Fightaroni: The San Francisco Treat

atlanta tabe

The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 5, Petty Party

At Nene’s “Girls and Gays” party, Kim and Kenya are still fighting.   Kenya once again screams about about Kim pimping out her daughter. Kim loses it, break all the glasses on the coffee table, and breaks down.  She is led out of the room, as a number of other party guests smush their faces against the window to see all the action. One unidentified lady definitely left some foundation smudges on that window, and Nene should send her the cleaning bill.  Cynthia tries to calm Kenya down, even though she thinks the comments about Kim’s daughter was crossing a line. Nene goes outside and sees Kim off in the car.

Porsha is at home with Lauren, playing with her wigs, instead of attending Nene’s Party.  The doorbell rings, and it’s Kim, Kroy, and Sheree!  Everyone sits on the couch,and Kim tells the sisters what happened at Nene’s party.
Back at Nene’s the women are talking about what happened.  Kenya brings up that Brielle went after her on social media, but she would never go after a child.  Kenya, you just did that several times.
At Porsha’s, Kim also claims that Kenya made fun of her injured son. Porsha tells Kim to stay away from Kenya.
Cynthia sticks up for Kenya, and claims that Kim was the one who pushed Kenya.  Is this how all Atlanta socialite parties end?

The next day, Sheree pays Kandi a visit.  Sheree is thrilled to hear that Kandi is going to be on the cover of Essence.  Sheree tells Kandi she brought Kim to Nene’s party, and recalls the whole drama.  Sheree beings up Kenya’s comment about Brielle.  The topic turns to Porsha, and Kandi mentions that she wants to stay away from her.  Sheree invites Kandi to the San Francisco trip.  Kandi goes for Sheree, and also because Kim and Kenya will be on this trip together.   Has anyone apologized to the people of San Francisco about this trip?  We haven’t seen one scene, but we know it’s going to be a disaster.

Kenya’s grandmother has passed.  She raised Kenya since Kenya was three years old, so for her, this is like the loss of a mother.  Cynthia comes by with flowers, and to talk.  Kenya mentions her grandmother had Alzheimer’s, and shows Cynthia a video of this woman telling the story of how she chose to raise Kenya. If you can watch this video,and not cry, Marc met Kenya’s grandmother before she passed, and she seemed to feel like Kenya was in good hands with Marc.  Cynthia tells Kenya she hopes she comes on the trip.

The ladies are in San Francisco, and Sheree is trying to get everyone excited on the van taking them from the airport.  She mentions the homework given to her by her life coach, to do something nice for herself, like a trip.  The single women are put on the spot, and have to answer when the last time was they had sex.  It’s been a while for Sheree, who is still rocking those amazing braids.

It’s dinner time, and the women are dressed to kill, possibly each other. Sheree is hoping the vibe stays fun, but I have a feeling her hopes will be dashed.  Nene and Marlo walk in.  Marlo has decided to wear a veiled, bunny-eared headband, trying to channel Samantha from Sex in the City.
Sheree brings up that Porsha should have been invited to Nene’s party. Nene shuts this down right away, because Porsha told her that door is closed.  Nene and Porsha argue over who is more angry, and who needs to go to anger management. Marlo pulls the veil down lower, but nope, they’re still going at each other.  She even fixes Nene’s hair, while Nene is yelling at Porsha.
Kenya tries to stick up for Porsha.  WHAT?  Yes lovas, this happens.  This just makes Nene more angry, and she yells at Porsha about what she did to Kandi.  The episode ends with a “To Be Continued” shown over yelling.

What did we learn this week-  Don’t go after people’s children.  Life in Atlanta involves a lot of yelling, even when on the road.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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