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NewYorkscarefamousScared Famous – Season 1, Episode 4, 50 Shades of Horror

At the end of last week’s episode, we saw Erica and Joc entering the woods for the elimination challenge.  A red hologram of Redman tells them they have to track spirits with thermal imaging devices, by collecting skulls that will show up on the cameras.  Joc and Erica are also hooked up to video cameras making them look like they are on the Blair Witch Project.  A man in a Sasquatch costume appears, sending Erica running off and screaming.
Once again, everyone at home is anxious to see who comes through the door. It’s Erica!  Alaska is not thrilled, as is Eva, as is half the house.  The first thing Erica does is remind Don he has no immunity this week, but she has it this week.   Erica says in confession that she is going to break all alliances and get everyone off the show.

The next day, everyone goes to visit the graves. Safaree yells at Joc’s grave.
Back at the house, a zombie busts in to the kitchen, and takes something from the refrigerator.  Who thought this was a good idea for the show?  It’s not even good enough to be cheesy bad, unless Alaska, or New York have some lines.

Sky explains to Eva and Don in the kitchen, that she thinks Safaree is going to vote off New York.  The three of them go into Safaree’s room, and tell him to vote her off.  He agrees, but tells us in confession that he is not going to to that.
Safaree tells New York,and Erica, that the model alliance is going to vote him into the challenge, and have him take New York with him.

New York is telling everyone that the dead twins in the house have been talking to her, and Eva is done hearing about it.  She goes to the porch to vent to Drita.  Inside, New York tells Sky she is going to use the spirits to kick Drita off the show.
In front of everyone, New York tells Drita she has to apologize to the twins who died in the house. You see, she’s not acting like the stepmother they need her to be.  Drita and New York yell at each other, and New York jumps up.  Drita put her hair back. New York keeps yelling at Drita about the dead twins, and no one wants to hear it, but no one knows what to say.

The haunted tv turns on, and it’s Joc! He tells everyone that he will see them soon.  Two alive women dressed as two dead twins appear in the kitchen, and the power goes out.      A few lights turn on, and Redman tells everyone the challenge.  They all have to go down  to the completely dark basement, find the power switch, and flip it back on.  There will only be one pair of  night vision goggles, and everyone will have to be following them.  Alaska is chosen.  She directs everyone really well, but the voice of Joc throws everyone off their game.  The group holds on to each other as people dressed up, and holograms appear everywhere.  With less then five seconds on the clock, Alaksa finds the circuit breaker.  Hooray! That is another ten-thousand dollars in the charity bank, making the total eighty-thousand dollars.  As usual, everyone will now have to choose who is Dead Weight.

The next morning, Don talks to Safaree about eliminating New York.  Safaree tells Don what he wants to hear, and a giant roach scares them both away from the table.
Everyone votes, and we are seeing less of who votes off who each week.
After voting, Eva says over and over that she vote came from a place of love. Redman comes into the living room. This week’s Dead Weight is New York. She has one hour to choose who to take with her into the elimination challenge.  New York runs off into the kitchen.  She tells us in confessional that the spirits are going to tell her who to choose. No one knows what New York will do, because she is so unpredictable.
Alaska makes the best outfit reveal entrance ever, and tells New York if she wants her to do the challenge, she’s ready.  New York tells her to sit down.
New York says she wants to shake up the house, and chooses Drita.  Once again, she says the spirits aren’t happy with Drita.  Alaska reminds us, “Hell hath no fury like a women from Staten Island scorned”.  Drita is prepared for the challenge, and can’t wait.

New York , and Drita are be tethered to a wall in room that looks like the one in the opening scene in Saw,  and will have to find the keys to unlock themselves.  There is a baby alligator chained up, and that freaks New York out some more.  This is how it ends again, just ending in the middle of a challenge.  What is up with these endings?

Alaska’s Look of the Week: alska sared faous 4

What did we learn this week? –  As you can see above, Alaska always comes dressed for a challenge.  New York needs to stop telling everyone she is talking to spirits. Safaree needs to stop overacting.
I am torn between New York and Drita, I don’t want either of them to leave.

-Aoife, TV Guru



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