Tokyo, and Getting Blackout Drunk At a Blackout Party

beverly tokyo

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 4, Lights Out!

Vanderpump has Teddi, Dorit, and Kyle over for lunch.  Teddi is amazed by the swans and turtles. Lisa takes her to see her mini horses, and to see her closet that is bigger than many houses.   That closet is a beautiful place, and should rightfully be on that house tour!
Kyle tells the ladies she wants to have everyone over for a party before her house gets renovated some more.
The topic of Lisa Rinna comes up, and once again, Dorit is the one who makes a nasty comment about her.  Teddi takes notice, and doesn’t like this other side of Dorit.  She tells the women she hopes she never has to face their wrath.  Teddi, it’s only episode four of this season. I’m giving out a preemptive oy on this one.

Lisa Vanderpump has been asked to be the lifestyle editor of Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine. Some people from the magazine come over to discuss an upcoming fashion shoot for jewelry.  Lisa mentions that she would like Dorit to be the model, since Dorit has beautiful hands, and  decolletage. The deal is done before Vanderpump asks Dorit.  Lisa is a boss.

In Tokyo, Rinna and her daughters, Amelia and Delilah, meet up with Erika. The girls are psyched to see Erika!  Lisa and Erika discuss how hard the girls will be working now that they are achieving success with modeling.  Erika is excited for them, and appreciates that the girls are willing to work hard for what they want.

At Lisa’s, Dorit is being prepped for the BHS photo shoot. Dorit is worried, because she didn’t get a chance to bring her hair and makeup team. The photo shoot is more elaborate than Dorit was told,but as she puts on some jewelry, she notes, “It’s hard not to say no to Lisa”.  The first photos are taken, and Dorit hates the photos.  Vanderpump wishes Dorit would “take a chill pill”, and tells us that everyone who does a shoot for BHM use their hair and makeup team.

Erika and Rinna hit the town, Erika looks amazing in pink hair,and the biggest cocktail ring in the world.  beverly erika tokyo

They go out for a traditional meal, but Rinna longs for California rolls.  They talk about Amelia and Delilah again.  A geisha comes out to dance for them, accompanied by a woman singing, and playing the shamisen.

Kyle’s dinner party has started, but the power is out. It seems to still be going very well, considering  Camille Grammar is in attendance, with her new boyfriend David.

In Tokyo, Erika and Lisa Rinna have dinner with Amelia and Delilah.  They talk about the girls’ favorite youtuber, and porn star, Trisha Paytas, who takes videos of herself eating.  Erika and Rinna wonder about why that is so popular among the girls’ generation. Lisa makes the very good point, that it may be because of how so many people have issues with food.
One of Lisa’s daughters tells her mom that she learned how to “give head” from a book Rinna wrote.  Erika is surprised to hear this, but seems to like this. Lisa is shocked, but seems happy that one of the girls would take her advice like this.

Back at Kyle’s dinner party, the power is still out, but everyone is sitting for dinner. Dorit has had a few shots of tequila and is on another level than everyone else at the table.   She yells, “Camille, you’re a stupid slut”.  I am not sure why Dorit even said this, besides tequila. Camille gets upset, especially because David is there, but doesn’t say anything.  Lisa Vanderpump nervously laughs as she places a napkin over Dorit’s mouth.  The episode clumsily ends.

What did we learn this week- If you are able, go to Tokyo!  I would if I could.

Appreciate your decolletage!

-Aoife, TV Guru




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