Who Has Love For New York?

scaredfamouserScared Famous – Season 1, Episode 6, Coffin Fever

Erica and Safaree are about to get into their tanks for the elimination challenge. They have to gather plugs from the bottom of the tanks, which will rapidly be filling with water, and they will have to plug up the pipes.  Safaree screams to be let out of his tank, but did he tap out of the challenge?
Safaree walks into the house!  Everyone but New York is ecstatic that Erica is gone, and Safaree is happy he has immunity.

The model alliance is in the living room. They note how without Erica, the house feels light and positive.  New York, and Safaree are out on the porch.  Eva suggests to her alliance that they all vote off New York.  New York, and Safaree already know she is a target.
Ghost Erica pops up on the television, but no one really cares except for New York.  Erica tells New York that The Twins are on her side.  Erica, why do that?
Some kind of hologram person walks out of New York’s room, and then disappears into a cabinet.  Alaska puts a fern on her head for protection, and opens the cabinet.  Inside is a shovel, with a note about the next challenge.

Everyone is off in the dark, walking to their next challenge.  They enter into a room filled with coffins with windows.  Sky’s New York accent comes out when she says the work coffin, and it fills me with hometown pride.
Eva volunteers to be the first one to get into a coffin.  Redman says that since she volunteered, she doesn’t have to do the challenge!
Eva will have to collect the code on a toe tag hanging somewhere in the room, then help the person get out. The person will have to use their feet to enter the code that will unlock their coffin.
Everyone gets in their coffins.  New York screams to be let out, and upon release, she leaves the room. Sky has been in her coffin this entire time, and the challenge hasn’t even started yet.  Redman asks New York if she will do the challenge if she gets locked in last, and she agrees. New York is about to get in the coffin, and Eva offers to switch places with her.  Redman allows it.
New York finds the code, and helps everyone get out of their coffin.  She has ninety seconds left, and four people who need to get out of their coffins.
New York tries to help Alaska get out of her coffin in fifteen seconds, but time runs out.  Alaska is let out of her coffin.  This is the only challenge the group has lost, and some people are already blaming New York.  There will be what Redman describes as a “nasty twist” for the Dead Weight selection.

New York feels bad about the challenge, but says she did her best. Eva also defends her decision to Don.  Sky and New York start fighting about it, and no one steps in to stop it.  Sky is also mad at Eva, with whom she has an alliance.

The day of the Dead Weight selection, everyone goes out from the living room to vote.  Safaree votes for Eva. Eva votes for New York, and Sky makes it known to New York that she is going to vote for her when she walks out of the room.  Alaska votes for New York.
Redman comes in, and tells the group since they failed last night’s challenge, there will be no more immunity after elimination challenges.  New York says she already knows she is Dead Weight, but Redman announces that it is Eva!  New York laughs.  Eva gets up, and chooses New York for the challenge.  Sky, and Redman laugh.  The model alliance reveals they didn’t want to give New York the power over the situation, and Eva volunteered to go against her in the challenge.  New York finds this twist to be too “rude” for her, and storms out of the living room.

What did we learn this week-  Don’t mess with the Model Alliance, but don’t underestimate New York, either.

Alaska’s Look of the Week: Alaskasf6

-Aoife, TV Guru



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