Swaggy Norbit and The Case of the Dangling Wieners

atlanta porsha

The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 2, Say Yes to Distress

Cynthia, looking stunning in a gorgeous red dress, arrives to what seem an empty house, with chickens outside.  Her new artist beau Evan is responsible for this.  He blindfolds her, walks her into a room, and reveals her surprise.  He wants to do a photo shoot of her, and he has hair and makeup set up for her.  Cynthia thinks this is a little odd for a date. She describes Evan as “Norbit with swag”.  Afterward, he brings her to his studio, which has been transformed into a petal-strewn, candle-lit, romantical dinner situation.  Evan is twenty nine, and Cynthia feels a little weird about the age thing, and they toast to friendship.  Cynthia, why not try to see if two can fit in your beautiful new bathtub! Clearly, Evan is a smitten kitten.

Sheree goes to meet Jack Daniels, her life coach.  She tells him she was dealing with some deep-rooted issues that recently came out over the last few months.  She wants to be able to talk about what happened with Bob without breaking into tears. Jack asks her what the tears are about. She explains about the mental and emotional abuse, but not the physical abuse.  She says she feels so ashamed, and can’t talk to her children about it.  She gets a homework assignment to be able to talk about it with her kids, by talking to friends, like they are her children.  Domestic abuse is so common, I’m glad that Sheree is sharing this part of her life on the show.

Kenya, Cynthia, and Kenya’s tiny dogs are out for a picnic.  Kenya says how happy she is right now, and how she is still on cloud nine from getting married. She tells Cynthia she met her now-husband, when she went to a restaurant in Brooklyn, which is one business he owns.  They started dating a few months later, when she was ready to be in a relationship.  Cynthia asks how her husband is taking all the media attention, and Kenya says she is going to protect him as much as possible.
Later on, Kenya goes off camera and cries to one of the producer.  She heard that a bunch of her husband’s exes were telling him rumors, and about things that happened a long time ago. She says she doesn’t want to get divorced.

At Kandi’s house, Sheree comes over to do her life coach assignment,.  Three of Shree’s friends come over as well, because she wants everyone’s input. Kandi moderates.  Sheree gets the words out  Her friends ask questions her children would ask, and Sheree is able to answer them.

Porsha, and her sister Lauren, wearing some serious peach-colored hats, drive to Shamea’s bridal shower. Everyone is sporting mid-level outrageous hats.  Apparently,  engagement parties do not require hats to be over-the-top.  Porsha sits down at the table where all the ladies sit, and Kandi clearly does not look pleased to see her.  Porsha turned down the invitation to Shamea’s location wedding in Kenya, despite being old, close friends.  Porsha says she physically cannot handle the long flight, but Sheree does not believe her.
After some games, one involving women in long, fancy dresses squatting, to place cold hot dogs dangling from strings into paper cups with holes cut into them, Shamea sits down with the women at the table.  Shamea mentions that she wishes Porsha would change her mind, because she wasn’t just invited to the wedding, she was supposed to be in the wedding.  Shamea tells Porsha she will be saving her a seat at the wedding.  Porsha says in a voice over that she feels uncomfortable with this being brought up in front of everyone.  Again, Porsha says she can’t physically do it in coach. In coach. No one is buying it.  Kandi and her friend make fun of Porsha’s past experiences with faking being sick and bringing doctors notes.  Shamea is still upset about everything.
As everyone leaves, Shamea and Porsha have a fight in Porsha’s car about their friendship.  Porsha tells Shamea that discussing  all ofthis in front of Kandi was really awkward.  Shamea walks off, and Porsha drives off, saying she needs “a break from friends”.

What did we learn this week-  Sheree is one brave lady. Always play the dangling wieners game at your fancy engagement party.


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