Duh. Jax Cheated.

Screenshot-2017-12-13 vanderpump rules - Google Search

Vanderpump Rules – Season 6 Episode 2 – Unfaithful

The first episode of Season 6 came through with a pow!  Jax’s cheating ways begin the season instead of ending it.  What I don’t like is that they keep referring to it as a ‘rumor’ when it is an actual statement made by a person (Faith).  So a human is telling the truth or isn’t telling the truth.  But it isn’t a rumor!!!

Onward.  Stassi panders to Lisa about working events at SUR.  Bish maybe you should have kept your server job and worked your way into events!

Brittany packs up for Vegas and yells at Jax who still denies everything.  Also, Jax is wearing a collared shirt with a grey sweatshirt over it and this sweatshirt has a Taco Bell logo on the back.  WTF.  She is pissed and can’t keep her voice from wavering when she talks.  Jax finally admits that YES he cheated.

Ariana’s brother has a baller b-day party and Schwartz is Schwasted and realizes he has no drive.  Duh.  But there isn’t anything wrong with that.  Live within your means and do what makes you happy bro.  It’s your life.  You don’t have to strive to be a billionaire.

Brittany comes back from Vegas tan and single (mentally).  Stassi and Patrick go out for dinner.  This is Patrick’s first on camera spot on Vanderpump Rules.  Not impressed.   Brittany caves and admits to sleeping with Jax.  She is very confused.  I would be too if I lived with a psychopath.

Next week the return of La La and a Brittany party ensues.



One thought on “Duh. Jax Cheated.

  1. First, thank you for using a douchey photo of Jax, which truly shows his personality.
    I feel really bad for Brittany, and hope she dumped his ass.
    They said on WWHL that the Taco Bell sweatshirt is actually Katie’s, and he just casually stole it from her.


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