The Not So Frightening Finale

famous scared

Scared Famous – Season 1, Episode 8, Four Funerals and a Finale

We last left Alaska and Safaree in the elimination challenge!  They have to find thirteen items from past challenges. Things are so close, and the tv goes out. Safaree walks back in the door, and Don quickly removes his Alaska hat.  Sky says he’s like a roach because you can’t get rid of him.  I am not pleased that Alaska was eliminated, since that means this episode is going to be so much less entertaining.
Safaree did not appreciate that everyone was wearing an Alaska hat, but reminds them the Model Alliance means nothing, because it’s every person for themselves now.
Eva is really sad Alaska is gone, and Sky comforts her.  Eva said she felt like she made a real friend in Alaska, and that is what she is going to miss more than anything.

The next morning, Redman yells at the housemates over the PA system, and tells the group today is their last day in the house.  By the end of the day, there will only be one person left.
Everyone goes to the graveyard, and pays their last respects to all the fallen competitors.
Later, everyone is lounging in the living room, when a mysterious red phone rings. It’s Redman!  He tells the group they are about to face three elimination challenges, and then a winner will be crowned.  Redman, you told them pretty much the same thing at breakfast, and nothing has been going on all day.

The first challenge is a phone quiz about the other housemates.  Safree says when it comes to this competition, saying, “I’m fast, I’m smart, I look good and I smell good”. Safaree, Eva, and Erica make it to the second round.  Erica wins!  She gets to pick who gets eliminated on the spot.  Eva thinks it’s either going to be her, or Sky.  Erica eliminates Eva, then screams about how she broke up the alliance.  Sky and Don comfort her, and just remind her that she did everything she wanted to accomplish with this competition.

The four remaining housemates sit in the living room, and watch a puke-green hologram of the twins and Eva walking through the house.  Another phone rings, and Redman tells everyone to go into the forest and find the phone.  Everyone runs off through the property, and into the woods.  The phone is inside a creepy, cafeteria-like kitchen, and Redman is holding the phone.  He tells them the next challenge, and says only two of them will make it out.  Everyone will be put in strait jackets and will be bobbing for the key, but they can’t use it for themselves.  they have to bring it to the henchwoman and decide who they want to be released, When that person is released, they have to decide whether they want to release you or someone else
Don is the first to find a key!  Everyone pleads their case, but he chooses Sky.  She lets Don out, and leaves the group. Redman tells Safaree and Erica they have been eliminated, and goodbye. What was that about the Model Alliance getting broken up again?

Sky, and Don walk into a creepy looking butcher shed. They are taken over to some men dressed up like undead butchers, and two raised platforms.  Don and Sky will be hanging in the air, on top of a meat grinder, and will have to send their opponent down using a control panel.  Redman will give them a sequence of colors they will have to punch into the control panel, swinging themselves over, and using their hands and feet to do so.  Don wins, and Sky goes down into the meat grinder.  Don has won everything!   He gets a check of one hundred thousand dollars for Peace Over Violence, a domestic violence charity.

What did we learn this season-  New York, Alaska, Eva, and Drita need to be on every reality show. Sky was a lot of fun to watch.
Always give proper respect to someone in full drag, doing any kind of very physical competition, perhaps involving digging through graves, and running.  Heels hurt, people.
People dressed like clowns, zombies and dead twins are not scary. Neither are floating plastic pitchers.  Producers, next season, please think of a different way to keep everyone always on edge.
No matter who you are or what you do, Redman will always laugh at you.

A favorite Alaska look of the season: alaska 8

-Aoife, TV Guru


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