Worst Drama Ever

beverly teddi
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 5, Unfashionably Late

Dorit, and her assistant, Mollie prepare for a meeting.  Dorit designed swimwear before she met PK, put her career on hold to have their children. Now Dorit is launching a new line.

Teddi is waiting at a bar, because she and Dorit were supposed to get together for a drink.  After a little while, Teddi, who is always punctual, and texts Dorit.  More time passes, it’s been almost an hour, and no Dorit.  Teddi asks for the check, and then Dorit calls.
Dorit apologizes, and said she was in a meeting. Teddi said she wished she had texted, since Teddi has a babysitter.  Dorit apologizes some more, but Teddi tells us in confessional that she is just “not that hungry to hang out with Dorit”.  Dorit apologizes some more.   Is this the big drama of the season?  Is there going to be a fight about this at the reunion?

Erika and her glam squad are jetlagged from returning from Tokyo.  Erika tells Mikey she received the news that her husband Thomas, was in a car accident right when she returned.  She feels shaken, and keeps reminding herself it could have been worse.  She thinks of Tom as almost untouchable, so this reminds her that we are all vulnerable.

Teddi and Kyle go out to lunch.  After Kyle half-jokes about how many calories are ingested at a Beverly Hills lunch, Teddi tells her the basics about what happened with Dorit.

Kyle and Dorit go out for a meal.  Dorit tells her side of the story, which is that Teddi was rude for leaving when she was on the way.  Dorit also claims that she was not almost an hour late.  Kyle changes the subject and says that her shows got picked up by networks!  Dorit tells her she will support her like her mother would, which makes Kyle burst into tears.  Kyle explains that she feels sad she can’t share her success with her sisters, and her parents have passed.

Kyle, Teddi, and Camille are at dinner, and Dorit, and at another restaurant,  Lisa Vanderpump are having a meal.
Dorit and Lisa talk about what Kyle told Dorit earlier.  Lisa says it seems odd to her that Kyle would be so open with her emotions with Dorit. She also says this in confession.
At the other dinner, Teddi says she texted Dorit, and then got an answer almost an hour later.
Dorit tells Lisa that Teddi is exaggerating times, and is blowing this out of proportion.
At the other dinner, Camille wonders in what world six minutes is the same as an hour, and tells us in confessional that she is not a fan of Dorit.
This back and forth editing seems necessary, but this is the most ridiculous drama possibly ever, on any Housewives franchise.

Camille tells Kyle how nervous she was to introduce David to the group, and says she was humiliated and embarrassed by what Dorit said.  She understands she was drunk, but to her, it is not an excuse for that kind of behavior. Kyle understands, but is upset that Camille said Dorit was drinking too much, even though Dorit was drinking too much.
Lisa tells Dorit that she should talk to Camille and apologize for what happened, and Dorit agrees.  Yes Dorit, please apologize for this one, and mean it.
Rinna walks into the Camille, Kyle, and Teddi dinner.  She is fresh from co-hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan, having filled in for Kelly. Rinna announces to all, that Vanderpump is in the news. Allegedly Ken assaulted a woman he worked with, and is being sued.  Kyle immediately jumps in saying Ken would never assault, or hurt a woman. What a great way to just abruptly end an episode.

What did we learn this week-  Don’t be an hour late to meet someone, and be surprised when they aren’t happy about it, especially if you are trying to get to know them.
Also, presenting this as high drama is not working.  Bravo, why?

-Aoife, TV Guru



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