has met Kenya’s husband, Bey.  Sheree and Nene discuss Porsha, Phadra and Kandi and what happened on the reunion .  Nene says she feels like Phaedra influenced Porsha for the worst, and Nene he is hurt, because she felt like Porsha was a little sister to her.

Porsha and Sheree go shopping for Cynthia’s party.  Sheree explains the theme.Porsha thinks it is hilarious, and she is down with the theme even though it’s a little self centered.
Sheree asks Porsha what is going on with Nene.  Porsha says she said what she said on Dish Nation because Nene has been saying nasty things, including that Porsha should be fired from her job.  This is why she hasn’t tried to make up with Nene.

Cynthia arrives at her party, to get ready!  There are Twizzlers on the table.  I like this party, and it hasn’t even started.  Cynthia calls Peter to remind him she is having her party, and she sent him an invitation.  Peter tells her he can’t make it.  Cynthia tells him it’s going to be weird having a birthday party without him there.  When the conversation ends, Noelle tells her mom she shouldn’t be sad, and should celebrate her 50th!  Your daughter is wise, Cynthia!

Everyone arrives for the red carpet at Cynthia’s party.  Everyone looks fabulous dressed as different versions of Cynthia’s famous photos and looks.  Kenya is greeted by Nene who now knows Kenya’s husband’s name, Marc Daly.  Kandi tells Kenya she saw the photos from her wedding featuring wedding guests, and wants to know where her invite went.
Porsha and Sheree arrive, and Porsha completely ignores Nene. Porsha says he just pretended like Nene wasn’t even there.
Cynthia calls all the other Cynthias to walk the runway and show off their outfits.  Afterward, a bunch of the ladies hang out at a table, for about thirty seconds, then Kandi leaves because she can’t take Porsha being so fake.  The two groups of women are feeling the tension between the Porsha and Kandi, and between Porsha and Nene as well.       Sheree comes up to Nene, and asks if they can have a conversation about everything happening at this party at another time.  Nene talks about what a real friend does and does not do. Porsha says what makes and does not make a friend happened three weeks ago when Nene talked about her on Watch What Happened Live.  The other ladies try to get them to stop arguing, and ruining Cynthia’s part.  Porsha and Sheree go to a table, but Nene will not drop this, and wants to have a conversation about “ev-e-ry-thing”. During said conversation  Nene does not admit that she said Porsha should be fired, and Porsha walks off, because she can’t take how fake Nene is being.
Nene walks off into the night.  Madame Linnethia, I’m so glad you are back!

What did we learn this week-  Nobody on any Bravo show ever gets to have a nice, drama-free party, ever. Ever. If you find yourself on a Bravo show, just never have parties during filming with anyone but the people you are fake friends with for the show.
With Nene AND Sheree on the same season, we are going to get some lines and quotes for the ages so get ready!

-Aoife, TV Guru


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