The New Wife, the Vegas Trip, and the Vandalized Birkin

beverly hillzThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 1, Stronger Than Ever

Erika is getting ready to go work.  She reflects on her success, the SNL skit where they lip synced to “XXpen$ive”, and where she is at in her life right now.  I am happy for her, she is a bossssssss.

Lisa Rinna is being a momager with her daughters Delilah and Amelia, who are now models.  They all get at-home, IV hydrating and nutrient treatments.  Lisa, will you please send these people over to me the next time I am marathon vomiting?
Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle have lunch, and talk about Kyle’s new, secret blue Birkin bag, which gets its own seat at the table. Kyle also talks about her upcoming show, American Woman.  Kyle wants to take Lisa and the other women to Las Vegas to celebrate the birthdays of several of the women.
Dorit, and her son Jagger attend a parent and child music class, run by  a woman named Teddi.  After the class, the two really connect.  They are both interested in making friends with other moms, and they have a lot in common.

At Erika’s office, Kyle stops by with a new red Birkin bag.  Kyle tells her since Erika, Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump’s birthdays are coming up, she wants to take all the women on a trip to Las Vegas. Kyle is worried about how she feels about Dorit, but Erika is willing to start over, and take things slow.  Also, of course Erika is down for a celebratory trip to Vegas.

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, our newest housewife, is at home with her children and husband, playing in her backyard.  Yes, her dad is John Mellencamp.  She talks about growing up not realizing it was weird that your dad was on the radio, and how he really raised his children to be appreciative of everything they had.

Dorit and PK talk about the Vegas trip.  PK mentions how horrible Erika was to him on the reunion, and Dorit goes off on the way Erika acted as well.  PK, if you don’t want people to not be nice to you, maybe don’t be a misogynist creep. Dorit wants to go on the Vegas trip, and PK says he’s going to keep his mouth shut about it.  Maybe you should have done that last season, PK.

Dorit invites Lisa Vanderpump and Teddi out for a meal.  Dorit thinks they would be great friends because they love horses.  Lisa starts asking Teddi a million questions, which she handles well.  Lisa then brings up the Vegas trip, and Erika, and Lisa Rinna.  Dorit say she hasn’t spoken to Erika since the reunion, and she isn’t happy about what she said about PK. She also makes sure to call Erika cold in a confessional moment, because you know, it’s not like Dorit harbors any resentment or anything. Dorit is wary, and wonders what attitude she will bring with her on the trip. I feel bad that this is Teddi’s introduction to the group.  It turns out Teddi’s birthday is the day after this lunch, and she is invited to the Vegas trip! I just love how spontaneous is this franchise, it’s totally not scripted.

The women gather at the airport.  Camille Grammar is coming on this trip as well!  Teddi is introduced to the group. Erika walks over the the group, she doesn’t want to fight and wants a fresh start.    The women talk about drunk shopping, and Erika talks about some past purchases.  Lisa Rinna calls the group, and tells them she will meet everyone in Vegas that night.  Dorit mentions in confessional that she would rather Rinna not be in attendance, but she will have a lot of fun with Kyle and Vanderpump.
There is turbulence on the plane, and Vanderpump spills wine all over Kyle’s new blue Birkin bag!  Erika suggests Lisa buy her a new one.  Kyle tries to balance the scales by taking the best room in her, and Vanderpump’s Presidential Suite at the hotel.

Camille, Vanderpump and Kyle all have a talk and get ready for dinner.  Kyle mentions she saw Harry Hamlin on a hike, and it was an unpleasant experience.  He  basically told her he never wants to be around her sister again.  Vanderpump does not think this bodes well for dinner.
Erika’s glam squad gets her ready for dinner.  Erika requests a “no polite” lip, she wants them “overdrawn, and overwet”. I love that this crew goes everywhere with Erika.

All the ladies gather at the Presidential Suite for pre-dinner drinks. Rinna arrives!

What did we learn this week-  If you can’t deal with the consequences, don’t complain about how you are treated because of your inexcusable behavior.  Even if you can deal with the consequences, don’t be a pervy creep.

Get a glam squad who are also your friends and travel everywhere with you.  If you can do nails, and have other friends who can do hair, and makeup, form your own glam squad. Why not?

-Aoife, TV Guru


2 thoughts on “The New Wife, the Vegas Trip, and the Vandalized Birkin

  1. This episode was ok. Hopefully the season brings some good drama. Teddi seems very normal to me and I believe she will get a nice hazing from the crew.

    Remember Kim Richards saying she had dirt on Harry Hamlin in 2015???
    He cannot be a rapist. He can not. Now it’s all I can think about with Lisa Rinna – that she is a rapist apologist! Why did I not know this.

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