Viking Hats, and Vicious Spats

icelanddinner rhocThe Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 12, Episode 18, The Real Vikings of Orange County

The ladies are still in Iceland.  I feel like we’ve been trapped here for three months, during the darkest, coldest winter Iceland has ever seen since elves walked that land.
Lydia goes to check on Peggy, and stay at the hotel with her.  Everyone else is dressed, and going to a traditional “Viking” dinner, that Lydia had arranged for the group.  Peggy tells Lydia she doesn’t want to make up with any of the ladies.  Peggy then insults Meghan about letting her baby cry for exactly ten minutes. Did she time it?
The women are on the Iceland drama van, and call Lydia, worried about where she is, and ask her to call them.
Peggy shows Lydia a video of Kelly making fun of Peggy’s “I’ll have my husband call your husband” comment, by saying, “I’ll have my dad call your dad”. Peggy says her father is dead, and she can’t believe Kelly would say that.  Lydia tries to make Kelly’s comment sound better, but Peggy still thinks it was a hurtful thing to say, and she doesn’t want to go to dinner.

Shannon and Tamra have brought their silly Viking hats to dinner again, but this is the most appropriate place to wear them.  The women enter a lodge with only men seated, all wearing the same kinds of sweaters.  Kelly notes that it is like something out of The Twilight Zone, and it is indeed one of the weirdest sights, with a twist of creepy that I have seen on this trip.  The men turn out to not be other dinner guests, but members of a choir, and they perform.  I feel bad that all of these men had to sing for this group, and hope none of them get a drink accidentally thrown at them.
Drinks are ordered, and a bunch of men dressed as vikings walk in.  Tamra and Vicki start whooping it up , and Shannon mentions several times in confession that “they can be friends if they want to”.  Tamra whispers to Vicki that she should apologize to Shannon about the spousal abuse statement, and Vicki does just that.  Shannon says appreciates her apology, but doesn’t want to talk about it at dinner.  She doesn’t feel that it was a genuine apology on Vicki’s part, and it isn’t.  Tamra and Vicki have another moment, and Shannon makes a snappy statement that they should get in a tub together. Tamra and Vicki apologize to each other for the bad things they have done to each other.  Everyone has been hitting those drinking horns pretty hard.
Back at the hotel, Peggy changes her mind about going to dinner. She wants Lydia to enjoy the experience she arranged, and to show the other women she is not afraid of them.

Lydia and Peggy enter the restaurant, to cheers from the rest of the group, and the choir’s second performance ending.  Vicki is screaming like she just won a dinette set on The Price is Right.  Shannon gets up and lip syncs with the choir.
Kelly right comes over to Peggy and apologizes for her behavior the night before.  Peggy does not accept her apology, and Kelly gets very upset.  She walks away so she can calm down.  Tamra explains the night before there was a lot of alcohol involved, and Peggy says thrice that she didn’t drink.  Thrice.  Peggy says the women made fun of her yesterday, and she has the video.  Peggy then mentions to Meghan that she let her baby cry for ten minutes the night before without checking to see if Baby Aspen was alright.  This sets the women off, except Lydia, who just wishes Peggy could express herself better, and Vicki who feels bad that Peggy is getting to see Tamra’s vicious side.  Meghan starts to cry, and is comforted by some of the women who yell at Peggy.  Vicki leaves, because she doesn’t want anything to do with the situation.
Peggy begins to cry.  Shannon yells at her, and Peggy says her husband didn’t tel her the truth.  Tamra screams that “Diko is a little bitch”.  Peggy tries to apologize to Meghan, but it is not accepted.

The next morning, Kelly is feeling the effects of last night’s dinner.  She calls Meghan, and tells her that Peggy left in the middle of the night.  Lydia is disappointed that she had such great experiences on the trip, but ended so badly.

Everyone is now back home in Orange County with their families.  Lydia’s family is having a family dinner, and Judy sprinkles something magical into the mashed potatoes.  I assume they were spices, and not pixie dust.  Either way, Judy!
Vicki tells Brianna about everything that happened between her and Tamra, and brings up Shannon.  Brianna tells her mom she never should have said what she did about David abusing Shannon.  She tells her son to tell his grandma to, “stop fighting with old ladies”.  Brianna, I love you so.
Diko wants to know what happened to Peggy.  Peggy says after what happened with Vicki, the women twisted everything she said, and explains everything to Diko from her side.  Peggy says she feels like she was betrayed by Vicki, and Diko tells her to talk to Vicki.

Vicki and Peggy go to lunch, and Vicki gives her the headband she got Peggy in Iceland.  Peggy looks upset.  Vicki apologizes for not sticking up for Peggy, basically, because she does’t want to fight with this group of women anymore.  Peggy says she understands, but she felt betrayed.  Vicki explains that she wouldn’t want Peggy to fight her battles, and is then served avocado toast .  Peggy doesn’t look pleased, but these are the terms of being friends with Vicki, when it comes to this group of women.

Shannon and David have a talk.  She tells David that Meghan and Jim really want them to come to an upcoming event.  David says he will show up and leave, because he is busy, and doesn’t want to get into anything with the group.  Shannon mentions in confessional that she thinks David is feeling out of their marriage, and wishes he would just tell her what he wants.  As with all conversations between Shannon and David this season, it is uncomfortable, and makes me sad.

What did we learn this week-  Brianna needs to replace her mom on this cast, but I have a feeling she would never want to do this show  Don’t let a group of women walk into a room where two dozen men are sitting in silence, wearing similar sweaters, without telling them what is going on.  Seriously Bravo, don’t do this.

-Aoife, TV Guru


3 thoughts on “Viking Hats, and Vicious Spats

  1. WOW. I had to watch this episode to witness the collapse of Peggy. Bravo loves to take women who have never had a job and then give them a job with some of the craziest co-workers (Real Housewives) on the face of the earth. She can’t handle it and won’t be back next season. Stay home cuddled in your safe space- the trunk of a Lamborghini next to Diko.

    FYI- Most people let their babies ‘cry it out’ for 15 minutes so they can fall asleep on their own. Hell sometimes babies just SCREAM for an hour and no soothing can help. She went really low by shaming a mom for having a baby who cries.

    I’m super annoyed by Lydia all the time but she is a great host having to deal with Peggy. Vicki is a snake.

    Bye Peggy.

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  2. Peggy was on WWHL, and thought the show was going to be like Sex and the City, so she really didn’t understand what she was getting into. If she was so concerned with the baby crying, she should have said something then, or attended to Aspen herself.

    Do you remember when Julie Klausner said Kyle from RHOBH was, “made of snakes” in one of her recaps? That’s what I feel about Vicki now.


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