Siggy Ruins Milan

jersey italy 3The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Season 8, Episode 10, Meltdown in Milan

The women arrive in Italy, after a snoozefest of a packing montage. The hotel is beautiful, Milan is beautiful, the Duomo is beautiful. At least if this episode is filled with screaming, it will be in a gorgeous setting.
Teresa and Danielle enjoy a drink, and toast to Teresa’s dad.  Then, Danielle brings up Siggy, and they end up talking about Siggy going off on Melissa at the last dinner before the trip.
They cut to Margaret and Melissa, who are in a van with mutton chop-sporting driver Antonio, and they also discuss Siggy yelling at Melissa.
Cut to Siggy and Dolores.  Siggy is furious about Margaret’s Holocaust comment at the dinner, and decides to confront her about it that night.
Melissa and Margaret go shopping for Envy, Melissa’s store.  Melissa ends up buying just as much for herself as she does for the store.

The ladies get ready for dinner, and all have some pre-dinner drinks in each other’s fabulous suites. Again, these rooms are incredible, and I want to stay at this hotel.
Teresa and Melissa, and Margaret and Danielle separately wonder in pairs if something will indeed happen between Siggy and Melissa.
The group all gets in the Milan Drama van for dinner.  Melissa wants pasta and wine.  I’m totally with Melissa on this, since they are in Milan, and it is their first meal.
They arrive at the ristorante, and are thankfully put in a private room. Everyone cheers to some tasty looking drinks.  There is sex talk, and Danielle explains what is rainbowing.

Siggy ruins the fun vibe, and brings up “the elephant in the room”.  She starts by telling Danielle, that she and Dolores stood up to Kim D. on behalf of Teresa and Melissa.  Melissa reminds them that she felt really hurt when they two said they were still going to walk in the fashion show.
Siggy bring up Margaret, and that she brought up Hitler.  Siggy says the only time she wants to hear Hitler’s name is in a discussion about the Holocaust. She is a daughter of a survivor, and the Holocaust is not something to be thrown around lightly around her.  Margaret tries to defend herself, saying she was just using an analogy with a horrible person, and then Siggy claims Margaret can’t stand Jews. What?? Margaret reminds her that her children are Jewish, and Siggy retorts with the fact that no, that doesn’t mean you don’t hate Jewish people. If Margaret was really Siggy then says Margaret is Anti-Semitic.  Again, What??
Margaret rightfully yells that this is a “bullshit move”, and she is just trying to deflect because the problem is what Siggy did to Teresa and Melissa.  Siggy then starts in on Danielle, which sets her off.  Danielle yells, throws a glass, and has to be removed from the restaurant.  Siggy yells, despite Melissa’s pleas for her to be quiet.  Everyone marches outside, as they have been thrown out of the restaurant. Margaret is upset, and Dolores tries to get Siggy to calm down. Siggy is hurt that Teresa won’t stick up for her over the Hitler comment. Everyone else comforts Margaret, who is now done with Siggy.

The next morning, the group, minus Siggy and Dolores, have breakfast.  Margaret mentions that she called Marty and Joe about what happened the night before.  Danielle is also upset that Siggy said nasty things to her.
Melissa goes to try and get Siggy to come out and see Milan with everyone.  Melissa suggests that maybe she and Danielle can talk.  Siggy immediately calls Danielle for a talk on the terrace after the group gets back from touring the canals.
In the Milan Drama Van, Dolores apologizes to Teresa and Melissa for saying the things she said at the fashion shows.

Back in Milan, the ladies go on a tour with Manuel, and his hat. jersey italy too
Teresa makes Manuel take off his hat, and behold, he has a lush head of hair.  His English is not the best, but the ladies are pretty happy with him, and the tour.

Danielle and Siggy have terrace talk.  Siggy apologizes for what she said the night before.  Danielle said she accepts, but never wants to be this angry again.  Siggy tries to explain herself, by bringing up once again, that Margaret called her Soggy Flicker, and also that she brought up Hitler.  Danielle sticks up for Margaret.  Danielle tells Siggy that she apologizes, but that she is still hurt, but they can work through it.  They end with a hug.

The ladies minus Siggy, and Danielle dine at a place right on the canal.  Dolores is asked by Teresa if she thinks Margaret is Anti-Semitic and the answer is no, but Margaret is Anti-Siggy.  There is some back and forth between two, and Dolores gets serious, and basically tells her to back off.  Teresa says that Dolores doesn’t like Margaret only because Siggy doesn’t like her.  Dolores claims that is not true, and says that there is something about Margaret and Siggy that means they  shouldn’t be friends.

Siggy calls Michael back at the hotel.  He tells her to come home, and she agrees to leave Milan.

What did we learn this week-  As the grandchild of Holocaust survivors, I don’t appreciate when people casually drop certain aspects of it into regular conversation.  Sometimes, it isn’t because of Anti-Semitism, but rather, a result of some people not understanding the severity of inter-generational trauma from genocide, or other human atrocities.

If you are going to be thrown out of a restaurant in Italy, chances are you are missing out on an amazing meal.  The good news is, pretty much every restaurant serves dynamite food.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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