The Neverending Season: The Reunion


The Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 12, Episode 20, Reunion Part One

While Andy Cohen shares a montage of “hilarious” clips from this season, and I am put to sleep.  This season proved that new blood is good, Vicki needs to go, Peggy misunderstood what the Housewives franchise was about, and next season needs to be better.

Why does Peggy not know about colloquialisms?  She doesn’t give Andy an answer, but says she doesn’t know what coal has to do with anything when she and Diko have a fireplace.  Ok!  She also explains that she has never heard of a peanut gallery.  Will this please just die?  I’d love to hear what any of the people of this show would do if they lived in another country, with a completely different language.

Vicki talks about her relationship with Steve.  I’m sick of Vicki, but I’m still happy that she’s happy. She is thinking of marriage at this point in their relationship.  Tamra is asked about what she thinks, and she fully approves of Steve.  We find out Brianna just had surgery in her neck because he was having a lot of pain in her neck.  Lupus is no joke.

The focus moves to Lydia.  Why was she do embarrassed to dress as a man? Lydia first said she looks to feminine to pull off drag.  She also didn’t feel comfortable at the setting, and there was a psychic there.
Lydia feels bad that people on Twitter said she was homophobic.  She knows gay people, and is even friends with some, everyone! You can’t be homophobic if you have a gay friend.  She says that she doesn’t know if drag queens are bad, because the bible doesn’t spell that out for her. It actually does Lydia, read that book you call Leviticus.
She mentions not liking psychics, but a lot of people don’t.  Meghan goes in for her about it, because that psychic was her friend.  Lydia brings up the bible again.  Meghan tells her to use her brain and not her bible.  Lydia says she uses her brain to read her bible.  Honestly, Lydia not wanting to be around a psychic is really not a big deal.
Shannon and Lydia get into it. Remind me, does the bible say it’s ok to call someone crazy and insane?  Actually Lydia, that’s not cool, and it all falls under the gossip category.  Saying horrible things to Shannon’s safe still counts as “bad speech”,  according to the bible. I went to Orthodox Yeshiva for 11 years,and had to spend half my day at school learning all of this in Biblical Hebrew, and Aramaic.  Allow me to reassure you all that learning “Leviticus” was the most boring book of the Torah. Most of it is about temple sacrifices.  FUN.
I have zero problems with people who live according to any religion.  It’s just that, if you make a big deal about being a Christian, act like a good Christian.  Jesus wouldn’t call people crazy or insane.  Jesus would kiss the bunioned, corn-filled, blistery feet of any drag queen, despite what Leviticus says about drag queens.

It’s Kelly’s turn.  The focus goes to her marriage. Michael claims he found out Kelly was getting divorced when he read it online, but Kelly denies this.  Really Michael, really?
Kelly and Shannon talk about their new friendship, and it’s the first time we’ve seen Shannon look happy during the reunion so far.

Tamra time! Tamra tearfully mentions that she and Sidney aren’t talking anymore, because she posted a photo of the two of them on her graduation.  Sidney made a Facebook post about how she only invited her mother because her father asked her to do so, and she doesn’t want to be in the spotlight.  Andy brings up the irony in talking about her, but continues to do so.  My heart honestly breaks for Tamra.

Shannon is next.  Shannon is asked about her weight gain first off, and says so far, she has lost twenty five pounds.  She is under hormone therapy, but says that’s not going to solve the problems in her life.  She says when she watches herself this season, she sees just how bad things were with David in scenes without him.  She says she didn’t recognize herself watching the show.  Shannon formally announces that she and David are no longer together.  The girls are living with her full time, but they see David at least once a week.
All the women are upset, especially Vicki.  Vicki says she feels awful if  she was responsible in any way, and just finds it so sad.  Shannon tells Vicki she is not responsible for what happened in her marriage in any way.  Shannon also tells us a patented David gem. She said to him that they had a few good years, and David said they had a few good months. Shannon, I am so glad you are not with that toxic person anymore!
Vicki and Shannon have a bonding moment. Tamra jokes that the group will have Shannon on Tinder next season. Then, everyone is in tears.  Shannon tells Tamra that it feels real now, because she finally talked about it.

What did we learn this reunion-  The women who are getting divorced are going through one of the most difficult times in their entire lives, but we’re all pretty glad they are losing their toxic exes. We wish things we better for Brianna, and also for Tamra and her daughter.  I have a feeling next week will be more full of hugs, than yelling.

-Aoife, TV Guru


2 thoughts on “The Neverending Season: The Reunion

    • I second that emotion! I hope someone new and fun replaces Peggy, since she’s not coming back. Bravo will never drop Vicki, but oh I wish they would.


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