The Wig With the Elephant in the Room

Atlanta kim nene

The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Season 10, Episode 9, The Peaches of Wrath

Sheree invites Kim, and Nene to lunch.  Kim arrives first, with a little nip slip.  She says she could not have gone on the San Francisco trip, because she had never met anyone like Kenya before, and did not like her at all. Kim also claims that Kandi offered to lick her “box”.  Ok, Wig.

Sheree tells Kim about Tyrone. Kim is very supportive, and tells her not to let anyone tell her how to feel about him.
Wondering where Nene is, Sheree calls.  Nene asks if the two of them “got the memo”. What memo, you ask?  She will not be coming, because she does not want to be with Kim after what she did at Nene’s party.  She says they will have a bigger conversation next week, and “get the big elephants out of the room”.  Kim asks if Nene is on drugs, then says Nene parked her fake Rolls Royce in a handicapped spot. Wig is on a roll tonight!

Cynthia is organizing a back to school book, and supplies drive.  Nene calls and tells her she is invited to a very important party.  Nene tells us in confession that there is a lot that needs to come out, namely some elephants.
Will shows up with  some school supplies.  He tells the women he is going to Brazil for a week.  Kenya tells him there is legal prostitution there, and Will says he is going there for the Jesus statue.  Cynthia tells Will to stay at the Jesus statue.

Nene arrives at a bar, with drinks, nibbles, and an energy healer named Mbele. This is the “party” she was talking about.  She tells the energy healer about the elephants.  For tonight, this space is “The Elephant Room”. Cynthia and Kandi arrive, and Mbele has everyone check their phones.  Cynthia brings a little elephant statue for the occasion.
Nene, Cynthia, and Kandi talk as Mbele listens from another part of the room.
Kenya arrives at The Elephant Room, and is welcomed by Mbele, and is completely turned off by her negative energy. Kim, Sheree, and Porsha arrive, and hand over their phones.  Kim says she has six kids, and this phone thing will be a problem, Mbele says they will be fine. Everyone seems to internally groan at this, as well.
Nene opens by welcoming everyone to The Elephant Room,and the lights flicker on and off, which freaks out the group. Kenya says the only bad spirit in the room is in a blonde wig, dressed as a bottle of Pepto-Bismol.  Mbele welcomes the women, and says if there are any secrets to be shared, she will share them.  She starts with Sheree, and tells her to be firm.  Then, Mbele chides Kim for playing with Porsha’s hair.  Mbele tells Kandi something another psychic told her, but Kandi wonders how to tap into it. Mbele says Nene has a heart of gold, and that she is genuinely hurting over these issues between the ladies.  After Mbele reads Cynthia, Kim interrupts and starts insulting Mbele. Kim says she is a higher power, and higher powers don’t make shady comments. How does one even begin to respond to that?
Mbele tries to read Kenya, and Kandi wonders when everyone is going to bring up the elephant in the room.  Elephants!  Mbele tells everyone to switch seats, and then asks Kim if she can clean her off spiritually.  Kim says no, because she doesn’t feel any connection with her.  Mbele leaves, she’s getting a paycheck and does not need this.

The women get down to business.  Kandi tries to lead the conversation.  Porsha brings up her issues with Nene, but Nene feels like there are other problems that need to be dealt with right now. Sheree asks Nene what she meant when she called her, and told her about the elephants. Nene says she has no issues with Sheree, it’s Kim, that is her problem. Nene bring up Tyrone, and she and Sheree have some back and forth about it.  Nene is concerned for Sheree, and doesn’t want her to get hurt by this man.
Kenya brings up another elephant in the room, Kim being rude to her at Nene’s Party. Cynthia asks the two why they have a problem with each other. Kenya explains she had no problems with Kim until she came for her.  Kim says that a line was crossed with her kids, Kenya tells her no one talked about her kids.  Nene, and everyone else is disappointed that nothing was resolved after all of this. Cynthia’s elephant statue sits sadly on a table.

Nene and Kim hang back together to talk.  Nene explains that she wants to talk one on one with her, without Sheree.  Nene brings up what Kim did at her party, then Kim asks Nene if she was on drugs at her party.  She says her eyes were all messed up, and she doesn’t seem like she was really there. She then asks Nene what is the elephant in the room between them.  Nene says she never felt like Kim was there for her, and Kim gets up and leaves.

What have we learned this week-  There have been so many psychics and mediums of all varieties on the Housewife franchises over the years. Most of them cannot handle all the housewives at once, and Mbele was no different.  I hope she was paid well. You wouldn’t be able to handle leading any kind of therapy, for any entire Housewife franchise cast either.

If you are really a being of a higher power, why would you be on this franchise, or your own unwatchable spin-off show? You would not, and you wouldn’t be saying all of the things Kim says. You wouldn’t be accusing people of “being on drugs”.

If you are going to throw an “elephant in the room” themed gathering, then talk about your elephants.

-Aoife, TV Guru



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