Crashin’ the Fashion Show

jersey medium

The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Season 8, Episode 9, When Chairs Fly

Joe wants to see a medium, and is bringing one to the house so he can talk to his mom.  Melissa can’t believe he actually wants to do this, but she understands her husband needs this as part of his grieving process. Joe mentions that this is not something that traditional Italians do, but he wants to see if it is real.  Melissa responds by telling Joe about the latest Kim D rumors, and Joe is not pleased.
We then see Margaret talking to her Joe. She tells him the Kim D rumors, and that Siggy and Dolores are still going to walk in the fashion show.  Margaret tells Joe that a bunch of the women are going to confront Kim D. that evening at her fashion show.  Joe seems very entertained by that, as are all of us watching this episode.

Dolores and Siggy arrive at to get ready for the fashion show.  Dolores tells Kim D. about what happened in the restaurant the night before, with the other women.  Kim D tells them the woman doing Dolores’s hair saw Teresa having dinner with another man.  Siggy says to all the women in the room that it’s harmful to spread rumors about people like this, especially to their families.

Danielle and Margaret are getting dressed up to go the Kim D’s fashion show, to confront the woman, and possibly ruin the event.  I love that people get hair and makeup done for this!
Melissa and Teresa pick these two up, and Margaret says, “We’re going to a real Italian shakedown now”. They arrive, and Kim D is ready to rumble, even saying, “I’ll take youse all”.  Teresa starts yelling about the rumors Kim is spreading, and Kim fires back by saying Teresa goes out to clubs every night.  Teresa admits that she goes out with the girls all the time.  Melissa says in confession that Teresa being seen at a club is a faulty basis for these rumors.
Kim D goes in hard, and goes after each woman individually.  Teresa and Kim keep trading insults, and Teresa knocks over a chair.  Kim D yells that Teresa had better not assault her, and leaves with her entourage. Where are the flying chairs?!  This knocking over of a chair does not warrant titling this episode as partly, an homage to Prince.  His Purple Majesty does not approve from beyond.

Teresa is pleased that she confronted Kim D about these rumors, and that hopefully Kim D will stay out of her life.  Kim claims Teresa came at her with a wine glass, and yells about it to everyone backstage.
Melissa and Siggy start fighting about her walking in the show after what just went down. Teresa walks out with the other women, calling Siggy and Dolores puppets.  Siggy and Dolores are shocked that Teresa dragged them into this, when they are walking a runway for charity. The show goes on, Siggy says no drama or rumor will get in the way of her doing act of kindness.

Teresa and her girrrrl gang go back to Teresa’s to have some wine.  All of the women are upset about Siggy and Dolores’s reactions, and that they  still decided to walk in the show. Melissa says that she can’t believe she just invited the women to Milan the night before.  Teresa says she is beginning to see another side of Dolores, and feels like she hasn’t been there for her.

The next day, Frank and Dolores have lunch, and Siggy joins them.  Dolores and Siggy tell Frank what happened before the fashion show.  Frank says they should have stuck up for Teresa and Melissa.  Frank asks if they stayed after this happened, and when the women say yes, Frank says they should have left, and he’s with Teresa on this issue.  He tells the women to call Teresa, and make things better as soon as possible.

Joe and Melissa are preparing to have the medium over.  Joe wonders if the medium will bring ghosts over, which freaks out Melissa a little bit.  Teresa arrives.  She doesn’t believe in this, but wants to be there for her brother.  Concetta, the medium arrives.  She is Italian, which makes Melissa and Teresa feel better.
Concetta tells Teresa one of her children is sensitive to the other side.  Teresa thinks of Milania saying she keeps seeing her nonna in the kitchen, so this confirms this for Teresa.  Concetta tells Joe his mother is playing “Mama” by Connie Francis, which is the song they danced to at his wedding. Melissa says there is no way this woman would know that, and she must be for real.
Concetta brings up their father, and says he has been telling their mother that he wants to join her.  She tells them to tell Giacinto not to be in a hurry to go anywhere.

Siggy comes to Teresa’s house.  The first thing Siggy does is apologize to Teresa about the day before, and admits that Kim D was out of line.  She also tells Teresa she kept defending her.  Teresa wonders why she didn’t just give her donations and leave.  Siggy says she didn’t’ do it for Kim D, she did it for the families being helped by the charity.
Siggy tells Teresa that Dolores and her feel that Teresa is being heavily influenced by Margaret and Melissa.  Teresa asks if they are good, and if they are going to Milan.  Siggy says she won’t go without Dolores.  Teresa says she wants Dolores and the rest of the girls to work things out.

Marge Sr. is going on a double date with Margaret and Joe.  Margaret treated Marge to getting her hair and makeup done, and she looks fabulous.  Marge’s date Steve arrives, and Margaret and Joe mention that they are chaperone because Marge can get wild.  Margaret tells Steve that her mom “swallows”.  Everyone laughs, and Steve turns almost an aubergine shade.  Margaret is apparently a hardcore wingman!  Steve makes sure that when he and Marge have a second date, Margaret and Joe will not be there.

Teresa calls Melissa, and tells her Siggy came by the house.  She also mentions why Siggy walked in the show, and mentions that Siggy will not go to Milan without Dolores  Melissa says she won’t take the invite back, and she wants to have a good time in Milan, but Dolores had better never disrespect her like that again.

What did we learn this week- Don’t mess with Jersey girls.  Margaret should be a wingman for hire.  This Milan trip is going to be horrible.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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