Roid Raging Jax

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Vanderpump Rules – Season 6 Episode 3 – Back In The Saddle

Brittany takes Stassi to the spa when the trip was originally planned for her and Jax on their 2 year anniversary.  Brittany’s headspace is all over- this is a side effect of dating a psychopath.  Stassi calls her disgusting for sleeping with Jax again.  You can tell Stassi means it.  She shows nothing but complete embarrassment for dating Jax (and Frank and soon Patrick).

The guys go out for drinks and Tom Sandoval slaps Jax on the back and says, “You need this bro.”  Ummm sure- I think he does enough of ‘this’ in his spare time. Jax goes on about his makeup sex.  Tom talks about his dry spell with Ariana.

The next few scenes are more of the cast pandering to Queen Lisa for career advice. Boring. Then holy shit Ariana gets thrown from a horse but still kills it in her competition. Tom talks to Ariana’s brother about their sex life. WTF.  The producers totally made you do that and you are such a bitch for agreeing to it.

The girls throw Brittany a superfun party with black magic by the Witches of WeHo.  The food looks great and is so thoughtful. They made her Beer Cheese!  And they all kiss.

La La panders for her job back and gets it.

The guys go out for drinks while Brittany’s party is going on. James Kennedy is living for this night.  Jax rages at Brittany over the phone when he should be asking for forgiveness.  Jax gets banned from his place when Brittany realized he has cheated on her many times.

I always wonder why Schwartz covers for Jax all the time.  Turns out he likes to cheat as well.  Coming next week! Till then!


One thought on “Roid Raging Jax

  1. The part where Jax is on the phone with Brittany, screaming at her, and then doing a 180 and being all manipulative “Come on honey Brittany”, is just pure Jax.
    I hate that his friends give him a pass for his constantly bad behavior, too.


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