Below Deck Reunion

Screenshot-2017-11-29 Below Deck Season 5 cast Meet the new crew

Watch What Happens Live – Season 14 Episode 203 – Below Deck Season 5 Reunion

Below Deck Season 5 Reunion on Watch What Happens live begins talking with Nico about the loss of his brother.  His voice quivers as you can tell this still deeply affects him.  I love that he talks about his cause – Organ and Tissue donation.  I will come ride on your Chicago yacht!

Chris Brown rejected their request to be on the show. BUMMER.  I want to hear some more 2017 Americana Gandhi quotes.  Captain Lee is tough as hell on Nico.  Calls him a Monday morning quarterback which I assume is a DIG.  Damn that is some great life advice Capt Lee, ‘The time to get it right is in the moment.”

Andy moves on to the relationships of the season.  EJ and Baker have no attraction.  Bri and Nico are over that’s ok.  Everyone is single except Bri.  She is in love with an Irishman who she isn’t dating. Not weird at all.

Kate said her worst season ever was Erros due to Rocky.  Aw shit I wonder how Rocky is doing.  I will never forget her stripping naked and diving off the yacht from all the stress that came with banging the bosun in the laundry room each night.  Kate said Jen was her friend and made her laugh. Sweet.  Jen admits to the banter that lead to slippery slopes with her and Kate.

They Skype with a very swol Bruno and discuss Matt’s food.  Captain Lee’s yachting dream team includes: Kate, Kat, Eddie, kelley, Nico, and Chef Ben.  The moral of this reunion- Kate is the best.


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