Nene, Who Was That? Aiiyo, The Wig Is Back!

atlanta hair wigThe Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 4, All White Never Forget Showdown

Sheree is at home with the kids, when Jack Daniels comes by for Sheree’s second session. Sheree still has problem talking about the abuse she experienced, but mentions that she was asked to make a speech for the National Coalition For Domestic Violence . Jack tells Sheree she needs to be able to talk about it first before she can make a speech.  Her homework, to do something nice for herself, like go to the beach.

Porsha and Lauren haven’t talked in a week, and since the fight, she and her son haven’t stayed with Porsha.  Lauren and a mutual friend come by, and the two sisters talk it out.  Lauren feels like she holds back sometimes because she doesn’t want to stress Porsha out.  Porsha tells her she is her sister, and she will always be there for her.  Lauren also expresses that she is afraid if Porsha finds someone more qualified, she will kick Lauren out of the business.  Porsha assures her that will never happens.  These sisters are good again!

Nene’s friends Mynique, and Brandon come by to visit as Nene prepares to throw a White Party called “The Girls and Gays Party”.  Nene is still wearing her side pony in confessional, and talking trash about Porsha.  Porsha is not invited to this White Party, and Nene’s friends try to talk her into making up with Porsha.  After spending fifteen minutes repeating rumors. Suddenly, Nene decides the Porsha talk is over, and shows her friends the rest of the party set up.  Brandon would like to discuss things more, but nope!

Sheree and Kenya take a spin class together in a room that looks more like a club.  I would rather ride a bike that doesn’t go anywhere, in a dark room with colored lights, and music that makes you want to move.  Afterward, they talk over smoothies.  Kenya tells Sheree she is working on a PSA for domestic violence, and if they team up, they’re message can be more powerful.  Sheree mentions that the National Coalition for Domestic Violence asked her to be an ambassador, and she needs to think about everything first.

Kandi is in NYC, and has her cover photo shoot with Essence. She feels like she is finally getting recognition for her decades of work, and is very grateful for this. Kandi is on the cover of the confidence issue, and loves that is what these people at Essence see in her.  I’m happy that Kandi is so happy, and also getting recognition for her work.  This is the woman who gave us No Scrubs!

It’s Nene’s White Party, and there are topless waiters, wearing bow ties, ready to serve.  I feel bad for every last one of them.  Marlo arrives first, so yes, these two ladies have made up.
Sheree stops by at Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s house! What is going on?  Also, did you know that Sheree is the one who introduced Kim and Kroy?  Kim is going to be Sheree’s “former gay” plus one at the White Party, but Kim is worried about going. She mentions she saw Nene at a mall, and tried to go after her, but she had taken off in her car. Sheree talks about an upcoming trip she has coming up for all the ladies,and invites Kim,who accepts. Kim asks if Kenya will be at the party, because she is not a fan.  Trash talking about Kenya ensues.
Cynthia and Derek J arrive at the White Party. Derek J wants to talk to Nene about the name of the party, “The Girls and Gays Party”, because all the women invited are supposed to bring a gay friend.  Derek says it’s like having a party for white people and asking one to invite a black friend.  Derek, I love you.

Sheree and Kim arrive at the soiree, and Kim hugs Derek J.  Outside, Cynthia tries to bring up the issue with name of the party, but everyone is distracted when they spy Kim. Nene starts yelling for Kim to come over.  Nene give Kim one of the biggest, most fake hugs, in the history of hugs. All the ladies go inside to talk, because it’s a Georgia evening that requires air conditioning.
Kim asks Nene why she ignored her at the mall, but Nene brushes it off.  Marlo congratulates Kenya about her marriage, and Kim starts talking about how the marriage is “bullshit”.  Kenya starts yelling some transgender-hating nonsense at Kim, and the two of them start fighting. Really Kenya? I cannot believe those words came out of your mouth, and that say a lot. Kim keeps insisting Kenya has something to hide. Kenya just continues hitting below the belt, including asking Kim why she was pimping her daughter.  The episode just ends in mid-fight, in mid-sentence.  Is this a new way Bravo is ending fight episodes?

What did we learn this week-  Sheree keeps kicking ass, especially with her new “beachy” do’.  Sisters are more important than salons.  Don’t go to parties where you are most likely going to fight with people.  Gay people are not accessories.  We learned a lot this week.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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