Trash Talkin’ Dinner Party Time

beverly erika

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 3, Bad Guys

Dorit arranges her closet. PK comes in. tells her he is doing a dinner for her. and needs to know who to invite.  Dorit says she will be inviting Erika, because they got along so well on vacation, and Rinna, since she wants to start over.  Let’s hope this goes well.

Lisa Rinna and Teddi have lunch.  Teddi tells us in confession that Dorit and Vanderpump warned her about Rinna, but Teddi says she likes Lisa and will make her own decisions.  They get along just fine, talk about things they have in common, and of course, Rinna doesn’t do anything horrible.

PK has set up a birthday dinner for Dorit at Villa Blanca.  Vanderpump is hosting, and  Giggy is wearing his frilliest finery. I love that they dress this dog like Austin Powers.  Everyone arrives, Teddi’s husband Edwin is introduced to the group. Dorit and PK’s young son, Jagger, is also in attendance.  He is dressed up in a white tux, and delivers a balloon to his mom.  Everyone gives a collective, “awwwwww”.  Jagger sits down, looks at Erika and says, “bad guy”, but then he does it to Vanderpump too.  Apparently, he’s just into superheros.  I wonder if he’s seen Erika’s queenly confessional outift.
Vanderpump suggests that Rinna give a speech, which she does.  Dorit wishes Vanderpump would stop playing with her “Rinna doll”, but pretends to love the toast.

Erika is working on an autobiography, and her co-writer, Bryan, comes over to discuss the project.  Erika tells him about what happened with Teddi in Vegas, and how it got her thinking about her dad.  Erika tells Brian about her father and the issues she has about him abandoning her. She talks about how differently she and her ex raised their son, and gave him a completely different experience.

Dorit, Rinna, and Vanderpump are going to Teddi’s horse show.  Dorit bemoans the face that neither of the Lisas are dressed for a horse show.  In the car ride, Rinna gets a look at Vanderpump’s real age on her license.
They arrive at the show, and it turns out that Lisa’s is the most well-dressed for the occasion, and is wearing close-toed shoes.  Hopefully Dorit and Vanderpump did not get anything nasty on their feet.
Teddi competes, and wins the first place ribbon!

Teddi and Edwin go to have a meal at Dorit and PK’s house. They discuss children, and Teddi mentions that they are not having any more children, because the last time was difficult.  Her newborn wasn’t breathing when he came out, because he was born with a heart condition.  Teddi and Edwin blame themselves because they chose a boy during IVF. It’s so sad hearing this story.  PK tries to lighten the mood by mentioning that one of his children was born with a cone head, but in confessional,  Teddi doesn’t seem to appreciate it.
It’s dinner time, and PK mentions that Dorit has prepared his favorite dish.  PK tells Teddi and Edwin about the first time they met Rinna at a dinner party they hosted.  He said she was nice, but when she left, Rinna attacked Dorit and PK.  Dorit then tells them that PK thinks Rinna is schizophrenic.  In confessional, Teddi says she doesn’t think people should be making diagnoses about that.  For no apparent reason, Dorit then goes on to describe in great detail, her and Rinna’s first big fight.  Teddi says she is shocked to hear this, and in confessional, tells us she is confused because she thought the two of them had made up.  So are we, Teddi.

What did we learn this week- How do I even put this…Don’t invite new friends over and then trash someone with whom you are trying to start over.
Don’t call someone schizophrenic, especially after you have apologized for doing that before.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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