Peggy vs. Shannon vs. Alien vs. Predator

LimorhocThe Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 12, Episode 19, Season Finale

Oh what a season it has been, and I’m so glad it’s finally ending.  It’s been a tangle of fights and misunderstandings that have bored me to tears.

It’s just another day at Colo, Vicki’s company.  Her office manager Linda, who has an incredible accent, says she needs a new bluetooth.  The only reason why Bravo shows this back and forth between Vicki and Linda is that accent, and I love it.  Vicki’ business partner arrives, to tell her son Michael that he is now a board member of the company.   Vicki sees her son  as the future of the company, and her legacy.  The topic of Steve comes up, and Vicki is grilled about marriage.  She says that she likes long relationships, and there is no rush for anything. May we please get Linda in here, and just let her talk for a while?

Meghan’s King Collection launch party is ready to go, and everything looks great. There are some blue drinks that could either be great, or scary.  We’ll never know which it was.    There is an ’80s split-screen montage of all the women getting ready, and regular camera shots when the husbands are involved in dressing.  Kelly calls Shannon, because Vicki is not going to be ready for a long time, and Shannon says she will pick up her, and Michael.   Michael says he doesn’t want to be in a car with David.  In confessional, Kelly mentions that Michael has gotten really mean lately, and she doesn’t like this at all.
In the limo of drama, David doesn’t seem to be excited about riding with Kelly and Michael.  Shannon explains that things are good between her and Kelly right now.  Back in Kelly’s house, Kelly asks, then tells Michael to be polite at the event.  That does not go over well.  Kelly tells her makeup artist that she wishes Michael wasn’t coming to the party. Kelly, so do we!

Lydia, Doug and Judy arrive at the party.  Judy!  Just so you all know, Judy only had one drink, but I hope he brought some edibles.
When Tamra and Eddie arrive, Tamra reflects on her wedding to Eddie at the venue, and we see flashbacks of her floating down the same steps as a bride.
Vicki and Tamra are not greeting, or talking to each other.  Tamra tells Meghan that twelve hours after they came back from Iceland, a friend of Vicki’s leaked a story to the press. Vicki denied it, but Tamra feels like their friendship is done.
Meghan and Lydia tell Shannon they had lunch with Peggy, and Peggy apologized to Meghan.  A little later, Lydia tells Shannon she was a lot of fun in Iceland, and gives her a hug.
Kelly pulls Peggy over to a table, and asks her why she left Iceland early.  Peggy explains how hurt she was about the daddy comment, since her father passed, Kelly apologizes. Peggy says they can move on from what Kelly said.
David confronts Diko, about Diko confronting Shannon.  So much confrontation!  Tamra comes over to apologize to Diko for calling him a “little bitch”,and David takes this as a cue to leave.  Tamra and Diko are able to laugh about it, and call each other hot bitches.  Tamra apologizes to Peggy as well.  For some reason, Shannon is pulled over into their conversation, and she tells Peggy she didn’t want to get involved in anything after the comments Peggy made about David.  Tamra feels like Shannon is overreacting again.  Shannon doesn’t understand why she was pulled over for this conversation.  She tells Tamra that Peggy lied to Tamra about  Shannon and Peggy having a conversation about the drama with David and Diko. Shannon tells Peggy she is done with her, calls her a “fucking lunatic”, and storms off. Meghan wonders what happened, and she and Tamra go after Shannon.  Shannon is in tears about the Peggy, and Meghan is on Shannon’s side about this.
Peggy tells Diko she wants to go home, and Diko calls Tamra over.  Tamra tells Peggy to go and give Shannon a hug.
Shannon, Kelly, Lydia, and Vicki are talking, when Peggy and Tamra pop over.  Peggy apologizes to Shannon, and Shannon appreciates the apology.  There is the most awkward silence of the season.
Kelly is at that , Michael and Vicki are at the same table, when Kelly just digs at Michael until he leaves.  Kelly tells Vicki she can’t live the rest of her life “like this”, and tells Vicki that she and Michael aren’t having sex.  Vicki tells her she needs to, and that a marriage needs intimacy.  They talk about what divorces nightmares are, and Kelly feels like she can do things on her own.

Season Endings- We are shown that Kelly sold her beach house, and divorced Michael. I am looking forward to seeing Kelly without Michael.

Meghan wants to have another baby with Jim. They are doing IVF, trying for a boy.

Lydia is no longer on the pill, and wants to defrost Doug’s sperm to get that baby girl after all! Poor Doug, but the vasectomy would have happened anyway.

Shannon and David have separated, but we now know they are divorced.

Vicki and Steve bought a vacation home together, but Brianna is moving to North Carolina.  Nooooooooo Brianna, don’t leave!

Peggy’s daughters moved out and are attending college.  They hit up their mom  for money a lot…this is all you give us about Peggy, Bravo??

Tamra had dinner with Sidney and Simon after Sidney’s graduation, but she had a falling-out with her daughter, and are not currently speaking.

What did we learn this season-  Brianna is not going to replace her mom on the show, but I  still hope this is Vicki’s last season.  Peggy expected the show to be like Sex in the City.  Don’t go on a show you’ve never watched!  Rumor is Peggy is not returning next season, and I will miss her.
We had a lot of Judy this season, and I hope we have more Judy next season!

-Aoife, TV Guru


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