First World Problems

Screenshot-2017-11-9 below deck season 5 - Google Search

In memoriam of Chris Brown. Season 5 misses you.

Below Deck – Season 5 Episode 10 – King Come-On-I-Wanna-Lay-Ya

This episode begins at the tail end of their drunken night.  It is funny to see some crew members who aren’t on camera chowing down in a blurry haze behind the drama.  Someone has to keep that yacht afloat.  EJ starts blabbing about dirty feet on the teak to Nico’s brother. EJ is creeeeeeepy. And also leaving.

The next charter guests include Herb Alpert’s daughter.  Captain Lee is down with the Alpert jazzanova- you can tell.  The weather is too windy to leave dock and Nico hurts his arm.  Things are not looking up for these guests.

Guests are a bit pissed that they aren’t on the water; champagne problems but also understandable??? Whatever, they are digging Bruno and his eight pack abs, that is for sure.  Captain Lee takes two of them out for a hell of a ride on a tinder.

Ok- at this point I am going insane.  I know I recognize the charter guest “Charlie” from some reality show.  I know that voice from somewhere!  Where is he from???

They plan epic outings for the guests and all seems well and interesting.  The luau seems lighthearted and it is so fun to see Captain Lee shirtless.  What a hottie! Bruno critiques the interior thinking he can do better and Jen slacks off.  Boring.

Next week we meet Captain Lee’s wife and a new deckhand arrives!  Sounds exciting!









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