Here Comes the Cardboard Groom

atlanta dinner

The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 6, All Aboard the Shady Express

We are still on the San Francisco trip, at the first dinner and fight.  Nene leaves the table with most of the ladies, yelling at Porsha the entire time.  Sheree tries to comfort a crying Porsha, who is hurt that the whole table left her behind.
Nene and the others go back to Nene’s room.  Her bun is still intact, in case you were all wondering.  Marlo suggests that someone should talk to Porsha about this, and Nene keeps bringing up all the things Porsha said about her on Dish Nation.  She also mentions how many times she has been there for Porsha.
They cut to Porsha and Sheree, as Porsha says she never said anything about Nene on Dish Nation.
Cynthia mentions in confession that there is nothing Porsha could have done to warrant such a response from Nene.  Kandi says nothing Porsha says will ever make her like her again.

The next morning, the ladies are all getting ready to hit the town.  I want Marlo’s entire outfit.
Sheree is nervous about Nene and Porsha being together that day.  Nene immediately ices out Porsha. The group goes on a private trolley tour, Kenya shares a video tribute to her grandmother, and mentions she will be leaving the trip early.  Porsha starts crying,  because she recently lost her uncle.  She wishes she and Kenya could get past all of their problems, and just be there for each other.  Porsha goes to the other side to cry, and Cynthia runs to go comfort her.
The other women wonder what is wrong with Porsha, and Marlo suggests it’s probably because of the way the women are treating her.

Sheree, Marlo and Porsha feel bad that Kenya is grieving the loss of her grandmother, and want to cheer her up.  Marlo has a brilliant idea of throwing her a wedding, but this sounds like it’s going to go wrong. Marlo calls Nene, and tells her the plan.  Everyone is on the case, except Cynthia, who no one is telling about this brilliant wedding idea.

The wedding is set up in the hotel.  Sheree is worried about how this is going to go.  Kandi asks where her is her husband, and Marlo says he will be there. Kandi is shocked, but looking forward to meeting him.  Porsha comes into the room with “Marc”.  This “Marc” is a tall, white, cutout of a man, with a question mark on his face.  Marlo asks if Cynthia knows about the wedding.  Nene tells her she didn’t tell her anything except to look good for the evening.
Surprise guests arrive.  They are all gay men that Porsha recruited off the streets, to attend this event.  We never see them on camera again after they arrive.
Here comes the bride, and Cynthia!  Kenya walks down the aisle.  Nene officiates, sporting a side pony.  Everything goes well, and Kenya seems to get a kick out of it.  I am glad this actually went well.
Porsha pulls Kandi to the side to apologize.  Kandi tells her he wants to keep it good with the group, and Porsha tells her she will give her space.
At least Kenya was able to laugh at the wedding.

The next day, Sheree takes the ladies to Napa, to have some wine. They take a scenic train ride. Sheree admits to Nene, Cynthi and Marlo that she was seeing someone, but now he is in jail for securities fraud. Nene does not approve of this con man. This is the most exciting thing to happen on the train ride.
Thankfully, everyone arrives at Raymond Vineyards.  The host, and owner, Jean-Charles is over-the-top, and gives me creepy vibes.  He takes them through the vineyards, and starts feeding grapes to some of the ladies.  Marlo is into it, and then this man mentions he is married.
He brings the ladies to a bunch of vats with grapes, and the ladies all start stomping on  the grapes, and Porsha does the Electric Slide. Jean-Charles does indeed get a little pervy, with a bunch of double entendres, and I’m wishing they had gone to a different vineyard.

Kenya departs, feeling like the women were really there for her during this difficult time.
The ladies have dinner at the winery.  Kandi brings up Kenya’s husband, and everyone starts talking about how they want to meet Marc.  Cynthia tells the women she wants to meet Marc also, but it’s up to Kenya to introduce him to her friends.  Marlo questions whether or not this is a real marriage, and Cynthia walks off.  She does not want to hear everyone talking about Kenya.  Porsha feels that Cynthia is probably hurt that her good friend Kenya has not introduced her to the most important person in her life.
Nene goes after Cynthia.  Cynthia tells Nene she does not want the ladies making fun of Kenya in front of her.  Nene explains that everyone is just questioning what is going on.
They walk back to the table, and Cynthia explains this to everyone at the table again.  However, this time, she mentions that yes, she was hurt that she was kept in the dark about Kenya’s wedding.

What did we learn this week- Don’t make a fake wedding for a friend, featuring a mystery-person cutout of their spouse, unless you are all getting paid to have your lives filmed.  I am pretty sure Kenya will bring this up in the future.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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