Scared of Your Strategy

don scared famousScared Famous – Season One, Episode Three, Tales From the Woods

It’s the morning after the first elimination, and people are still having problems sleeping in this haunted house.  Drita talks about the history of the house, and how no one was able to sell the property because it was haunted.  This is why a prison, and a hospital were built on the property.  Then, a spinning wheel starts spinning on its own, and everyone pretends to freak out.  Alaska mentions that she does not dig these demonic spirits on the loose.
Erica is more afraid that the other side of the house is forming an alliance  against her, Safaree, and Joc.  Erica feels like she can’t trust anyone, and is going to be observing everyone to win this game.

Alaksa asks Eva if she thinks anyone wants to send her home.  She feels out of place because he didn’t know anyone before, and she’s a drag queen.  Eva uplifts her, and convinces her she is supposed to be in this competition.  I’m glad these two are making friends, and it seems to be real.
Drita tells Joc she voted for him last time.  Drita, do not do this!  I love that Drita owns her actions always, but don’t tell people you eliminated them in a game.
Eva and Erica get in a fight in the kitchen over alliances  Erica mention she doesn’t like the alliances being formed in the house, and Eva points out her own with everyone from Love and Hip Hop. Erica flips out about who Eva is allied to in this game, and Alaska purrs, “we’re both models, we stick togetherrrrrrrrrrrrr”.

New York and Eva hear something in the living room.  It’s a message from Nikki on the TV saying that she will be haunting everyone, and will be watching them around the house.  Then, some zombies pop up in the windows!  There is fake frightened screaming from the cast again.  Drita mentions in confessional that she is genuinely scared. Drita, we’ve seen you ready to get in physical fights before, but you are somehow afraid of the really bad scariness on this show?
The group is sitting in the living room, and hear noises coming from a china cabinet, it’s a strait jacket for another challenge.  Alaska immediately puts it on, because she can rock anything on the runway of life.

The group shows up to a building on the property in a padded room.  Redman says they are in an insane asylum, and have to crawl around in  holes leading from room to room in order to escape.  They have less than five minutes, and everyone has to be handcuffed from wrist to ankle.  If anyone tries to quit, everyone loses. Erica mentions how this is like Human Centipede , which really disturbs Sky.
The group moves slowly from room to room, which is set up like  haunted houses with a mental health facility theme.  Everyone screams and yells in every room filled with fake scariness, until they arrive in the room filled with rats.  They go through one more room featuring a woman strapped to a wheel chair, and leave the building.  They now have seventy-thousand dollars in their bank, but have had a very ableist experience!

The group arrives back in the house, to a note about the elimination. Don has immunity from last week, and everyone only has one hour to decide to they vote for this week.
Eva is upset that everyone has to immediately vote off someone right after one challenge.
Everyone eats, and schemes. Sky goes off to pack her bags, just in case.  Erica comes to talk with her, and tries to get her to want to go home.  Sky comes back down in the kitchen, and everyone asks her if she want to go home.  Sky says if anyone votes for her, she will vote for them back, and she goes after Don.  Erica is enjoying all of this way too much, and once again, thinks her strategy is working.

It’s voting time.  Safaree votes for Eva for yelling at Erica, scolding her photo as he does so.  Afterward, back in the living room, Redman comes to reveal today’s Dead Weight. Sky stands up, but Redman asks her to sit back down.  He then announces that Erica is today’s Dead Weight, and that more than half the people voted for her.  So much for your strategy Erica.  Redman tells Erica she has all night to decide who to take with her on the elimination challenge.  Alaska mentions that it’s nice the elimination challenge will be in the morning, but that means everyone has to be in the house with Erica for 12 more hours.  Strategy, Erica!

It’s Erica vs. the rest of the house in the kitchen, especially Eva.  Safaree doesn’t stick up for Erica once, despite supposedly being upset that Eva yelled at Erica before.
Eva talks to Alaska and Joc.  Eva feels like no one should be raising money for charity like this, and Alaska tries to tell her it’s alright, and .  Erica barges in and starts with Eva again.  Apparently, this is more strategy.  Then, she goes down to the kitchen and complains that Eva is crying.  This result in more fighting between Erica and Eva.
Erica, Safaree, and Joc are all whispering about who New York was fooling around in the bathroom with last night.  New York says it was Safaree, but she needs her bedtime teddy bear, Joc.

The next morning, everyone is gathered in the graveyard, looking at the graves for people who will be eliminated. Erica walks in the gates, and the tension is thick.  She tells everyone that none of them are safe, and walks back in the house.
Back the living room again, Erica reveals that Sleepy Joc is the person she chose to go up against her in elimination.  New York doesn’t want Joc to leave yet because she “might need some man meat” in the house.  Erica mentions that everyone was expecting her to pick Eva, but by picking Joc, he will be put off by the challenge, and won’t perform well.  Joc tells Erica she was being a “bitch” over the last few days, and Erica leaves the room. Joc goes out on the porch to talk to Erica, and she tells him and everyone she can’t trust anyone, and that what they say inside doesn’t match what they do when it’s time to vote someone off.

Alaska says she hope Joc comes back because Erica is a huge “bitch”.  Safaree complains that he might lose the girl he loves tonight, or his great friend Joc.  Drita tells him he needs a lie detector test.  Drita knows bullshit when she hears it!  New York wants Joc to stay, Eva obviously wants Erica to go home.

Erica and Joc are out in the dark with cameras on them, like in the The Blair Witch Project . They see a red hologram of Redman in a tree.  Then the episode ends.  This is how it ends!

What did we learn this week-  Sometimes strategies don’t work. This group needs to stop being afraid of people dressed up as zombies, or dead people. Joc is oh so sleepy!

Alaska look of the week: Scared Famous (screen grab) CR: VH1

-Aoife, TV Guru



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