Wee-Wees, Cookies, and Kim D.

JerseypitThe Real Housewives of New Jersey – Season 8, Episode8, Walking on Broken Glass

When we last left the ladies, Margaret and Siggy were in a pit, and Margaret was roleplaying a Siggy.  Melissa questions aloud how this will do anything.
Siggy’s turn, she doesn’t really do an impression of Margaret, and a jumble of emotions falls out of her mouth.  Siggy starts crying again, and reminds the women how much it hurts to be made fun of over her name.  Margaret apologizes to Siggy, and Siggy also apologizes.  They hug, so maybe this wasn’t a bad idea.  I am pleasantly surprised that Siggy didn’t flip out over Margaret’s role playing.

Next up, Melissa, who calls Siggy into the pit.  Melissa role plays, expressing how she feels about Siggy being so angry at her at the cake.  All the women laugh, including Siggy.  Siggy explains her side, they talk it out and hug.  I wish these two had this discussion weeks ago!

Danielle calls Teresa to the Pit of Reconciliation. Danielle brings up the “prostitution whore” comment Teresa made during the infamous table flip.  Teresa apologizes.  Danielle asks if she would apologize to her daughters, and Teresa agrees.  They hug, and Dolores makes a comment about how Danielle needs to stop blaming everything on that one incident.

Joe takes Milania racing, because she’s really going through a lot.  Joe talks to her about how it is okay to talk about how she feels about her nonna passing. Milania is having a lot of trouble processing everything.  Joe tells her to call him anytime she wants to talk, and not to just ask for money.

Back at the retreat, everyone is all dressed up for dinner, but there is another exercise first.  All the women have to share something no one else knows.  Margaret starts, and tells everyone that her stepchildren don’t speak to her now.  I’m glad everyone in the group now knows where she is coming from.  Siggy’s friend Vikki suggests asking her ex to help Margaret get back in touch with her children.
Teresa brings up that when she came back from jail, Joe was drinking a lot.  She also brings up that she does have resentment toward Joe for the whole situation, but she wants to keep moving forward.  Melissa hopes Teresa can get to a place where she can ask Joe for an apology.
Dolores talk next, but invites the women to her dog charity fundraiser.  Margaret says in confession that this was not sharing, but she will attend the charity event.

Teresa comes over to Siggy’s house with coffees!  Siggy takes her out back, and shows her the newly done backyard.  Siggy tells Teresa she feels much better since the hormone pellets, and that her sex drive is back.  Siggy asks Teresa when was the last time she saw Joe, and it has been three months.  Siggy tries to drive into Teresa that she should go against everything she was taught about repressing emotions as a child, and release all the emotions and hurt she keeps inside.  I love seeing Siggy acting like her true self again.  Hormones are so much fun!

It’s the day of Dolores’s dog charity event.  It’s casual, in a park, and everyone is encouraged to bring their dogs.  One little girl has a ferret.  Margaret and Danielle, who has brought her little dogs in a stroller, go look at the dogs.  Melissa asks Siggy if she has talked to Danielle about the retreat.  Melissa tells Danielle that Dolores thought everything she said in the pit was not genuine.  Siggy says she doesn’t care if Danielle is going after her also.  Siggy is so back.
Everyone brings up Kim D, who has just had a loss because of a car accident.  She wants to turn a fashion show she is putting on into a memorial charity event.  Teresa says she wants nothing to do with Kim, after all the things she has said about Teresa and her family.

At Margaret’s showroom, Margaret and Melissa talk about how to separate Envy from other boutiques.  Margaret suggests that Melissa should get item from Europe, that no other local boutique can get.  She invites Melissa to Milan, because Margaret is doing a shoe line in Europe.  Melissa is excited for the opportunity, and a visit to Milan!

Dolores and Siggy go to Kim D’s store.  They try on outfits to model in Kim’s fashion show. Kim asks if Teresa is coming, and Siggy says Teresa and Melissa don’t like her and will not be coming.  Kim tries to bring up Joe cheating again,and Siggy starts yelling.  Siggy says she doesn’t want to hear any rumors unless someone has video of “the wee wee entering the cookie”.  Kim tell the ladies that people saw Teresa out at a club, and Siggy completely shuts her down.  She tells her to stop the rumors, and Dolores also jumps in.  Yes for loyalty! If you haven’t seen this scene, please watch it.  It is glorious.  Siggy also mentions that she doesn’t appreciate that she now has to tell Teresa what Kim D said.

Teresa and Melissa have lunch.  Teresa Gabriella is at a bat mitzvah, but Melissa doesn’t understand it’s not a seasonal event.  Teresa incorrectly explains that it is a girl’s thirteenth birthday, but at least she knows what are bar and bat mitzvahs.  Siggy and Margaret arrive. Melissa brings up the Milan trip with Margaret.  They invite all the other women to Italy, and everyone is excited.  What a wonderful, extremely brief moment of happiness!
Siggy tells the ladies not to get so excited about Milan yet, and brings up what happens at Kim D’s store. Teresa is not happy Siggy and Dolores are in her fashion show.  Dolores tells the women that Kim is saying Teresa is cheating on Joe.  Melissa gets really upset, and understandably, so does Teresa.  They don’t think Siggy and Dolores should be in Kim D’s fashion show, or talking to her at all.  Siggy keep insisting that she is neutral.  Melissa shouts “We are not in Switzerland so pick a side…Welcome to New Jersey”!  All the women tell Siggy she shouldn’t be around Kim.  Teresa gets angry, breaks a glass, and Dolores and Siggy try to explain that they absolutely stuck up for Teresa.  Everyone is yelling, and Dolores and Siggy leave the meal.  The women at the table are upset that they would even be in Kim D’s store after everything she has done in the past.  Teresa says she is going to pay Kim D a visit, and enlists Margaret and Melissa as her “Charlie’s Angels“.  Next week is going to be goooood.  I just hope the other women realized that Siggy and Dolores were really sticking up for Teresa before they watched this episode.

What did we learn this week-  Getting all your emotions out in a pit leads to reconciliation and hugs.  Siggy is back, and I am loving it.  If someone is spreading rumors to your friends, and your friends shut it down, be happy you have good friends.

Aoife, TV Guru


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