Season Finale: Siggy Ruins Another Party

jersey margaret dress

The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Season 8, Episode 13, Prisons, Proposals and Parties

You may have noticed there was no recap last week.  Having a chronic illness means sometimes your body won’t let you do things you need to do.  The bigger crime in my eyes was that I missed the premiere of The X Files.
One thing I did see was a scene of Teresa apologizing to Danielle ,and her daughter Jillian.  This apology was for the “prostitution whore” comment, among others, the table flipping, and Jillian feeling like Teresa ruined her family’s life for years.  It was sincere, and a big moment for the three of them.  That was nice, but I have a feeling that this last party of the season is going to be full of screaming and drama.  If we have to hear one more word about cake…

Margaret, and Marge Sr. go shopping for Margaret’s fiftieth birthday party.  They are joined by Danielle.  Margaret’s dress it too tight, and is choking her. Luckily Habib, the tailor on hand does some alterations.  The dress fits!

It’s Teresa’s birthday!  Giacinto and the girls are in the kitchen, and Joe, Melissa, and their children arrive for the surprise celebrations.  Everyone hides, except Giacinto who is doing some serious cooking, and jumps out to surprise Teresa.  All of her children wrote her birthday letters, which they read for her.
Everyone sits down to this amazing meal, and I wish I was at that table.  Giacinto’s food looks incredible.  Teresa tells everyone that she and the girls are going to visit Joe.

Teresa drives to prison with the girls.  She tells us she is angry at Joe, and resents him for having to be away from her children because of him.  They only have a three hour window for visitation.  No cameras are allowed inside, so we do not get to see their visit.
Instead, we see Teresa driving back home from prion with the girls.  Teresa is tearful, but the girls were really happy to see their father.

Melissa and Joe are furniture shopping, and Teresa joins them. Teresa tells Melissa, and her brother that she talked to Joe in prison, in front of the girls.  She told him how angry she was, and he finally apologized to her.  Joe Gorga is shocked, because Joe doesn’t apologize, but Gorga is happy Guidice finally said he was sorry to his wife.

It’s Margaret’s party time!  Part of her house has been turned into a Studio 54 themed dance floor, and the outside decor features a graveyard of disco balls. Everyone’s versions of “Studio 54” outfits are extremely Jersified, except for Melissa and Teresa.  There’s a horse outside of this party!
As night falls, and the guests are almost all there. Margaret makes an entrance on the horse, and gives a teary, but happy speech to her loved ones.  Dolores tells us that she is glad she and Margaret became friends, because Margaret has a good heart.

All of  sudden, people start getting texts, are there is a big to-do.  It turns out that Siggy is not coming, because she “might” be in the hospital with a broken ankle.  Melissa does not believe Siggy is really in the hospital.  Danielle makes a comment about the same thing, and she and Dolores have a little back and forth.  Teresa shows everyone a photo from an hour before, where Siggy is dressed up, showing she was going to attend the party.  Teresa and Dolores get X ray updates, and Margaret wonders why Siggy didn’t text her.  Joe Gorga still doesn’t believe any of this, and tells this to Melissa.  Dolores tells Frank that she texted Siggy about what Danielle said, so she had better get there.

After falling down 18 stairs, with a swollen ankle, and a bruised arm in a cast, Siggy is on the way to the party.  She is in pain, but wants to confront Danielle.  Siggy enters the party to hugs from everyone, including Melissa, who tells her she didn’t really believe she was in the hospital.  Teresa says the fact that Siggy showed up proves that Siggy intended to come the entire time.
Siggy is disappointed that Melissa didn’t believe that she was injured, but Melissa apologizes.  She tells some of the women she was afraid to attend the event.  Margaret does not want to hear that and feels like if Siggy didn’t want to come to the party, she shouldn’t have came.

Siggy says she didn’t come to the party to be with Margaret, but just came to be with Dolores, Teresa, and Melissa instead.  Margaret tells her if she doesn’t want to be there, she should go home.  Siggy is more than happy to hear that, and leaves.  Teresa is shocked that Siggy didn’t come for Margaret.  Inside, Melissa and Danielle talk about how obnoxious it is to show up at a party you don’t want to attend, then leave.
No one mentioned cake!!  Hooray!  We will see what happens at the reunion.

What did we learn this week-  If you don’t want to attend an event, decline the invitation.  Do not go to a party to start a fight with someone after you have just been released from the emergency department.  Chances are, you should be taking it easy at home.

It was fairly easy for Teresa to drive herself and her children to visit their father in prison, but a lot of families cannot afford to visit their loved ones in jail.  This can mean years go by, and children cannot see their parents, spouses cannot visit each other. It means you may not be able to visit a loved one in jail who is dying.
There are a number of programs across the country that help keep families together, by renting buses for people visiting loved ones, at no charge to the travelers.  One such program is the Cornerstone Builders Bus Program, which helps people travel from New Orleans to Angola prison at no charge.  Please check them out.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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