Goodbye Valor

Screenshot-2017-11-29 Below Deck Season 5 cast Meet the new crew

Below Deck – Season 5 Episode 14 – The Champagne Campaign

Well this Valor charter season is coming to an end.  It has been brutal with the producers bringing on people who don’t work on yachts to work on a yacht.  Kate worked her ass off making this last charter the absolute best.  She is a professional – once she has a charter guest she knows exactly what to do to make their experience perfect.

Chef Matt continues to have weird high energy interviews about his cooking.  Glad those will be over.  Nico continues to lead on Bri about ditching her ass the next day.  WOWOWOW.  What a loser.

Now Timothy Sykes I will never respect your penny stock scheme but you are a gracious guest this charter.  Your weirdness is respectable.  Although you got your every wish catered to you on a silver platter so there is nothing to bitch about.  Kyle kills the carnival party theme and gives Tim a hard on with the pie in the face.  If anything made them extra $$$ – that was it.

Jen sleeps in and misses breakfast service and Valor docks for the last time this season.  The guests leave and Jen continues to complain about a season that is now over.  They got an amazing tip and have one last night out.  Nico finally tells Briana that he is ditching her tomorrow.  Later bro.  Jen continues to be obsessed with Kate respecting her.  Never gonna happen.  You go down in Below Deck history as another third stew that couldn’t pull their weight.

In the light of the morning all is well and the crew says their final farewells.  Bye bye!!!


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