You Better Be Careful- I have PTSD


Real Housewives of Dallas – Season 2 Episode 13 – Reunion Part One

So lots of crap talking and class wars this season of the Real Housewives of Dallas.  I am interested to see where everyone’s head is at during the 2 part reunion.

Kameron is convinced her dog food business is great.  Brandi is pre-menopausal.  LeeAnne Locken is still nuts.  D’Andra is calling her out which is nice.  LeeAnne threatens Brandi about 10 minutes in.  Yowza.  Kameron nods and smiles creepily at everything LeeAnne says. Her hatred for Brandi makes her agree with all of LeeAnne’s PTSD threats.  Weird.

We discover D’Andra is rich from an oil and gas trust.  Wow thanks for buying that $13,000 gown with the money you made poisoning our air and dirtying our water.  I really hope you have an environmental charity to pay back what you done to the earth.  Kameron likes to live in a bubble which is fun since you don’t seem to give a shit about your poison dog food’s safety and edibility. Lemme guess- you have a trust from a gun company or something fun like that.

The majority of this episode is reviewing LeeAnne’s threatening behavior throughout the season.  She needs more counseling and to probably go off the show for a while.  I don’t like it when producers play off mental instability for ratings and LeeAnne does seem to love the attention in a scary way.

“Did you try and kill someone with a knife and a sandpaper?”  Andy Cohen’s best line.

Part One ends with Andy calling out Mark as a guest and LeeAnne storming off set.  We will see what Mark has to say about this season next week.





6 thoughts on “You Better Be Careful- I have PTSD

  1. I told you Pink Princess was doing some next level nonsense on this reunion! Her creepy nodding to everything, her ridiculous answers, I hope she doesn’t come back next season.
    D’Andra seemed a little ashamed that she has a second trust fund from oil and gas, but just a little. I have a feeling she doesn’t like to advertise that these days, especially with running that beauty products company.
    Brandi has no concept of friendship, and is still living the life and mindset of a spoiled thirteen year old.
    I wish LeeAnne didn’t have these anger issues, and PTSD is no joke, as I can tell you personally. However, you are correct, she is a real life 1980s Dynasty character, and I could watch her all day. At the same time, I do not like how her MH issues are exploited by Bravo and shown as entertainment.

    I am looking forward to next week, it will be out of control again.


    • They really got the pink lady together, she looks good. But her obsession with pink is too much, she needs to go out an volunteer at a day care center or something. When Andy reminded her the dogs dont see pink, she was like Ok. I live for LeeAnne. She is a clever lady, she is part actress ( Kenya, Danielle, Lisa Renna, and Vicki Gunvalson-even though her Schick is no longer effective.) insuring her place on the show. Notice how she broke the glass behind her a few weeks ago-she knows what she is doing and I love her. Lovin D’Andra, Brandi, could take her or leave her. Cary need her controlling fashion aware husband to keep her relative.. Looking forward to next week,

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      • Yes- LeeAnne does put on a great show. As long as it’s an act I’m cool with it (hoping she never actually does hurt anyone or herself). I kept thinking during the reunion how beautiful she looked the whole time. She is a stunning woman! The glass break was epic and seemed pre-planned (in her mind).

        I also hate to say this but I can picture Cary’s husband cheating on her at some point. On the last episode he was oozing all over a beautiful blonde woman at the party. He does like the fame of being a “Housewife husband” but he is also a sex addict.

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      • LeeAnne needs attention. From her charity work to her speeches. Good bad or indifferent I think a know a few LeeAnn’s. Her friend, D’Andre shows us another side to her. clearly there is respect their. Cary’s cheating yes, but with whom? A mister or a M’S (did I say that?) hey, its 2017!

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  2. LeeAnne is gorgeous. CityFella, I really hope the glass breaking was Dynasty-level acting, and not her being so overwhelmed with anger because of the women at that table.

    I hope Cary’s husband is not cheating, but it would not be surprise if he did. CityFella, do you really think Cary is cheating on her husband??


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