Please Retreat From the Cake!

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Season 8, Episode 7, A Retreat to Remember

Dolores and Teresa go to lunch to talk.  How does anyone enjoy their meals at these meetings? Teresa says she doesn’t feel like Dolores sticks up for her, and she doesn’t know what to believe when it comes to Danielle.  Dolores denies that she ever told Danielle that Teresa doesn’t care about anything but money. Dolores tells Teresa she feels hurt that Teresa didn’t stick up for her at the tasting.  Dolores feels like Teresa has been making fun of her relationship, but she tells her she should look at her own husband.  Teresa says she knows Joe has to “get his shit together” when he comes home. The two actually have their meal after this!  It would have been such a waste of good Italian food.

At Siggys house, it’s giant sundae time.  Dolores comes by, and tries to talk her out of eating all the ice cream alone.  Siggy tells Dolores she wants to start do overnight retreats for her women’s empowerment coaching.  She wants to invite the ladies to test out activities on the retreat.  Dolores tells Siggy to call Margaret and invite her, which Siggy does!  Dolores tells Siggy to invite Danielle too, because this will all be good for Siggy.

Melissa and Margaret go out to eat.  Melissa mentions she still can’t believe Siggy was so upset about the cake.  Margaret tells Melissa she feels terribly about the way  Siggy acted toward her at Siggy’s party.    Margaret jokes to Melissa that Siggy sees Margaret as a “friend stealer”.  This retreat is going to end up with people leaving early, and one person still being upset about cake.

Everyone arrives at the retreat!  The first activity is to get emotionally naked, so both the women who paid for this retreat, and the group can all be their true selves.  We see clips of the talk, and the Q&A session. Siggy mentions there is a person she knows who isn’t showing her true self with her.  All the women wonder about who Siggy is outing here.  Melissa thinks Siggy is about to publicly humiliate Margaret, the way Siggy publicly humiliated her. Siggy starts to veer off the professional speaker track.  Siggy mentions that she was bullied as a kid, specifically, people made fun of her name.  She mentions Margaret, saying it was like when she called her “Soggy Flicker”.  Instead of getting angry, Margaret feels horrible that she called Siggy that, after learning that was something that really hurt her.  Margaret, please be on every season of this show from now on.
This empowerment retreat also includes a plastic surgeon, photographers, makeovers, and a table full of Siggy merchandise including a “Soggy Flicker Heart & Soul” t-shirt. flickersoggyt
Teresa and Danielle talk over drinks.  Teresa tells her that she talked to Dolores again, and tells Danielle Dolores said she thinks  Danielle is “on some kinda drugs”.  This is not going to end well for anyone.

The group, and Siggy’s co-speaker Vikki, go to dinner.  Siggy asks them all what they thought of the day.  Melissa says that the talk went really well.  Danielle confronts Dolores about telling Teresa she was medicated.  Dolores asks her if it’s true.  Danielle denies this baseless comment.  Melissa and Margaret do not think it’s cool to be throwing around accusations like that.  Dolores says that she doesn’t trust Danielle.  Dolores says she will not apologize about what she said, and asks Danielle what she’s going to do about it.  Damn, Dolores! This like watching a brutal boxing match, and all the ladies feel very uncomfortable. Vikki tries to make some kind of joke about how these are all good things to discuss the next day.  Vikki, you have good intentions, but take a cue from everyone else, and just eat in awkward silence.

The next morning, for the first activity of the day, the women all gather into a wet pit with seating.  Vikki talks, and tells the women they are going to say what’s bothering them about one person, they will talk about it with that person, and then the two will role play.  Siggy mentions Margaret as someone who has done something to bother her.  Siggy says that when Margaret called her “Soggy Flicker” it struck a nerve and it hurt.  Margaret apologizes again, and again regrets bringing up something that has been hurting Siggy since she was a child.
The role playing begins.  Margaret goes first, and does a great impression of Siggy being upset about the cake.  Teresa and Melissa laugh, but the other women look shocked.  Siggy looks like she wants to throw Margaret across the pit like a three-tiered cake . The impression is great, and this is obviously how Margaret feels.  It is a proper time to do this, as it is an exercise to help the two women work out their issues.  I’m still shocked that Margaret chose to do that, and we’ll see how Siggy responds next week.  Will she be able to handle her own emotional exercise?

What did we learn this week-  That cake is going to haunt all of these women for the rest of their lives. Exorcism is not an option,either.
Danielle and Dolores are skilled verbal pugilists, so don’t pick a fight with either one of them.

-Aoife, TV guru




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