Pettiness, Pasta, and Steak Tartar With Wood Chips

jersey siggyThe Real Housewives of New Jersey – Season 8, Episode 11, Fauxpology

In Milan, Teresa wants to cook a feast for everyone! She, Margaret and Dolores make a trip to the most beautiful Italian deli store, and I wish I was there eating prosciutto.
Teresa, Margaret and Dolores are making the entire meal from scratch.  An Italian chef is taking them through every step, including making the pasta. Dolores seems to be in her element, and says she doesn’t are about what drama is going on, because she’s in Italy making pasta. It’s nice to see Dolores having a great Italy moment like this. Teresa gets a little too overenthusiastic, and chops up pieces of chopping board along with the meat.

Melissa, Siggy, and Danielle go sightseeing.  Siggy talks to Melissa, and Danielle about how hurt she feels by Margaret.  She was hoping Margaret would apologize about the Hitler comment.  Danielle says that maybe Margaret didn’t know there was an official rule book that came along with their friendship.  Melissa mentions that Margaret is a human being, and her feelings are valid too.  Melissa also encourages Siggy to not talk to Margaret during the meal, and Danielle emphatically agrees.

It’s dinner time, and all the ladies are now together.  Margaret is already nervous, and hopes nothing happens.  Teresa makes a toast to friendship!  Siggy mentions in confessional that she is also nervous, and doesn’t want any confrontation. The ladies talk about food, and Danielle turns the conversation to sex a well.  The mood seems light, but Margaret is quiet, and Melissa is a little worried about her.  She asks Margaret to come get some water with her, and they go outside to talk.  Margaret just expresses how worried she is, how she feels hurt that Margaret was called an anti-Semite.  Melissa offers her support, and Margaret tells her that if it wasn’t for the other women being so wonderful, she would be gone, and back home.
They go back inside.  Margaret apologizes to Siggy, saying she didn’t know Hitler was a trigger word for her, and if she did, she never would have made that comment. Siggy downs her glass of wine, and says nothing.  Danielle says what Margaret just did was so powerful, and Teresa agrees, saying it brought tears to her eyes.  Everyone starts quietly eating this delicious meal. Dolores brings up Teresa’s “Steak Tartar with Wood Chips” recipe that she made for the ladies as a laugh, but Margaret, and Siggy just eat in silence. Siggy tells us in confessional that it’s going to take more than just twenty-four hours to get over this.
It’s so sad to eat such beautiful food when you’re sad people are being petty.

The next morning, Margaret is taking a little break, soaking in her tub. Dolores, Danielle and Siggy get ready for the day. Danielle mentions that it was sad that Siggy didn’t say anything the night before when Margaret apologized, and that Margaret isn’t an anti-Semite.  Dolores tells us in confession that she kind of wants to drag Danielle out of the room by her hair.
Margaret and Danielle go to the shoe factory to look at Margaret’s shoe line.  In the van, the two discuss Siggy not acknowledging Margaret’s apology at all.  Margaret feels that Siggy really owes her an apology for calling her an anti-Semite, because, as Danielle says, “universally, it’s the worst thing you can call someone”.  In what universe?
They arrive at the shoe factory, and Danielle is in heaven.  Margaret is looking at all the details that go in the factory and production, Danielle just love seeing how the shoes are made.  Margaret doesn’t think it’s a right fit, but this seems to have made Danielle’s trip.

Teresa and Siggy walk around, and come across a picture of Jesus.  Teresa says it makes her think of her mom, and she apologizes to Siggy that she wasn’t able to go to the memorial.  Siggy is there for her, as Teresa continues to talk about how much she misses her mom.
A few minutes later, Siggy brings up, “Soggy Flicker”.  Teresa brings up that Kim D said she was an adulterer, and Siggy feels it’s the same thing as “Soggy Flicker”, because hurt is hurt.  Teresa tries to get Siggy to see that Margaret is sincere in her apology, and Siggy agrees to think about things.  This is so ridiculous.

Melissa and Dolores walk around, and end up at a cafe. Dolores mentions how hard it is to be a doctor’s girlfriend, and wishes she and her boyfriend had more time together.  Siggy is brought up again.  Dolores tells Melissa that Melissa looked so sad last night, and that it’s better that Siggy did nothing, than be fake and accept the apology.  Melissa mentions that Margaret has apologized so many times, and was called an anti-Semite out of anger.

The ladies get ready for  their last dinner in Milan, and Melissa gives Margaret a present.  Margaret tells her she would not have been able to deal with the Milan trip without Melissa.  Melissa hopes Siggy will forgive Margaret, and apologize for calling her an anti-Semite.
Teresa arranged for it to be in a hotel room so no one gets kicked out of anywhere.  Melissa starts making a toast, but Siggy interrupts her.  She tells Margaret that she has processed her apology, but that Hitler is a trigger word for her.  Margaret said she was sorry, but asks Siggy if she really thinks she is an anti-Semite.  Siggy said she didn’t mean it, and apologizes to Margaret if it hurt her feelings.  Margaret says she appreciates Siggy is trying to apologize, but doesn’t appreciate being associated with a hate group.  Siggy says she doesn’t think Margaret is anti-Semitic, but says she feels that Margaret is anti-Siggy.  She brings up things that happened over the last season, but doesn’t mention that  Margaret had already apologized.  Margaret tells her she has done things too, and if she gives herself a pass, she should give other people a pass too.  Margaret feels like this was a fake apology, and Siggy realizes the other women on her side on this one.  The other ladies are happy everyone is getting along.
Margaret takes the opportunity to invite everyone to a Studio 54 theme birthday party at her house.  I’ll take this ending to the Milan trip.

What did we learn this week- If there was a drinking game for this episode, and the term “anti-Semite” was on the list, a lot of viewers would be super drunk on a Wednesday night.

Do not ruin great Italian food with petty drama, especially if you are in Italy.

-Aoife, TV Guru



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