Non Chic C’est la Vie, sa Atroce sa Atroce


Luann de Lesseps announced she is going to rehab.  For her sake, I hope this is a real rehabilitation facility, and not a thirty-day detox center.
We wish her well, and hope she can get to a more positive place in her life.  It was hard watching her this past season on RHONY trying to dedicate her life to one of my city’s biggest socialite creepos.  We just all want to be loved, and accepted.

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Ferris Wheels and Ice Dildos: A Trip to Vegas


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 8, Episode 2, Diva Las Vegas

Merry Day after Christmas, it is time for some Real Housewives!  When we last left the ladies of Beverly Hills, they were on a multiple-birthday trip in Las Vegas.  Lisa Rinna enters the room where everyone is gathered for dinner, and hugs everyone, including Dorit.  The two of them act like they’re good, and I hope it stays that way.

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Pettiness, Pasta, and Steak Tartar With Wood Chips

jersey siggyThe Real Housewives of New Jersey – Season 8, Episode 11, Fauxpology

In Milan, Teresa wants to cook a feast for everyone! She, Margaret and Dolores make a trip to the most beautiful Italian deli store, and I wish I was there eating prosciutto.
Teresa, Margaret and Dolores are making the entire meal from scratch.  An Italian chef is taking them through every step, including making the pasta. Dolores seems to be in her element, and says she doesn’t are about what drama is going on, because she’s in Italy making pasta. It’s nice to see Dolores having a great Italy moment like this. Teresa gets a little too overenthusiastic, and chops up pieces of chopping board along with the meat.

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Roid Raging Jax

Screenshot-2017-12-20 vanderpump rules - Google Search(1)

Vanderpump Rules – Season 6 Episode 3 – Back In The Saddle

Brittany takes Stassi to the spa when the trip was originally planned for her and Jax on their 2 year anniversary.  Brittany’s headspace is all over- this is a side effect of dating a psychopath.  Stassi calls her disgusting for sleeping with Jax again.  You can tell Stassi means it.  She shows nothing but complete embarrassment for dating Jax (and Frank and soon Patrick).

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Sheree, You Better Not Accept a Call From Tyrone

atlnta tyrone

The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 7, Rock the Boat

Kandi drops by Cynthia’s place for the first time.  Kenya arrives, and talks about her grandmother’s funeral.
The San Francisco fight is brought up, and Cynthia says she does feel hurt that she hasn’t met Marc.  Kandi also says Kenya should really introduce Marc and Cynthia since the women are such good friends. Kenya assures Cynthia that she will meet Marc soon.
The ladies bring up photos on someone’s phone, of Sheree visiting her boyfriend Tyrone in jail.  They are all kinds of concerned this man is no good for Sheree.  Kenya says she better call Tyrone, which makes me happy about the reference, but still worried about Sheree.

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Below Deck Reunion

Screenshot-2017-11-29 Below Deck Season 5 cast Meet the new crew

Watch What Happens Live – Season 14 Episode 203 – Below Deck Season 5 Reunion

Below Deck Season 5 Reunion on Watch What Happens live begins talking with Nico about the loss of his brother.  His voice quivers as you can tell this still deeply affects him.  I love that he talks about his cause – Organ and Tissue donation.  I will come ride on your Chicago yacht!

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Siggy Ruins Milan

jersey italy 3The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Season 8, Episode 10, Meltdown in Milan

The women arrive in Italy, after a snoozefest of a packing montage. The hotel is beautiful, Milan is beautiful, the Duomo is beautiful. At least if this episode is filled with screaming, it will be in a gorgeous setting.
Teresa and Danielle enjoy a drink, and toast to Teresa’s dad.  Then, Danielle brings up Siggy, and they end up talking about Siggy going off on Melissa at the last dinner before the trip.
They cut to Margaret and Melissa, who are in a van with mutton chop-sporting driver Antonio, and they also discuss Siggy yelling at Melissa.
Cut to Siggy and Dolores.  Siggy is furious about Margaret’s Holocaust comment at the dinner, and decides to confront her about it that night.
Melissa and Margaret go shopping for Envy, Melissa’s store.  Melissa ends up buying just as much for herself as she does for the store.

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Duh. Jax Cheated.

Screenshot-2017-12-13 vanderpump rules - Google Search

Vanderpump Rules – Season 6 Episode 2 – Unfaithful

The first episode of Season 6 came through with a pow!  Jax’s cheating ways begin the season instead of ending it.  What I don’t like is that they keep referring to it as a ‘rumor’ when it is an actual statement made by a person (Faith).  So a human is telling the truth or isn’t telling the truth.  But it isn’t a rumor!!!

Onward.  Stassi panders to Lisa about working events at SUR.  Bish maybe you should have kept your server job and worked your way into events!

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